How To Win At The Casino Canada

Updated: December 22, 2023

And now, it’s our turn to reveal the secret. Is there any strategy for winning? Is it possible to win more than the other player who hasn’t read this article? So, how to win at casino? In this article, we will show you tips and strategies that will increase your chance of winning.

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How To Win At The CasinoWhich strategy works the best and helps you win big money at casino Canada? What should I not do to be excluded from promotions and bonuses?

As we all know, the casinos’ main target is to win money – this will never change. But not all of you know that we can also have a positive mathematical expectation with the help of bonuses.

Okay, but if we always win, the betting site won’t simply exclude us from their bonuses…

Perhaps many of you know that the history of gambling started thousands of years ago. Before and now, all gamblers are asked if it’s possible to win while gambling. The advantage of Canadian gambling websites is that it is not so big and isn’t often hidden from all players.

Even if you find some winning casino game strategies for Canadian players in land-based casinos, the gaming site owners will find out, and the strategy will become forbidden. A good example is card counting in Blackjack.

The good thing is that in online casinos, no one can tell you how to play in front of the monitor, that’s why it is much easier to get a positive expectation of winnings, in addition to bonus hunting. With the growing popularity of online gambling, casinos offer more attractive bonus offers with good wager requirements. But remember, most of the traps are actually in these bonus offers!!!

Our how to win at the casino: basic strategy is to use bonuses

Yes, but we found a way to turn things on our side – with the help of bonuses. Every provider develops the slots with an advantage for the casino, which can be between 1% and 10%. You will just need to find bonus offers with wagering requirements of 40x or less and a slot machine with an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97% and higher.

Using the recommendations described in the link above can give you an advantage over the casino with 1.5%.

How to apply the recommendations in a real game

How to apply the recommendations in a real gameIn every slot, we have a detailed description of the hidden data (volatility, cycle length, probability of triggering the bonus feature and personal tester’s opinion). For the most popular slots, we’ve made special articles about how to win at slots in Canada.

Let’s give an example

Imagine we have 200 CAD on a Visa card; we suggest the following plan:

  • Choose a bonus offer with 40x wagering requirements or less.
  • Find the Canadian gambling website from our list that suits you best.
  • Deposit 100 CAD and get a 100% bonus. Let’s say we found a casino with 35x wagering requirements. This means you will have to wager 3500 CAD before you order a withdrawal.
  • Select the desired slot and find out whether it’s in a “Hot” mood or not. You can test all of the slots in demo mode.
  • This can be done on slots with a high RTP: Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%), King of Chicago (97.5%).
  • Select a bet of 1 CAD; you will have to spin at least 200 times. If you lose 50 bets from your account, change the slot.
  • When you fulfil the wagering requirements, order a payout to your Visa card, then use another 100 CAD, find another Canadian gaming site with a similar bonus offer and make a new deposit. Repeat all of the steps described above.
  • It doesn’t sound complicated, and in fact, it’s not at all. But following this strategy will increase your chance of winning at an online casino. We wish you the best of luck!!!

Bugs in slots

Nowadays, bugs and mistakes in slots are so rare, and the new software is so good that finding such a bug would be a miracle. We are not talking about some huge mistakes because, in this case, the developer will void all the winnings; this rule is written in the terms and conditions of all Canadian online casinos.

Most of the time, such a bug makes the slot more generous on some bets or denominations. We advise you if such a bug is found, don’t get greedy and don’t share the information with anybody else. The best way to win money at casino is to win small sums more often and always withdraw the money from your gambling site balance.

Software and its features

Besides the exciting design and gameplay of the modern slots, they have an essential feature – RNG (random number generator). This factor works in the same way in demo mode and in real gameplay (we consider mostly NetEnt slots). This is our primary strategy when you want to find a generous slot.

How to win at the casino – recommendations and tips

  • Before you start playing for real money, we suggest you play in demo mode first.
  • Choose different bets and denominations, and don’t forget to use the Max bet button to change the cycle.
  • If you have tested the slot in demo mode, you will be able to find out what the “mood” of the slot is (positive or negative).
  • We can say that we succeeded in revealing the behaviour of NetEnt software. This is a conclusion after millions of spins.
  • The Hot slots or the slots that have money in their prize pool are the ones you would want to play at.
  • Use bonuses to get a positive mathematical expectation of winnings.

Minimizing the risk

In this paragraph, we will mention all ways to reduce the risk and increase your chances of winning.

