The Causes Of A Gambling Addiction And How To Treat

The Causes Of A Gambling Addiction And How To TreatYou’re now probably wondering, so what is the cause of gambling addiction? Is there a part of the player’s brain that has something to do with the addiction?

These questions have finally been answered by a group of British scientists from the player’s perspective. Their study found out that people who get addicted to gambling have aspects in their brain structure that are not part of medical science but still make problems for the people.

We will try to understand the psychology of gamblers in total. If you are new to the casino industry, this article will be very beneficial for you. By the end of the article, you will know if you have a gambling addiction. We will also give you examples of gambling addictions and ways to control them.

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Study on the causes of gambling addictions

The scientists experimented using 30 people, half were addicted punters, and half were ordinary people. They conducted positron emission topographies to study the receptors responsible for releasing endorphins known as “happy hormones. They discovered that there is obvious reciprocity between the number of endorphins and gambling addiction.

Lack of endorphins

Before this research, scientists thought that these features showed drug and alcohol addicted people. This experiment was almost equivalent to both groups (addicted and non-addicted) were the same. The only difference between the two is that the gambler experiences less “happy hormones” than those who aren’t addicted.

Developing immunity

As we all know, our bodies are self-regulating systems. If you place it in bad circumstances and it will either die or learn to live with it. These defensive reactions are also a feature of gambling addiction. As the emotions get stronger, the gambler’s stimulation gets weaker and weaker. The main problem is that gambling addiction is very similar to drug addiction.

  • The first time playing at a Canadian online casino gives you the most intense emotions. I mean happiness when you get a bonus, the adrenalin you feel when you spin or the triumph when you are about to get a huge payment.
  • We do not get as many positive emotions daily. There isn’t a reason to be so joyful, and if the adrenaline from a game can be gotten in everyday life by fast car driving (driving rage), we can get the joy of winning only in gambling.
  • Happiness in this world is pretty limited because gambling is the biggest way to get such emotions.
  • The punter keeps going back to casinos trying to experience these emotions once again. The outturn of the game isn’t of importance any longer. The player is addicted to the feeling of playing, not the money you can get out of gambling.
  • This usually means the player will lose the game session. One of the many issues of a gambling problem is the amount of money that the player has is not important. I mean that a player who has a few thousand will only bet a few hundred in a game. Despite all of this, the result isn’t any different – the punter loses absolutely everything.
  • As you know, passion in life can be only one. For gamers, with time, this passion for the game will become everything. A gambling problem sometimes gets to borrowing money, cheating to win or even stealing. An addicted player does anything to keep the game session going. Things that were once important are no longer valuable. The gambler is now in need of a stable increase in rates.

Are You Casino Addicted? How To Recognize?

Are You Casino Addicted? How To Recognize Symptoms.Ask yourself, Am I addicted to casinos? This is the only way to find out. Be honest with yourself! Most players with addiction say no, the actual problem with extremely addicted gamblers is usually the game. You probably ask yourself, why are people addicted? Well, the answer is simple.

It’s all because he wants more and more, or else said, they are greedy. They want free money, this way he can avoid working. Addicted gamblers should not be mistaken for weak; the game and greed are what makes them weak.

Believe it or not, there’s a whole myth saying that it’s impossible to win at casinos! We all know that we’ll get a win at some point, but we won’t keep winning; we’ll go back to losing. Of course, that one short moment gives hope to the player, and he keeps playing.

Gambling is an addiction that anyone could have. It’s similar to drug addiction; if you begin, you slowly get addicted. This habit might be easier to treat depending on the player’s psychology. Unfortunately, there are times when the gambling addiction is so big that it stays forever.

Are new players lucky, or is the first “dose” free?

Are new players lucky, or is the first "dose" free?At the start, inexperienced players are most likely to get a good amount of money. This makes them more and more interested in gambling.

So I can get a good profit and have fun, it’s a great way to double your money, and you can often win a larger amount than in a regular operation! Thinking in this way, players start playing more and more and end up getting addicted.

