The Psychology Of Gambling At A Casino In Canada

Updated: December 16, 2022

Psychologists will probably tell you that the gaming session is a severe and important matter and let me tell you, they are completely right. There have been many studies on how a person acts. This subject is studied in psychology, sociology and political science. Today we have decided to talk about the psychology of gambling at a Canadian online casino.

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Even though gambling has a lot of history, it isn’t a very studied topic. Have you ever asked yourself, what makes gamblers want to play again and again? Well, read further on to find out.

I want to know everything.

The Psychology Of Gambling At A Casino In CanadaPsychologists have established some evolutionary patterns of human psychology and found that gambling psychology has at its core the inherent desire of human to understand the cause and effect of the events in the surrounding world.

Let’s say, for instance, you know why the grass is green or why the sky is blue, but toddlers wouldn’t; they would need the answer. The people with kids will definitely know what we mean.

For the people who don’t understand, here’s a more clarifying example: medieval chroniclers, narrating about the battles, described their results in such expressions, “and God gave Prince a victory” or “and God turned away from the Prince.”

Search for excuses in circumstance

If you can’t seem to be able to understand what we mean, there are many signs like astrology, predictions and several other magical things. The question here is, why can’t some people accept the signs of the elements of uncertainty? Well, the answer is actually simple – we cannot control it, so we are most likely to lose grip of our own lives.

This will probably shock you, but gamblers usually get lured in by the inclination to find regulations in a gaming session. Things like signs, lucky numbers or small daily rituals are a gambler’s main hope of winning. The happiness of finding a light pattern reminds a scientist obsessed with a specific subject.

We made another article about standing against a gambling addiction a few weeks back; many scientists in Boston invented this method. Between their studies, they realized that many of their patients didn’t know anything about how online casino games work. Instead of learning about the game their planning on playing, they choose to have a lucky charm or something they wore on the day they won a big sum.

During the Therapy sessions, the therapists explained what RNG (random number generator) is and how it works. Then they talked about the probability theory and patterns etc. Believe it or not, Therapy with mathematics helped 80 – 90% of the patients stop gambling and start a healthy life.

I am the bestBelieving in yourself is a vital thing that you need to stop gambling. Every single person is positive in his/her exceptionalism. The illusion is why players go back to the gambling table. Let’s say, for example, there’s a player who studied all of the game mechanics, they are certain they can win and prove that the famous saying – “Canadian online casino always wins” isn’t true.

The player might get tricked by the big tall pile of chips that gets smaller with each second. As time passes, he will realize he’s probably going to lose. Exceptionalism isn’t explained logically. If this is the situation, the punter’s gambling psychology relies on the field of impracticality.

If you ever say, “Gambling is not about me, it’s for wimpy people, I’m the best at it, I don’t have to worry because I can control it.” Then you should really start thinking about stopping; once you say this, you are starting to become addicted, and you will soon lose control over yourself. It’s practically the same thing when you begin drugs or smoking.

I still recall that magic moment.

A famous journalist (S. Dovlatov) once said, “Our memories are selective, like a ballot box.” He is definitely right. Indeed, long been observed that memory permanently stores the less important events, those associated with intense emotional experiences, and where else in everyday life we can feel such a rush of adrenalin – if not at the table games or slot machine?

Even though winning and losing emotions are very similar, your brain will likely keep the winning emotion and forget about the loss. This obviously influences your choice – whether to bet once more or stop. Canadian online casinos know about this, so they do everything possible to make you remember the experience of winning.

They might congratulate you, give you free bonuses etc..all of this is simply because they want you to come back in the hope of winning again.

Inexperienced punters often fall into this trap, the player’s mind somehow forgets all of the bad luck they had 2 days ago and focuses on the big win they had 1 month ago.

The Rush In The Casinos In Canada

The Rush In The Casinos In CanadaPlayers who cannot imagine life without games have most likely had a rush during a game session. Many people say that the only place they feel free and alive is a Canadian online casino. It is the only place where they can get the most adrenaline. This might not seem reasonable, but it is true.

The term “the rush” means losing control over a situation. So, delirium is a phenomenon that occurs when a malicious abuse of alcohol and the loss of real sense. The player can see the world around him distorted, and created inflammation of the brain hallucinations complement the world of ghouls and monsters.