  • The first and most important thing is to choose a trusted Canadian online casino, so you can be sure and calm when playing (We suggest Fastpay casino, the best one from our site).
  • Read the terms and conditions of the gambling website carefully and specifically read about the bonuses.
  • Verifying our account before the first deposit. Like this, you will be sure that there will not be any problems with your withdrawal.
  • If you want to beat the casino while playing roulette or blackjack, don’t use bonuses (only 10% of your bets will be counted as wagered).
  • The balance is essential, and we recommend you have at least 100 for low volatility slots, 200-300 for average ones and 300-500 for those with high variance.
  • Be calm after a significant loss; do not go over your planned limit for the day. Be disciplined, and this is very important in gambling.
  • You will have to remember that beating roulette in the long term is impossible, even with the Martingale system (the casino has a 2.7% advantage).
  • You can use the card counting strategy in blackjack, but only when the dealer shuffles the cards by hand (not using a shuffle machine). Professional players bet when the number is 10 or higher.

What not to do?

  • Playing to win the loss from yesterday is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Always have limits and don’t think about yesterday. Do not make the unfortunate day even worse. There will always be another day for gambling. To be calm is essential.
  • If you play at high stakes, do not take any bonuses from the Canadian online casino; this will only put some restrictions on your game (max win, max bet etc.) If you deposit 5000 CAD, why take 500?
  • Do not “hunt” the jackpots. Yes, if you see a slot with a progressive jackpot, do a few spins, but don’t get involved. There is no point at all.

Getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning

Bonus offers at the trusted and white-label Canadian online casinos (we recommend Fastpay casino) usually have x35 or x40 wagering requirements. In the first case, you will have to spin your bonus 35 times (if you have taken the bonus 100% to 100 CAD.

This means that you will have to make a spin worth 3500 CAD), and in the second, you will have to spin the bonus 40 times (4000 CAD). Find up-to-date offers at the best Canadian gambling website bonuses.

Bonus offer with x35 and x40 requirements

The best way to win money at casino is to choose a bonus offer with an x40 wager requirement or lower and find a slot with an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97.14% or higher. In this case, the player will get a positive mathematical expectation when playing the slot machine. Our rich experience playing slot machines generate this data.

According to the betting site rules, the bonus money can be withdrawn as soon as the required amount of bets is completed. We have bonus promotions and slots analysis on our website.

For x35 wagering

Mega Joker Mega Joker RTP – 99% No probability of dropping out of the bonus Dispersion of winnings – 7.98 Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$1.75
Jackpot 6000   Jackpot 6000 RTP – 95%-98.86% No probability of dropping out of the bonus Dispersion of winnings – 5.24 Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$1.72
Blood Suckers Blood Suckers RTP – 98% The probability of dropping out of the bonus – 0.5% / 2.1% Dispersion of winnings – 4.16 Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$0.86
Jack Hammer Jack Hammer RTP – 96.96% The probability of dropping out of the bonus – 0.55% Dispersion of winnings – 4.1 Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$-0.14

40х wagering requirements

Jackpot 6000   Jackpot 6000 RTP – 95%-98.86% Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$1.36
Blood Suckers Blood Suckers RTP – 98% Winnings at the casino at an overall bet of C$100 – C$0.5
  • To receive a positive mathematical expectation from an x35 wagering, you must select a slot with an RTP of 97.14% or higher.
  • To receive a positive mathematical expectation from an x40 wagering, you have to play slot machines like Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%) and King of Chicago (97.8%) because of their higher RTP of 97.5% and higher.

Example: If we play Blood Suckers slot that has a 98% RTP with a x35, you will earn an average of 0.86 CAD per 100 bets (100: 3500 = 2.86% – 2% RTP = 0.86%). Statistically, every 1,000 CAD bet will earn 8.6 CAD. This gives you a greater chance of winning higher than normal.

How to win money at casino – Myth or reality?

If you learn how to apply the winning casino game strategies for Canadian players simultaneously mentioned above, this will dramatically increase your chances of winning at a Canadian online casino. By selecting the “News” tab in the central (top) menu of our site, you can get information about bonuses, promotions, reload bonuses and events at online casinos.

So you can schedule when to deposit and when not, when to get your deposit bonus and when not. All of this will be your advantage and will boost your chance of winning. Now, let’s turn it from mathematics to human psychology.

Basic Principles

First, you need to know a few basic principles of Canadian online casinos. Any player who wants to find a profitable gaming website strategy should be familiar with the following terms and concepts:

Volatility (Variance) of winnings

Volatility (Variance) of winningsVolatility is the spread of values associated with the game. For example, one player may win a lot of money in one day, but the next may lose twice as much. Such situations occur if a player has chosen casino games with high variance.

