The Best Casino Welcome Bonuses at Canadian Online Casinos

Updated: December 22, 2023

This article will give you detailed information about casino welcome bonus Canada. The competition in virtual gambling is increasing rapidly. New gambling sites are constantly appearing. This has certain advantages for the players.

Try the best online casino welcome bonus Canada at the following TOP sites

Sign Up & get your 100% up to 150 CAD + 100 free spins bonus
Welcome Bonus
5 of 5
1st Deposit Bonus - 100% of up to 300 CAD + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
5 of 5
1st Deposit Bonus - 100% of up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
5 of 5
100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
5 of 5
100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
5 of 5
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Players get a much wider selection of new titles with fashionable designs and features (each gambling website signs up for different games with the producers), plus they can register an account and play for free.

Of course, the real money game requires both registration and deposit. Surprisingly, though, you can skip the real money deposits part! As a new customer, you will be offered a welcome offer in almost every Canadian online casino. These are the so-called NO DEPOSIT bonuses. Read more about the no deposit bonus without max cashout.

So, the NO DEPOSIT bonus is a kind of free money that is received for signing up as a gift from the gambling website and can be used for specific slots and table games. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, but it really does exist, and it’s one of the qualities that show how reliable a casino is!

While signing up with such a legit operator entails these kinds of ‘gifts’, these are not the only privileges you can get at a betting website. The best feature of the Casino WELCOME bonuses is, of course, that you don’t use/risk your own money.

However, it is only logical that different rewards (by different casinos) have different conditions and sizes. At the time of registration, you must understand the Terms and Conditions you accept and how the specific promotion works. In addition, you should know that the biggest WELCOME bonus at online casinos is not always the best online casino welcome bonus Canada and that the smallest can be more effective in some cases.

We hope our article answers your questions about the WELCOME benefits and other promotions related to gambling websites. You will also find information about the features and main requirements of these promos.

Online Casino Free Registration Bonus

Online Casino Free Registration BonusIf you are planning to sign up at a new gambling website and use the initial privileges that come with the registration, you need to be careful. All sites want to make you a one-time (and why not a loyal customer) and get your real cash deposit(s). That is why they will offer you one or more gifts in advance.

“What is a casino big welcome bonus?” is a popular question among beginners. The simplified answer is that it is a bonus that one can acquire immediately after registration and/or first deposit. This is an extra incentive for the punters who came to play/win real money in the next phase of their game. Newcomers can test ‘the waters’ with several games, and it is very likely that they will play again – this time with their own deposits.

Depending on the chosen casino, there is a wide range of rewards.

Variety of Bonuses for New Players

There is a plethora of bonuses on every gaming website, created as part of the gambling company’s marketing strategy. They all contain the casino’s value propositions with the specific marketing-related goal of reaching out to potential online casino visitors and turning them into solid players. Broadly speaking, these rewards are categorized into 2 groups:

  1. Not requiring real deposit(s) and
  2. Requiring real deposit(s).

View below the detailed explanation for every reward type in each of these 2 groups.

Bonus type

Gift Under Registration

Gift Under RegistrationThis is one conventional, but it is still a popular gambling website tool to attract intended casino enthusiasts with a Welcome Bonus. It is available directly upon completion of registration. The good news is that no deposit is required. So, this is free, and you don’t have to risk your own money to “explore” a new casino site.

Every new punter who signs up will receive a bonus bankroll or free spins for the first session. As a rule, there is a list of allowed games, time-frame and other requirements.

This is one of the most desired options for casino slots and certainly a key to telling the player how fast the betting website is working and whether it keeps its promises. In this regard, through the Welcome Registration offer, without being tied to your real money, you can recognize if a gambling site is trustworthy to have some extra interaction with. After testing the fixed games, the punter can decide to make a deposit and receive a secondary gift.

Not only registration but also an exclusive gaming site sign-up offer became a trendy marketing gambling website approach. It is not intended for everyone, so keep checking the messages in your private account and e-mail, which were provided during registration, and you may be one of the chosen ones (this has to do with the coincidence of your registration, for example, with the casino anniversary or other gambling website milestone/project. You may be pleasantly surprised by the gift that the gambling site administration sends you with a message/invitation.