Anyhow, the casino has one rule – to get a mathematical advantage so that the casino always wins. So the casino aims to attract more players because more of them is a bigger chance for the casino to win.

And to add on, the player’s psychology is also a discussion.

People say they won’t get addicted by playing once, but our minds select memories that we want to remember or not, for instance, you could have lost a small amount of money 100 times, but when you win a big amount 1, you will remember it for a long period.

So you will keep playing, hoping that you might hit something big again, forgetting about all of the small losses. Any experienced player can tell you that they have lost a humongous amount of money doing the same things. Still, he is addicted and has no other choice, so he keeps playing, repeating everything over and over again.

Winning isn’t as important as the actual game.

After a few games, you will realize that triumph is not as important as the game. Daily, you wouldn’t experience such adrenalin while playing gives you that feeling.

  • When you hit a win at high stakes
  • When a symbol that was missing falls on high stakes
  • When the 3rd Scatter and the free spins with a multiplier get triggered at a high bet

After all, we all need these feelings and emotions. Gaming will become more important than victory, and the addiction will start getting worst.

The phases of gambling addictions

Another name for gambling addiction is psychological gaming. This is a disease, along with alcoholism, and drug and sex addiction. These kinds of people may join the groups for treatment. They will have individual training along with group training too. These people need help and cannot do this by themselves.

  • At the start, a gambler should be capable of figuring out the sum that they can afford to lose, so they will probably be on a budget.
  • As time passes, and the gambling addiction starts getting worse, the gambler will always have an excuse for gambling, and he /she will now lose control and might start asking friends for money; at this point, they really have to start to think about their actions and stop before it gets awful.
  • If this point doesn’t stop the addiction, the addiction is so bad that the player owes many people money; he cannot borrow any more money as no one trusts him, so the only way to return the money he owes is by hitting a big win. To hit a big win, you need to play at high stakes; now, all that matters is money, the gambler needs them to return everything, and there is no way out. Onward, nothing else matters; he doesn’t care where the money came from as long as he/she has them. It doesn’t matter if they were saved or stolen, if they were borrowed or lent, all he cares about now is winning. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. If he miraculously wins (even though the chances are meagre), he won’t stop gambling in the hope of winning again and gaining a lot of money. In the end, nothing happens, he is extremely addicted, and there is no outcome except that he lost a humongous amount of money and ended up at the bottom of the social tower.

The value of money

For addicted gamblers, nothing except gambling matters. You might or might not believe this, but a player knows at the utmost level that he won’t win. His thoughts may be: should I leave a big tip at the restaurant? There isn’t a reason not to. I will either win or lose a lot today.1000 CAD won’t make a difference.

Some players get so addicted that they end up dreaming about games, pokies, big wins and things related to gambling in general. Gambling is now a thing that the punter cannot live without. At this stage, the gambling addiction is nasty, and it is not under control; you need help before it gets any worse (read below)

Symptoms of a gambling addiction

Symptoms of a gambling addictionOne reason for people relating to drug and gambling addictions is that you need an increase in the dose; this is about emotions. To feel adrenaline, he needs to raise the stakes. If not, the player starts losing interest and stops playing. Even if he does raise the stakes, the player won’t feel strong emotions for long; he will need to continue raising the stakes to feel the adrenaline and keep having fun.

You can bet up to 1000CAD for each spin. The punter will get a bit of fun and adrenaline, but this will all stop when the gambled sum becomes significant.

The amount that the gambler had before he got addicted does not matter. A millionaire, for instance, would get sick of betting 100CAD; he will then probably raise the stakes to 1000CAD, then he will keep adding money to the bets making them higher.

So, if the punter wants to win millions, the only way to do so would be to start by betting tens of millions and then add money to the stakes. Your casino, along with any other, can change the highest bet on any level.