When a player loses control over himself/herself (while playing), it is called a casino rush. Whilst in this so-known “rush,” the player is extremely likely to lose everything. When he/she is in this state, he/she does not know what they are doing. The rush attacks the addiction; the result of this is either a loss or a win.

How to stay calm?

Many punters have their own personal way of winning, this may be calculating the likely number of wins or losses or betting on your lucky numbers. Many people say that there is absolutely no way to win in the long-distance, even for well-experienced players. If you think otherwise, you will need to stay calm and patient. It is also vital that you do not get lost in many games to choose from Canadian online casinos.

Believe it or not, there has not been a gambler that hasn’t lost the money he won before. Players like blaming the machines for not working properly. Even though the games aren’t actually in front of you, the money you are getting/giving is real, and so is the feeling of losing, it’s just like being at a land-based casino. Right now, the rush you feel when losing or winning is powerful.

We advise you to stop playing after winning a game session; the same thing goes for losing a session. If you’re in a hurry, do not play, the same thing goes if you either lose or win, don’t rush the game. Keeping cool will give you a bigger chance of winning.

Follow the betting strategy.

The main thing you do in a Canadian online casino is to make bets. If you keep losing, you should lower the stakes, this may sound wrong, but it is the best way to win. Following what I just said, if you are winning, you should raise the bets: you aren’t using your own money, so why not risk it? You could get a large amount. Remember, even though you should try your luck, you still have to be extremely cautious!

Whatever you do, be careful, do not get greedy! The casino wants your cash just like you want theirs. And it is essential not just to safely carry the losses and wins and extract the valuable lessons from them. So have patience, and you’ll see it was worth it.

Take breaks

Do not play continuously for too long. A  rush will come and go rapidly. One hour in fresh air is normally just enough for it to fade away. After the hour has passed, the player can control himself once again. We understand that it’s very, very hard to stop in between a  bad session, but it is the only way you have a chance to win. If not, you are for sure going to lose.

Play for free

Our brains are designed excitingly. You may use your brain to stop a rush. Play all casino games on free money mode, and imagine you playing for real cash. Trust me, after you get a few defeats, you’ll realize that you have saved money and felt the adrenalin as well.

This feeling will definitely be better than the frustration when you lose real money. If you did get a few winnings in a small amount of time, you could continue playing, but you will lose, so be careful. If you think it is true, you often lose your cash. Play at some of the best free slots by clicking on the manufacturers  below:

Why Do We Gloss Over In A Casino?

Why Do We Gloss Over In A Casino?In recent days, I have once again spent a lot of money and started thinking: “Well, I tried to gloss things over, but I smeared them instead. “I have concluded long ago that losing cash is much more offensive than winning it. It would seem that there’s perfect logic there, but I refer to emotions.

Let’s exemplify

So, let’s say that you decide to use 1/10 of your total – which is $1,000.Then you double the money and get $200, but you continue until there is nothing left, you’ve lost all of the $1,000 you had. You feel as if the loss was just $100, even though it was truly $1,000.The bad thing here is that there is a huge chance of you doing it again.

After losing your full deposit, you start thinking: “What kind of garbage, it has to return me my $100 immediately”, and you keep playing nonetheless… It turns out that the moment when we make a deposit is plaster, as in the majority of outcomes, we merely gloss things over.

This is the reason why your Canadian online casino constantly sends you messages advertising their deposit bonus offers that obviously have small payments to them.

The fact that you are very likely to deposit more after you start playing isn’t a secret. Most people say that limiting your deposit and ending the game when the deposit runs out is important; these people are lying. You have 2 simple choices, to play or not play. If you pick to play, you will gloss over.

You may do so without depositing, as no deposit bonuses are quite common. In this situation, our brains are weirdly arranged. Many of us find it a lot harder to lose something that we already have than to dream of the things we don’t own.

Summing everything up

Imagine winning a jackpot and spending it all. Most people get jealous when you win; in the end, they play a lot and lose a huge amount of money, then they usually end up in a bad state.

Gambling As The Main Purpose Of Life

Gambling As The Main Purpose Of LifeWilliam Shakespeare once said: All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players!