No Deposit Bonus

This is the most wanted offer (all over the world, in demand all the time) in the entire betting website business. In addition to serving the mutual interests of the casino and the players, the NO DEPOSIT Bonuses are so common that there is even a name for gamblers who often engage in such activities – Bonus Hunters.

Here, as with the previous group of rewards, punters receive promotions without the use of real money. Registration Bonuses are also known as no deposit bonuses, although they can also contain different offers.

The classic arrangement of the gambling website registration reward without making a deposit is a certain amount of credits a new user gets under a wager. For example, a gambler gets 30 CAD with 30x just for creating an account.

You must understand that you will not receive these funds immediately, but you need to make bets of 900 CAD (30 x 30) in order to start withdrawing money.

In rare cases, a gaming site can offer NO Deposit Bonuses in the form of cash (that is, real money). For example, 5 or 10 CAD for beginners. However, aside from the logical limitations per country and interval of usage, this best online casino welcome bonus Canada can impose additional conditions: advanced verification, downloading the app, and posting to a forum or social network.

Free Spins Bonus

Another popular reward type is the Free Spins. The user receives a certain number of gratis spins for creating a casino account. Playing the Free Spins under stipulations for a specific wager follows, and as a result, a certain amount is obtained. This best welcome bonus casino Canada can also be awarded to regular players as a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus, i.e. it is not only intended for beginners.

Attention readers!
Personal benefits in the form of No Deposit Free Spins are also offered via our own site.
There are 2 central provisions to claim the Bonus:
– To create an account at one of our partners’ casinos via the link of our site, and
– To confirm your phone and mail within the requested time.

Non-Deposit Reward for Activity on Social Networks

If you are zealously busy on social media anyway, you sure can get a gift (money or Free Spins) from online casinos. Each operator may have different requirements that the player (also publisher/blogger) must meet. Sometimes, all you need to do is report on one social platform to get money into your casino account.

Once the gambler has fulfilled the necessary condition, he will have to wait (not long, by the way) for the gambling website to inspect the accuracy of his actions. If the website administrator has found no errors in the user’s actions, the money or other benefits will be transferred to the player’s account.

Bonuses for Live Streaming on YouTube

Getting a prize for creating and sending clips, streaming or participating in live broadcasts related to a casino is also an opportunity for all the extroverts who like to gamble just as much as their engagements online.

They will have to visit and subscribe to a particular YouTube channel. For such campaigns (designed to promote the gambling website), gambling enthusiasts can get some great sign-up prizes. This is, of course, a 2-way street:

  • Good for the casino – earning publicity and encouraging bettors to be actively busy with playing and streaming on 1 side; and
  • Good for the punter who can acquire some casino credits plus build up a name for himself (even though some rules have to be followed), on the other.

You should know that no artistic manners or language skills are required for streaming. The YouTube channel manager will do everything in their power to show how comfortable and easy it is to play in Fastpay, Casino4U, or any other betting website.

First Deposit Bonus

Visiting various gambling platforms, you probably noticed dazzling signs advertising this type of reward. Registration is not enough to take advantage of this bounty. Here, you have to make a real cash deposit, which will activate the gift automatically. Most establishments promote a 100% Package (i.e. doubling your play money).

This means that your investment in play credits will be twice as large. Here is how it works: by depositing 100 CAD, for example, you will get an extra 100 CAD (free). So you can start playing with 200 CAD.

The usual range for such offers is between 100 and 400%. In addition, you will probably find a package with a combination of money and free spins. Pay attention to the list of allowed games, countries and specific validity periods, as well as the wagering for the best welcome bonus casino Canada.

Deposit More – Win Big!

Suppose the Welcome Bonus offers from these casinos are not enough to complete your session and enjoy your favourite game longer. In order to top up punters’ accounts, some casinos do not limit their activities to the 1st Deposit Bonus. So, they grant more money and other prizes when players want to replenish their accounts to comfort and keep them entertained to the fullest!