The higher the volatility, the higher the probability of winning a huge sum (several thousand times the bet), but there is a higher chance of making many spins without a payment combination. The job is either, eh?

Even if the player wins in the short term, with the increase in spins (hands played, roulette bets, etc.), the math gets closer to the RTP. With each stake, the gambling site collects its percentage.

In a long-running game, the casino will always be the winner in the end. For example, the Canadian gambling site wins 2.7% of every roulette player’s bet and 6% of poker bets. The advantage of casinos has the opposite features to mathematical expectations for different games.

Testing slot machines in demo mode (we give an example with NetEnt)

Our recommendations for choosing a winning slot machine are based on the same algorithms, whether for real money or in demo mode.

Netent software has “corrective variables” that determine whether the slot machine will be positive, neutral or negative. Because the random number generator is a critical component (a system that does not make mistakes), these corrective variables only increase or decrease winnings (we’re talking about the mathematical side of software). These variables depend on the player’s classification, current slot balance and prize pool.

This means that if a slot machine is positive (Hot), it will pay more, but if it is negative (Cold), the result will generally be negative. The point is that the same corrective variables apply to online slots in demo mode.

This gives a huge advantage to players who want to play without risking their own money; they can find positive (Hot) slots and apply that knowledge, and play with real money.

How to win money at casino – Testing the Minimum Bet and “Hit and Run” strategies

There are many options for testing that can be done in demo mode and a real game with minimal bets. You will get the results from the prize pool thesis. It works like this:

Minimum Bet Strategy: The player decides that his current playing session will be at a bet of 10 CAD. Instead, he starts at a minimum bet, for around 50-100 spins. He should carefully follow every situation, combination and all important things during testing. If there is enough action during this period (winnings, bonuses, free spins, etc.) – the player switches to the originally planned bet of 10 CAD.

Hit and Run Strategy: This means changing the game after every big win and never playing again in the same session. This tactic is suitable for medium and high bets.

How to win from casino – Roulette and Blackjack


  • Despite the common belief that there is a winning roulette strategy, you should know that such a strategy guarantees you 100% winning, yet it does not exist. The most famous strategies are Martingale and Fibonacci.  Using these systems, you need to lower and raise the bets (start with a small amount and double it until you win, then start again). Yes, this leads to higher volatility, but you should know that the mathematical percentage (-2.7%) is specified in the roulette rules. This strategy (over a long period) will definitely lead to a loss.
  • Blackjack is a few games where a player can have a mathematical advantage against a casino. Shuffle machines make it impossible for a player to implement a card-counting strategy in most land-based casinos. If you want to use this strategy, plenty of dealers at Canadian online casinos are shuffling cards by hand. There, you won’t even need to invest money to train your counting. You can start playing when the number is +12 or more. Learn more by reading this article: Winning Blackjack Strategies. The main goal is to find a strategy to reduce the casino percentage. There is one basic strategy that reduces the casino advantage to 0.5%, based on mathematical calculations.
  • Speaking of betting site winnings, we should not forget the mathematical advantage. It is crucial to know more about the opportunities and volatility of the game itself. Only then will the player have a chance to casino win.
  • Try to use some of the learned Blackjack and Roulette casino game strategies of how to win casino for Canadian players by playing in NetEnt game tables in demo mode.
The strategy core
  • The strategy is to have the slot machine tested in demo mode and determine which should be the “most generous.” Only after being tested in demo mode, we recommend that you start playing with real money.
  • If you make a big profit, it would be better to change the machine and repeat the procedure. Depending on how well you determine the “mood” of the slot, the more advantage you have over the gaming site.
  • You can easily find information about casinos’ benefits, all types of games, and their different versions on the Internet. The Canadian gambling website rate is somewhere between 0.1% and 30%. If the player manages to pass the mathematical expectations in his favour, he has a real chance to be the winner in the long term.

How to earn at the casino?

There are a few ways to earn money at casinos. We’ve found and tested them many times. We are not saying that you will win 100% of the playing sessions, but this will definitely increase your chance of winning.

Let us be honest: while playing in a land-based casino, your chance to win is about 10-20%; in online gambling, perhaps it is 30-50%, but following our recommendations can make it even higher. Sounds nice, eh?

Our primary strategy is to use bonuses on slots with a high RTP and get a positive mathematical expectation of winning without breaking any rules of the Canadian gambling website. In this case, the player will have an advantage over the casino. This is the reason why so many gamblers become bonus hunters.

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