Another popular quote written by a gambler called Pushkin – Life is but a game! He means that life is practically a game. No matter how old you are, games are everywhere – childhood, love, friendship and even war. People are often so busy playing their daily jobs that they cannot enjoy life. That’s something we’ll discuss later.

Pushkin had a gambling problem, and he knew that very well; despite this, he left this world with amazing works of literature and debts of more than $10,000 from gambling. If it weren’t for gambling, the debts from it and the bad mood he got from losing, he would have most likely continued his amazing work and wouldn’t have lost his intrigue in living.

He wasn’t wealthy; he took part in more than 20 big games. One night Pushkin was in another duel when he won! He won and saw the good side of luck, which he didn’t see quite often. He, unfortunately, died painfully that same night, right after the game.

Online casino games

Everyone knows what a game is; of course, no one has experience at first, but everyone learns as life goes on. Educational games do help you learn faster; they will teach you to love, fight and hunt.

Games with roles or characters are usually the ones that very young children play. (c) S.Rubinstein.

Games are usually the best answer for most things – from education to medical problems. A learning game may be fun for kids if you make it fun. This all depends on the kid’s parents; they can either make learning fun so that children like it and actually learn; they can also be violent if children do not want to learn or do not care at all, leaving their kids to do whatever they like.

You, like any other human, do not lose interest in games. Even though “games” now and games as a kid were much different. As an adult, you take 80% of your day working and sleeping, which means that you only have 20% of your day to relax, play games, spend time with your family, do your hobbies etc…

Our lives are short, which means we won’t succeed in doing everything. This all leads to unhappiness in different personal fields like your own personal life, your education etc…This is why many people say that doing what you like and getting money for it is the key to happiness, this way, you may fulfill your personal needs.

Lacking time is terrible, as well as having it in abundance. Our brains are a complicated thing; they tend to pick to do nothing when there’s nothing to do. I mean that if you do not have to run away from a tiger, you wouldn’t because you do not have to; you would choose to stay and rest.

It definitely isn’t easy to work hard than stay at home and eat junk food all day. The temptation is strong, and lots of people have proved that they cannot withstand it.

Did you know that the blue whale is always hungry? They hunt for more than 90% of the day, which is more than 21 hours! For instance, while dolphins only spend 10% of their day looking for food, saving the rest of the day for games!

What psychiatrists say

What psychiatrists sayUneducated psychos and physiatrists definitely have different perspectives despite this, they haven’t found the right interpretation. This is how specialists see the game:

  • The game helps players gamble and hide from reality.
  • The game is a way for punters to get what they really want but do not have.
  • Mental disorder.
  • Superiority (as a result of inferiority) is complex.

My favourite theory is that the game is a way of getting rid of unused energy.

I think it’s funny that people have all the freedom to enjoy art, science, sports, music, etc. People still prefer virtual reality. If you gave someone a game controller and made a game with amazing quality and new mystic creatures, he would probably want to stay there forever.

During the last 15 years, a lot of people have started using the internet more often. Humans have started spending way too much time online, wasting their time. Women are feminine, men are masculine, and pupils are Rambo’s, but dullness is everywhere once you are outside.

As people grow up, they start realizing that life isn’t as good as it looks. So they try doing everything they possibly can to escape from it. I understand the people who use space, the stars and the galaxy to escape from problems, but I don’t understand the people who go on the internet. These people don’t realize that changing the outer world needs to start by changing themselves – the inner world.

Online games

For the most part, I would like to talk about such online plagues as WoT, Dota and other RPGs, even the Canadian online casino is one of them. Every business is built to fulfil our needs. It seems amazing to be a pilot of an aircraft, a tank or even a submarine, but then what? Even educational games like checkers and chess, what could a PC game teach or give?

Gambling problems and games

Cupid is a big part of you, but let’s forget about it for a single moment. If you think about it, you’ll realize that you are fully prudent that you have a gambling problem, you also blame the fact that you wanted to become wealthy without putting much effort into it. As humans, most addicted punters keep gambling because it is their idea of “fun.”

You feel as if you’re in a game; each task of the day is a different level – finding cash to play again, paying back the money you borrowed, eating something etc…There are 2 types of people, the ones who do the same thing every day and the ones who keep torturing themselves, or else known as masochists.