In such instances, casinos offer 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even sometimes 5th Deposit Bonus, received as gifts to stay loyal to the casino. They can only be used for a specific type of games (pre-selected slot titles and some live games), can be restricted for some countries, have different wagering requirements (read the casino’s T&C instructions beforehand) and can be seen in the diapason from 50% to as high as 300% and/or combined with Free Spins.

Reload Bonuses

Slightly different from the rewards offered to absolutely new punters is the Reload Bonus. In most cases, this type of extra money is offered to loyal users. While in some cases, they can be included in the total Welcome Package, they are still related to a secondary process, as you must have played out all your credits at an earlier period. After being inactive for a while, they can give you a Weekend Reload, for example.

Or in order to re-trigger the accounts of inert players, as a second chance, the casino can use this marketing technique to bring them back to the gambling website experience.

High-Roller Bonuses

High-Roller BonusesIt is only natural (as in every other business) to be extra gallant towards the users with bigger wallets. Casinos offer them the opportunity to stay connected through the most generous gifts – lucrative High-Rollers Bonuses. Not only do they contain top trades, but they also statistically offer you the biggest “bang for your buck” (i.e. contain the smallest requirements).

For example, you may come across a 100% High-Roller Bonus of 10000 CAD (i.e. it gives you 20000 CAD to play with), and the minimum wagering conditions of 15x. Especially with such offers, the operators incentivize the high-level risk-takers, who often deposit high amounts and use high stakes in their sessions.

With the help of this prize, players with big budgets will undoubtedly play longer and can implement different strategies until they find their triumphant climax.

Other Loyalty Bonuses

In most cases, Canadian online operators offer a variety of VIP programs (with 10 or more tiers) in addition to the Welcome Packages, which include extra points or cash exchange, different amounts of Status Points for slots and live games. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Promotions, Cashback between 20% and 30% for punters of different levels, Match Deposit Bonuses, Spending during the Holidays or your Birthday reward (after confirmation of your date of birth with official documents) etc.

Personal benefits and rating upgrades in the loyalty program (after being a steadfast player, depositing a certain amount or participating in tournaments) give the punter a lot of extras. Sometimes, the user can exchange complimentary points for real money or even get a personal manager.

BonusesSo far, we have found that there are different best welcome bonus casino canada, depending on the player’s previous activity, personal financial situation and preferences. Many of them include a combination of perks (cash + Free Spins for example).

However, all these promotions demand the punters’ attention for:
* Country restrictions
* Specific games included in the offer
* Exact wagering conditions
* Borderline of a maximum bet or maximum withdrawal
* Validity limitation of the offer.

What You Need to Do to Get a New Casino Welcome Bonus Canada

A good place to start is looking at the advertisements of different casinos or reading reviews about the advantages that the specific Canadian gambling site offers. Once you have decided to play at a gambling site, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step N: Action to be taken
1 Find, read and absorb the Terms and Conditions regarding the exact promo. Verify if your country is eligible.
2 Create an account by filling in the form provided directly on the gambling site or via promotion links.
3 Use actual (correct) personal data when signing up.
4 Follow the instructions sent to you via e-mail.
5 Confirm your telephone number (with a code via SMS).
6 You can also prepare scans of your ID and some personal documents at this point – getting ready for the account verification process, which in most cases is required for cash withdrawal (above a certain winning amount).
7 After the confirmation of your account, the Welcome Bonus (cash or Free Spins) should appear automatically in your casino account.
8 Check out for which games you can use the prize and what maximum bet per spin is allowed.
9 Find out the exact wagering rate you must meet for this reward.
10 If you manage to complete the wagering requirements, check the minimum withdrawal amount and request a cashout.
11 Make a decision whether to continue playing at this casino by the payment operations they perform (speed, accuracy and helpfulness).
12 Next time, check out the benefits the casino offers for real money deposits (i.e. the following extras after the Welcome Bonus) at the same gambling site.
13 If you have had any issues, try to resolve them with the Customer Care team and/or Club Managers, then consider signing up at another betting site.