Gambling addiction doesn’t have physical symptoms like a drug or alcohol addiction. Physiatrists very often call it a Hidden Illness because it’s not easily spotted. So, here are some of the main symptoms are:

  • Secretive Gambling: This is when a player lies about the amount of time they spend at a Canadian online casino. Some people continue lying even when their addiction is very severe, and they do not have any money.
  • Reckless Gambling: Reckless Gambling is when the addicted gambler has trouble ending the game session. These gamblers find it extremely difficult to stop playing games in online casinos in Canada, so they keep playing until they lose every cent.
  • Above means gambling: These types of players gamble until they have absolutely no money left. They wager with the money they borrowed or even stole.
  • Chronic  Gambling: Players who have a Chronic gambling addiction cannot take care of their families. They have tons of fees to pay, so their children do not grow up with what they need.
  • A source of worry for the family: This is when a gambler affects his/her family. Gambling will affect the person’s close friends, family, etc., sometimes causing depression for the punter and the people around him/her. So, whenever someone you trust warns you, you should most definitely listen to them; it isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s because they care and worry about you; they do this to protect you. You should also reach out to them before it’s too late. You shouldn’t wait.

A game session of a standard addicted gambler

Punters that have an addiction at a secondary level usually have a game session like this:

  • A player can always finish the gambling session when he/she hits a win. Sadly, this rarely happens because, after the withdrawal request, the gambler starts thinking that he could double the money or at least win more. The consequences of this procedure are either a cancellation of withdrawal or a repeated deposit for a further game. So instead of withdrawing and actually winning something, he loses it all in the next session.
  • In the other case, if the gambler doesn’t win, he won’t stop; he’ll keep playing because he wants and needs the money he just gambled. This emotion is called” the feeling of revenge.” When the player loses all of the money, he is even more determined to win the lost money. This makes him bet higher and make decisions thoughtlessly.
  • If the sum in the player’s account is a “good amount,” he will start betting higher, but, on the other hand, if the amount is minor, he will search for ways to deposit, or he might imagine that he is playing on high stakes.
  • The metamorphoses of the human mind have no bounds at all.

Check if you have a gambling addiction.

By answering the following questions, you will know if you have a gambling addiction or not; you do not need to answer them with a full sentence; yes or no is enough.

  • Are you playing for more than an hour per day?
  • Are you likely to go over your budget for the day?
  • Do you or have you ever borrowed money for a game?
  • Is gambling a priority, let’s say, for example cancelling plans or choosing to gamble instead of having friends come over for dinner?
  • Have you ever had a dream/dream about a pokie or a big win?
  • Have you ever spent all night playing, or have you ever woken up at night so that you could play?
  • Did you ever win something and then cancel the withdrawal request to keep playing, hoping that you will win, but you end up losing everything?
  • Are you in a rush to play? For example, when driving a car.

So, what are your results? If you relate to at least 2 of the answers, then the addiction is slowly forming. If you have 2 or more affirmative answers, then you have to start changing the way you think and act; you should also see a specialist; he/she will definitely help you stop the addiction before it gets any worse.

Blaming others for your mistakes

A lot of the population has stopped smoking. The first couple of days were probably a nightmare. After a month or so, you start noticing that you no longer have shortness of breath, the cough you had when you smoked, the physical discomfort and everything else.

Some people have a lot of dreams while others don’t. You probably got very upset and blamed yourself for being fragile, and It’s a tough thing to get rid of. You probably said,” It’s only one cigarette; I can stop after.” Then you might have said, “it’s not my fault my friends told me to.”

The dialogues of people who do not gamble

The dialogues of people who do not gambleI get a bit annoyed because I know the answers to these simple questions, so I start thinking that everyone else does. I tell them that it is real money and you can withdraw it after winning, but of course, I keep getting questions… So here’s an example of one of my conversations:

  • Person: How much did you lose?
  • Me: Do you mean how much I lose in general or in one session?
  • Person: During a session
  • Me: I’m usually in plus.