You have 2 choices: number 1 – Masturbation, which is having access to sex right away, or number 2 – Learn, be productive, get some money and then, get a girlfriend. It’s the same thing, but at a very diverse reimbursement. It is the same thing when you gamble, you may either go the easy or hard way.

I have a lot of experience with this, and all I can say is that when you do not have the cash, you will be able to deal with many hard things, while when you have cash, all you will want is to play at slots. It is just so much adrenalin.

If you want to end your gambling problem, the advice that I give you is to find something that you love, something to keep you busy, then let the work become a hobby!

Gambling As The Meaning Of Living

Gambling As The Meaning Of LivingWhy are we here? Do we have a goal? What’s the whole purpose of living? No one really knows, some decide to risk their own lives to save others, while other people dedicate their lives to their family.Us humans have thousands of choices, religion to medicine, music to teaching and a lot more.

Everyone is unique, everyone does something different. You can’t stop them from fulfilling their dreams, can you? No one talks about the people that don’t have a lot of money and have a gambling addiction, instead, we speak about the players that think of gambling as the meaning of life.

Let’s forget about the poker player, the PC players, and those who are a little addicted. The types of gamblers I just named play thousands of hands, and they don’t earn a decent amount. I don’t want to be mean, but I would define them as robots, not as humans; they no longer feel emotions, and their game strategy isn’t going to work, it’s stupid, but they think it’s a strategy.

If you ever watched the movie “The Player”, you would have probably noticed the difference between the man with the Grey hair and his friend. This is exactly what we’ll talk about now…

Every single man experiences a midlife crisis when he realizes he wasted half of his life. You probably ask yourself, well, what about addicted gamblers? They must realize that they lost so long, wasting their cash and getting nothing in the end. He would either stop and try to fix his mistakes or keep gambling and losing.

You want and need freedom. You’re stuck in a loop, you earn and spend, and it keeps going on and on. You’ll get judged a lot, but no one has the right to judge, just like one very famous quote, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You start realizing the actual meaning of life, and you start regretting it. Gambling doesn’t seem fun anymore; wasting 10 years of your life doesn’t sound appealing either. Everyone gets what they deserve, and you can’t change that; it’s just the way it is.

Gamblers for life

Gamblers for lifeThese players don’t gamble for fun, they gamble because they need money to fulfill their dreams. I won a huge amount a few years ago. Want to know how I spent them? I was a king; I didn’t walk away; I would take a taxi for anything. I ate expensive foods all the time, and I left tips everywhere.

I went to a lot of parties too. In fact, I spent my money on things I didn’t need, but I definitely have a pure memory of how good these days were, of course, I ended up spending them all and went back to my normal life.

Spending such a big sum on things like that is actually easier than it looks. You should look out for when winning a big sum.

I Am The Boss

I Am The BossI won 70 000 CAD. I don’t recall the actual feeling when winning such a huge amount of money, but what I do remember is that I didn’t stop playing. Of course, I never bought anything with this sum, but I did learn something important about friendship. Everybody has a circle of people with a special bond, whether a close friend, a sibling or a relative.

Living for yourself automatically makes you selfish and self-absorbed. But, at the same time, giving if you have the opportunity to make you a good person. Just think of when you had the money, you had friends, a lot of friends, you were happy and didn’t mind sharing it. But then you started losing, and you had nothing left, and when you asked for help, the people you called friends weren’t there to help.

How to spend the easy money

So, let me tell the story of the 70 000 CAD that got deposited. To save up a sum like that, you could need half of an average person’s life, if not more. You probably want to spend it on a nice house or apartment, or maybe you want a new car, you could spend it investing in a business of your own, or travelling the world.

Money is money, it can be used for everything, this is your decision, so follow your heart. If you do get a considerable amount, do what you want, go for it! For a player, cash isn’t important, money is just a number that is either lost or multiplied. I lost my money extremely quickly, maybe about a week and a half.

The experienced players would have probably stopped their loss for at least three months to about half a year. I think that choosing a game and saying it’s the meaning of your life doesn’t make any sense to me, everybody’s opinion is different, but I do not support this idea. You have to be ready for anything; I hope you have a bank account ready because you’ll need it; you will use it to limit the money you might take in a timeframe.