In some cases, the Welcome Bonus in the form of Free spins for registration in a Canadian online casino can only be activated via live chat, where a special promotional code is received to sign up. This is not an additional step to discourage and complicate the receipt of the promo, but simply a procedure imposed by the gaming website policy.

In large and reputable casinos you can choose a slot or live game from a wide range that applies to your reward. Many of these games offer high Return To Player (RTP), which even a theoretical index number is a guiding point of the game’s fairness.

So, registering at a gambling site without making a real cash deposit is an excellent opportunity to test the casino’s responsiveness and find out your favourite game through generous Bonuses without risking your capital.

How to Get Winnings at Online Casinos with the Welcome Bonus

Every major Canadian online casino is proud to present a whole host of bonuses to its new and loyal punters, and most importantly (from a player’s point of view) allows the withdrawal of prizes earned from rewards at any time after the conditions are met.

From our column, you understood that you need to sign up at the gambling website, and your account must be verified. Apart from that, you don’t have to place your own money to fill in your account (i.e. Free Cash or Free Spins for registration are provided at no cost). While no instant deposit is required, you should know that a subsequent replenishment is required to link the payment system to the player account in the establishment.

Each newly registered gambling site user is typically eligible for a registration Bonus. Free Cash or Free Spins are magnets for beginners. But it is worth noting that every Canadian online club keeps a close eye on users who, through fraudulent actions, try to create various accounts in order to withdraw earned rewards. The operators of gaming establishments quickly become aware of such cases, and as a result, they ban the accounts.

You should know that there is not only one keynote when it comes to promos. Besides the fun part – of choosing a game and playing free money there are several aspects important to consider altogether about Bonuses.

If you really think about how to win real cash with Bonus money please read our recommendations:

  • Search for high percentage Deposit Bonuses

It is very likely that after the Welcome Bonus you will want to play with one of the Deposit Bonuses on offer, so search in advance (think 1 step ahead) for a Canadian betting website that does not only offer a matching deposit reward (i.e. 100% – place 10 CAD – get 10 CAD Bonus) but provides an even bigger percentage of 125, 150 and 200%.

  • Search for Bonuses with Low Wagering (and even without Wagering)

It is very rare to find operators that let bettors play Bonuses with No wagering at all. And if we quote one famous American author “thorough preparation makes its own luck” i.e. while all other players are daydreaming you come fully equipped in the game, so read and investigate. Well-versed punters will find a reputable casino with Low or No wagering at all.

Such players will know what is wagering requirements and how to calculate them. They will also be informed that when you play with Bonus money you are only able to withdraw what is left after the wagering process is complete.

Note that small wagering rates of 15x, 20x and 30x while still frustrating (qua process) can be profitable sometimes, while 40x, 50x, and 60x although not impossible are extremely hard to play and get money left over (plus it often takes much longer to playthrough).

  • Search for trustworthy casinos with an accurate withdrawal system

As difficult and inconvenient as it may be to play through the wagering requirements, believe us it is even more stressful and annoying if you can not withdraw your winnings. And to return to the previous point – some shady websites may offer NO WAGERING, but then at the end of the day make it difficult for the punters to pull out their winnings.

So be sure to start with the NO DEPOSIT Bonus (dipping just your toes in the waters first) and learn more about that specific gaming site. Suspicious operators can have a ‘fishy’ category of non-cashable (so-called sticky Bonuses, aka only ‘for gambling purposes, not for drawing wins), which you should definitely try to avoid!

  • Search for Low Volatility slots with high RTP

In many of our slot articles, we give advice to the Bonus Hunters. Perhaps you have read some of them and seen the pattern between the Low Volatility games and their capability to suit the needs of wagering processes. That is related to the short cycle, frequent and decent wins that these games can deliver. All these aspects are important when it comes to betting your prize money a specific number of times.

And if the slot is built with a high RTP (Return to Player) of over 96% that is one more prerequisite for success. It is well known that not all slots qualify for promotions, but among those that are permitted you should always go for the Low Variance ones.