Of course, it can’t go smoothly, and they don’t believe me, so I have to explain everything. After watching you withdraw your yearly income, they become jealous.

When playing for the first time, you have many fears; you have to outcome these fears and focus on the game. One of these fears is: not winning anything. After you see a sum in your account, you’ll start playing more and more to fulfil your dreams; you might even leave your job to make fast money.

Time goes by, and you don’t even know it; gambling is now a part of your life and spending everything on it seems normal to you, so you don’t notice.

So, by the time you get used to everything, you need money for clothes, food, cigarettes, drinks etc.… but you won’t spend so much on other things because you have a very tight budget. You are now used to playing every single day, you can not afford clothes, food etc… and you’re greedy as well. This is when you start losing millions because of gambling.

An addition that isn’t real

Believe it or not, people fake being addicted, and let me tell you, that’s even worse than having an actual addiction. We all know how we feel after the player lost all the money; we know it was wrong, stupid, and shouldn’t have played. We promise that this was the last time we gamble.

So instead of saying that you were unlucky today, confess it; it was stupid, and you lost a lot of money again. From a different perspective, how would you feel if you were lucky in the end?

It might take a while for you to realize the problems post gaming emotions; it’s just a reaction of adrenalin in your blood; it’s like a dream you’re to stop the stress. Just imagine getting up and remembering you have a wallet full of money!


The dialogues of people who do not gambleYou probably haven’t heard of this, as most articles about addicted gamblers don’t add this to their paragraph. Gamblers who have a severe addiction keep trying to hide away from their problems; imagine getting monthly credits around 400-600 CAD, more than half of the people reading this article have families.

If you live by yourself and don’t have anyone to worry about, you’re rather lucky. These kinds of players gamble to win the money that can help solve their issues. Many couples get divorced because of poverty. If we have love, why would you call something love if all that matters is the money?

I honestly feel bad for the people that rely on one salary to the other. These people live a life filled with lies and blaming others. There are millions of these kinds of people; they surround you. They might start drinking a lot and ended up becoming an alcoholic too.

Sadly, there isn’t going to be a happy ending for most; it’s like a cycle. Some may stop gambling, but will they stop smoking? What the players assume: Well, I mean I look normal enough, I don’t owe people money, one won’t harm me! So, after you’ve read the article, do you have your answer? Are you addicted or not?

You need to know that many eras, generations and governments have changed, but gambling will never change. Why are people so addicted when we know that the casino always wins in the end?

How To Handle Your Gambling Addiction

How To Handle Your Gambling AddictionGambling can destroy a healthy relationship, a good and stable workflow and can result in bankruptcy and many other things, whether you bet on poker, slots, sports, scratch, roulette or any Canadian online casino in general.

You may also end up borrowing or even stealing your savings. Addicted punters think it’s impossible to stop playing, but that isn’t true; you could most definitely get rid of your gambling addiction if you find the right therapist/expert.

Keep reading to get more information on how to handle your Gambling Addiction

Myths and facts on gambling addiction



It would be best if you gambled at least once each day to be a hasty punter. You do not become a hasty player when you start betting every day; you become one when risking money starts causing problems.
If a player can afford to lose money, then it’s not an addiction. Addiction isn’t all about spending a lot of money; gambling may lead to job loss, mental issues, stealing, anxiety, mental trauma, bad relationships, and even suicide.
Each human has at least 1 issue per day, anyone with intelligence can get over it; it’s the same thing with gambling. Your intelligence level does not matter; gamblers with high, average and low knowledge have a gambling addiction.
Someone close to the addicted gambler is usually the reason why they have gambling difficulties. These people could be a family member, a close friend or the person’s partner. Punters that have a gambling problem blame others for their mistakes quite often. They prefer putting all of that pressure on someone else, not to have to worry about their problems as much.

If you are doubting whether to help the addicted gambler by paying his debts, you should. This way, you can help them recover.