The people who call gambling a hobby or a fun way to make cash are definitely wrong. People with families risk money that will be needed in the future. You’re winning a lot today, and you are losing even more tomorrow.

It’s a part of you by the time you realize what you’re doing, you gamble every day, and it seems normal to you now. Even if you do somehow stop the addiction, you still won’t be able to go back to how you lived before. Life is tough, the strong ones survive, we get what we deserve, and there isn’t a way out of what you’ve done.

What We Recommend To Do If You Lost All The Money At Casino

What We Recommend To Do If You Lost All The Money At CasinoDo you play with cash? If yes, then losing it all is an unavoidable thing, well, at least until you start borrowing money and taking them into debt; when a punter loses a debt, he is most likely to think that taking a loan is the way out of the situation, but he’s wrong.

Does this seem unreasonable to you? Well, that’s just the start of gambling addiction. People get to a point where they do not have any friends and family they can rely on. If you haven’t been playing for long but have difficulty finishing a gaming session, not playing is probably the best option.

There will be players who might try returning all of the money they lost by cancelling the payment using a credit card (to try doing a chargeback). Keep reading to see the situations they might end up in if they do so.

You have no idea how you won that you lost.

Canadian online casinos lure players by letting them win the first and second time. This way, players start thinking they’re just good at the game and continue playing. I myself do not know how they make the ball land on that one exact number or how the slot gives the big bonus on the first try, but I, for sure, know it’s the way they get players to continue gambling.

If you ended up losing when playing for the first time, then you’re auspicious. You do not desire to keep playing and win again, but you will probably regret playing because you lost money. Let’s jump right into the actual topic – what you should do if you lost all of the money at a casino.

What you should do

Losing all of your money, every single cent sounds unreal. Let’s explain what we mean by “all of the money.”

  • We mean losing all of the money at your casino. Winning in your first gaming session is actually pretty dangerous. You start thinking that it’s easy, and you start playing to win cash, that’s just the way our brain is designed. Even if you lose a large amount of money, you should keep playing to win. The money you lost isn’t yours anymore so the Canadian online casino won’t return it. You shouldn’t need to borrow any money to get the amount you lost back.
  • We have some great advice for regular players. Take a piece of paper and a pen, do not use an app like Excel or Notepad or anything like that, write the date and amount you lost. Then write the amount you deposited, do not include bonuses or intermediate wins. It would help if you also wrote your “clean” losses. You shall do this during a calendar month; after this, you can summarize everything. This will help you keep an eye on how much you lose in a month. An addicted punter’s mind tends to think about winning, making the feeling of losing even stronger, pulling you in to play another round. You will often be?” in the black” after a loss. This actually helps calm the feeling of revenge and stops you from making 10 other deposits and losing them. This usually happens when you play on your” sick” days when you get a bad slot or cannot end the game after getting a massive win.
  • You have gambled and lost all of the money. You keep playing for an extremely long time. You continue gambling for the game. If you’re aware of this, then things aren’t as horrible as they seem. The worst stage of addiction is lying, lying to yourself and the people around you. In this case, you should limit your money access, set deposit limits at your Canadian online casino, play slots for free and look for no deposit bonuses. Try recording the free slot’s results, then you’ll notice that you actually save a huge amount of money.
  • If you have lost absolutely everything, then you need to stop, and look at what you have left: children, family, friends, parents. If you don’t have any of these things, you should contact a doctor, do not spare anything, and tell the specialist everything. If you do find support from close people around you, you have the opportunity to decide whether you think you need a doctor or not.


In the addicted punter’s mind, there is always a chance for them to win; this makes controlling the addiction even more difficult. You must overcome the addiction now! It’s not something that can be delayed. Losing all of the money isn’t going to end the world; it isn’t as bad as you think it is. The major things you need to defeat the addiction are staying positive and drawing your attention to the main conclusion, then looking at what needs to change.

Gambling psychology has a few elements. The most important one is the intense emotions that you cannot usually experience. It also cures sadness and boredom. Another thing that attracts players is competition. Players get to play against a dealer and random people as well. We aren’t saying that we are completing this intense subject by writing this article, but we have summarised as much as possible in this paragraph. We really hope this article helped you control your emotions when gambling.

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