Apart from that, you are to replenish your game balance. It goes without saying that free spins for registration are provided at no cost. It means they do not require an immediate deposit. Yet, subsequent replenishment is necessary to link the payment system to the player’s account of the gambling club.

Each newly registered guest is typically eligible for a registration bonus. Free spins are an excellent opportunity for a beginner. But it’s worth noting that any Canadian online club closely monitors users who try, through fraudulent actions, to create several accounts to withdraw earned rewards. The operators of gambling establishments figure out such cases quickly. As a result, they ban the accounts.

What Else to Pay Attention to When Playing at Free Welcome Bonus Casinos

Before playing at a gambling website with a casino sign up bonus Canada, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions. There are also several important criteria to be considered. We listed them below:

  • Reliability of the gaming club;
  • Accessibility in your country/region;
  • Size of the no deposit bonus;
  • The capability of a game to use registration bonuses;
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn after wagering.

Pay attention to all these nuances and peculiarities to pick the best Canadian online casino registration bonus that gives you maximum advantages.

Choose the Best Welcome Bonus Casinos for Beginners

After reading the previous section, you probably wonder what the best online casino with a welcome bonus is. Hard to say for sure. Many factors distinguish all sites, and the final decision is up to you.

FastPay Casino

Fastpay Casino welcome bonusThis is the establishment with the most rapid transfers. It is, for a reason, one of the leaders in advanced withdrawal systems and has an excellent reputation. Registered in Curacao, Fastpay Casino offers 5300+ games for every taste.

New players receive a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to 100 CAD + 100 Free Spins. There are no promo codes, but users need to complete 50x wagering. All free spins are credited during the first 5 days. Here 75% on the second deposit is on offer – reaching 50 CAD. Deposit at least 20 CAD and get free money.


Casino4U makes hassle-free withdrawals to Canadian banks and credit cards. Founded in 2020, this operator is one of the best welcome bonus casinos and supports easy transactions and boasts an oversized collection of nearly 5000 games (including 600 Jackpot titles and over 180 live games) and 7 types of cryptocurrencies.

Authorized by the Curacao license body, you must visit it as it offers a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins along with Cashback, Reload and Level-up Bonuses and weekly Free Spins (3 times a week between 50 and 500 FS).

In addition to providing a top-notch gaming experience and exceptional gambling services, Casino4U can be described as the operator with the best casino sign up bonus Canada promotions, which is reflected in steady winnings that can be realized when you sign up with an account on the site.

Wildblaster Casino

Incepted in 2018, licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao, Wildblaster Casino stands out not only with its super large portfolio (containing over 4800 games) but also with its commitment to players’ satisfaction.

To its new customers, it bids the opportunity for an attractive Welcome Package including 100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins. And to the more regular players, it provides Cashback, Reload and Level-up Bonuses.

There are also weekly Free Spins 3 times a week 50-500 FS, depending on the player’s level in the VIP program. There is a downloadable and mobile version of the Wildblaster Casino site. Canadian users, Canadian dollars and Crypto transactions are accepted.

Cobber Casino

Cobber Casino is one of the newest installed (in 2022) members in the circle of Dama N.V. operators, who you would immediately appreciate learning about the new entertainment options on offer here. Authorized by the Government of Curacao, this gambling website can certainly brag about its immense library of 5000+ games (including Slots, Card and Table games, Live options, Crypto games and a Jackpot section).

The Welcome Package contains 100% of up to 300 CAD + 100 Free Spins, but the players need to cover 60x wagering. With very fast payouts, easy and fast verification, and a wide range of accepted cryptocurrencies, this is a pioneering operator full of ambition and dedication to meet the needs and expectations of all users – new and systematic.

InstantPay Casino

This established in 2020 gambling institution has its own loyal followers and trusted partners. It holds an MGA (Malta) license and supports 10+ languages. It has a reputation as a dependable operator with extra professional care for its clients. InstantPay Casino gives the opportunity to receive quickly as lightning transfers and enabled a super-swift registration process.