Trying to stop the addiction rapidly will not work; the gambler will know that someone will help them pay his/her debts, so they will continue playing.

Your Well-Being | Self-help

Your Well-Being | Self-helpThere are many ways to stop a gambling addiction, but one main way is that it helps the most. It would be best if you had a positive self-image to help you. All you need to get back to normal is a lot of inner- strength and positivity! This will be 100% needed if you are bankrupt or you have relationship or family problems because of the addiction.

  • Try to stay with positive people only.
  • After solving the friend and family issues, you will be halfway there.
  • No one can help you fully overcome the addiction except you. So spend time thinking about each decision very carefully.
  • You could also join a volunteering group that helps addicted people. Some of these groups are set by NGOs for ex-addicts, and other vices from gambling, sexuality and substance abuse. You will help people who are in a terrible state.
  • Overcoming addiction without support is a tough task. This is why we recommend you try getting help from family or friends. You should also get help from other people, never just friends and family; some of these people may not be there for you; therefore, you should reach out to other people as well. Start a new team sport or hobby, talk to your neighbours or colleagues.
  • Stop the addiction in the right way: You shouldn’t start drinking or go on drugs to stop gambling addiction. This will make things worse. Be positive and start doing something else to get your mind off things. You will not overcome the addiction by starting a new one!
  • Look for help: After realizing that you have a severe addiction, you should seek help; you can talk to friends, family or physiatrists. Do not stray drugs or end up drinking; this will only make things worse. Stop talking to people who gamble, don’t go into any online casinos in Canada, replace gambling with something healthy and positive and follow the therapist’s instructions.

How to stop gambling addiction?

  • Drug and alcohol addictions have very similar treatment methods. Every addicted gambler should always remember that there will always be better things in life that he/she will enjoy. The whole idea of this is for the gambler to actually understand how amazing it is not to owe people money; he will then realize that he is doing the wrong thing, and he will then stop.
  • You are probably aware that gambling addiction isn’t something that you can get rid of for a day; you need time, and the player starts getting impatient and wants to play more and more. The player must slowly start betting less; when you start lowering the amount, you must plan the prizes. After the amount gets low, you will start playing for entertainment and won’t be betting more than the amount you plan to.
  • There are a few ways to stop gambling addictions; some may help you lower the amount you bet, while others may help you stop playing fully. Unfortunately, several of them may require time to apply all of the limits.

Bank limits

One of the most used methods is to set a limit on your bank card. You can choose whether you want daily limits, weekly limits or monthly limits; this way, at some point, when you go over the amount of money that you put in, the micro-stakes show up, and you can’t bet more than the daily/weekly/monthly limit. So now you won’t have any problems with losing too much money.

The limits for a game

A lot of big and popular casinos start getting concerned about players with a gambling addiction. So all players in specific casinos get a chance to set daily, monthly or weekly limits. This works because once you reach your limit, the casino doesn’t let you deposit or continue a game. But I can always go back and set a new limit; then I can play again? The casinos have thought about that, too; if you want to set a new limit, you will have to wait one whole week to play and deposit again.

This method is different from the one above because it’s cautiously lowered limits. Getting rid of the addiction would be much more convenient. In this method, you have an option to have “special days “where you can increase your limits.
You have two options for this method: block the casinos that do not have stake limits or ask the bank to take the transactions from a specific operator. Then you can be able to play at one selected casino where you are the one in charge of the cost.

You should see a specialist.

If you have a more severe addiction, you should definitely contact a specialist. There are particular groups where gamblers practise the therapy together, but unfortunately, these types of groups may only be found in large cities. In addition, the fee for this facility is available at many different prices. You could find a therapy site online, but this isn’t highly recommended as the two methods above help a lot more.


We do understand why players continue gambling at Canadian online casinos, even though there are many disadvantages; the reason for this is because their brain wants adrenalin more and more. Gambling addiction is not a sign of stupidity; it is a disease that needs medical treatment.

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