The catalogue of the gambling site includes over 1600 games (table games, live games, slots and Jackpot titles) and the offers are as follows: 100% Welcome Bonus of up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins in addition to Cashback, Reload, Level-up, Birthday Bonuses and weekly up to 500 Free Spins.

While InstantPay Casino is limited to some countries, our priority is to inform and support Canadian residents, so rest assured – Canadian punters are welcome at InstantPay and get their casino sign up bonus Canada.

Casumo Casino

In this institution, players always test the best real money casino games with a welcome bonus. Casumo offers a 100% Package up to 300 CAD with 20 free spins. The player receives Casumo casino free money gift and 20 FS on the Book of Dead slot. 5 CAD is the max bet per spin bet.

Also, you should perform 30x wagering during the first month. Promo is activated if the deposit exceeds 10 CAD. After that, you can play 2000+ slots and table games with high RTP.

Videoslots Casino

If you want to increase your bankroll, you have chosen the right place – Videoslots Casino. You will receive a huge welcome bonus at the gambling website immediately after the 1st deposit. Moreover, there are two gifts. First, the operator charges 11 free spins on the ‘Rook’s Revenge’ slot with 40x wagering.

Then you get 100% up to 200 CAD with 35x wagering. Please note that the min deposit is 10 CAD. The gambling site itself has an MGA license and 700+ games for everyone!

Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz is one of the most generous operators on this best welcome bonus casinos list. After activating an account, the gamer receives 20 Free Spins (no deposit). Using them, he goes to one of the best first deposit Bonuses: 100% up to 100 CAD + 180 FS. This is a casino big welcome bonus with low wagering, and you receive gifts for 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th deposits! This is a great opportunity to earn an extra 400 CAD. Remember to read the terms and conditions page. Bitstarz also accepts and pays rewards in BTC.

Riobet Casino

RioBet is a solution for fans of large gaming portfolios and quality service. Also, this is a gaming website with a massive welcome bonus for the first three deposits. If you have deposited at least 20 CAD, activate the ‘PLUS100’ promotional code and get a 100% Match Bonus of up to 500 CAD and 100 FS.

The second time, the operator offers a 50% (‘PLUS50’ code) up to 300 CAD and 120 FS. Having deposited more than 20 CAD with the ‘PLUS40’ promo code, the player receives + 40% up to 200 CAD and 100 free games. 35x wagering is valid for each of these promos.

Play Fortuna Casino

You are unlikely to find a big welcome bonus at the gambling site. However, Play Fortuna offers 50 Free Spins under the 1st deposit. This is enough for beginners and professionals. They can test most games on the site without risking real money. We highly recommend reading the reward rules.

Play Fortuna has been working since 2012 in partnership with the best game providers. You can contact customer support or visit its mobile version.


It is a leading and well-known brand in online gambling. The platform has licenses guaranteeing its honesty. To receive casino rewards and a welcome bonus, make a deposit. JoyCasino offers a 200% Welcome Bonus with 200 free spins.

Also, players receive rewards for the next four deposits. In total, you have the opportunity to win up to a 425% Bonus and begin the path of the gambler. There are hundreds of slot machines. The operator cooperates with 30+ providers. Make a deposit and get the best sign up bonus casino Canada!

Surf Casino

Known today as the Pin-Up Casino, the operator attracts a lot of attention. New customers who have already made their first deposits (at least  20 CAD) receive 2 gifts. First, they are offered 250 free spins for 5 days. Then Pin-Up will provide a 100% Starter Package up to 400 CAD.

Both rewards have a time limit (24 and 72 hours). Besides, you need to do 50x wagering. There are many additional promos with favourable terms.

TTR Casino

This site combines fast cashouts, easy navigation, and many games. Although TTR was launched in 2016, it has many advantages. They start with a Welcome Bonus with 500 Free Spins and 100 CAD. After reviewing the main requirements and limits, activate it.

Test all games, completing 50x wagering. TTR has fast customer support so that you can get help anytime. The conditions and form of the promotion are subject to change at the discretion of the betting site.

Booi Casino

Here is the newest platform with super prizes for players. There are many betting sites with a welcome bonus, but Booi is something special. Here the reward Package consists of 5 gifts. You can choose any of them! Their forms range from money to Free Spins, offering different requirements.

As you already understood, wagering varies either. 200% Welcome Offer is the most popular. By depositing 100 CAD, you get + 200 CAD. After the best 1st deposit bonus, loyal players participate in the VIP program and get more privileges.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Welcome Offers are one of the most important elements for a casino to make a first impression and attract players. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, a low-roller or a high-roller, you will be happy to see the extra money in your account. However, this is not the only advantage of the Bonuses.
  • Risk reduction. When visiting a new casino, you do not need to risk your money. This is a great opportunity to spend the casino’s money and even earn a little. If you use the No Deposit Bonus, you don’t even make a deposit.
  • Free games. Everyone joins the gambling website to play his favourite games. With the starter pack, you can test each of them for free. There is a separate welcome bonus for live casino games.
  • Integrity test. There is no better way to verify operator honesty. Using this best sign up bonus casino Canada promo, you follow the payout system and payment speed. If something seems suspicious, find another place to bet.
  • Promotions on a mobile device. Most gaming sites are compatible with phones and tablets. This allows you to use the mobile casino welcome bonus without restrictions. If you do not want to download the application, open any browser and visit the gaming website.


  • First, it is hard to find a no deposit casino Welcome Bonus with no wagering requirements.
  • Second, there may be additional rules associated with it (requirements and restrictions). So, read the rules carefully and follow all the conditions.

Why are Starting Welcome Bonuses – Popular?

In the aggressive gambling industry, all operators see prizes as marketing solutions. Even if a player gets a big hit, the casino will still earn more. Due to the fierce competition, online establishments are forced to offer more bonuses and promos to keep their heads above water. Some of them are doing so successfully that clients don’t want to play anywhere else.

Finding such a superior (qua service and offers) casino is important for punters who are about to Register or make their First Deposit. However, while the house advantage ranges for each game, they are all built to ensure that over time, the gambling website won’t lose money to gamblers. The same is true for gambling site gifts as well.

They are called Bonuses, but eventually, they bring business and more profits for the house. Of course, you can win a lot with the best casino welcome bonuses or other benefits, but you should read the Terms and Conditions and know what you can and cannot do with regard to each specific reward. Read players’ comments, and information sites (like ours) and even contact customer support if you still have questions. Play clean and stay alert!

Basic Terms for Getting and Using Bonuses

Users are not allowed to have more than one account in an online casino. Operators penalize players if they use more than one account per person. Such actions on the part of the client lead to confiscation of funds on his personal account and blocking of the user profile.

It is also forbidden to use one-time or false e-mail addresses during registration. The player who violates the betting website rules in such a way is not authorized to receive any bonuses.

If a bettor with deceitful intentions slips through the system and still gets a bonus with a fake email address or mobile phone number, he will not get his money at the time of withdrawal of winnings. They will be locked for violating the gambling site rules.

It is common practice for casinos to offer different bonuses only once per home address, email and phone number. This means that you cannot create multiple accounts and get prizes in 1 casino with the same phone number, payment account, email address and even the same IP address.


There is nothing easier than living with a clean conscience! Even in gambling – following the established rules will give you a sense of clean hands. Do not try to cheat the casino during registration to get a Welcome Bonus.

Your perseverance as a loyal customer will not go unnoticed. As often happens, gambling sites surprise their honest and ardent users with personal bonuses (for no reason or for a specific occasion). So don’t forget to check your email, because it may contain a personal gift from a gambling website. The longest partnerships are rewarded with a level-up reward system (VIP subscription) and those along with High-Rollers Bonuses are the premium bounties at any reputable casino.

Choose only verified legal casinos with a high reputation and positive feedback from players. Always search and pick gambling sites with the biggest promos. Have fun gambling with welcome bonuses or other benefits, because it’s just a game, no more, no less!

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