Review table games from NetEnt | Most popular table games in Canada

Updated: December 14, 2022

NetEnt always tries to be the leader in slots; we can say the same thing for table games. There are beautiful animations, excellent gameplay, there are generous RTP (return to player percentage), and a fair RNG and pRNG at Canadian online casinos for each game (random number generator) are the factors that make them different and put them in the first place for the best provider.

Best Table Games Casinos Canada

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On this page, you will be able to read brief information and play all of the table games from NetEnt for free. Although the popularity of slots is rising every day, table games still have their fans, in fact, switching to slots isn’t easy. Perhaps, table game fans will stay such forever.

Now that we’re talking about the RTP of table games, we can mention that you will find some of the highest RTP in the casino industry right here. For example, Poker has an RTP of 97.8%, and Blackjack has an RTP of 99.8%. Right now, all Canadian online casinos that care about their reputation have table games by NetEtnt. On our site, you can play all of the table casino games for free without registration.

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Detailed Review of Table Games

The expectation of table games from NetEntOn our site, you can play and check the RTP of all table games for free. For example, if the RTP is 98%, it means that in the long term, the player will lose 2% of all the bets made, but to reach this percentage, millions of hands/spins are needed.

In a short period, anything can happen because of the high dispersion in the game, especially if you play on Roulette. Remember that the long game will “kill” you sooner or later. The longer you play, the closer to the declared RTP you are. We don’t recommend trying to wager the bonus money, many Canadian online casinos restrict them or count only 5% – 10% from the bets made.

Important facts

  • We all know that the RTP of poker is one of the lowest RTP in casinos. NetEnt changed that a few years ago and provided new poker games, for example, Oasis or Hold ’em, with an even higher percentage of return from slots (up 97.8%).
  • As we said above, all trusted online casinos in Canada have table games from NetEnt. You can find slots from NetEnt for free on our site. You will find various types of Roulette such as European, French and American. We need to notice that the best, according to RTP, are European and French. Our recommendation about Roulette is to be very attentive while gambling because it is one of the most addictive games in casinos, so you should not make big bets here.
  • NetEnt provides you with several types of Blackjack, such as Classic Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack and the new version – Blackjack Pro. Statistically, the experienced players will mostly play on Blackjack because of the higher RTP and the possibility to win in the long term.
  • Table games such as Baccarat, Red Dog and Punto Banco are not as popular as others, but if you spend more time learning strategies on our site and start winning, they can become some of your favourites.

Rules of table games

Rules of table gamesThe general segmentation of the casino games is:

  • mechanical piece of machinery – slot machines
  • games played as opposed to other players – poker
  • the most popular – table games – where the player exploits his chances versus the casino (dealer/croupier) or software (casino program).

The table ones: roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat are often considered more difficult than the animated dazzling slot machines. However, the table games are the definite favourite regarding the lucrative returns, as no slot can brag with a 99.6% official percentage of return as blackjack, for example.

Besides being action-packed, these games’ recognition comes from the possibility of strategy and knowledge implementation. It is about knowing the odds, incorporating techniques and reaching swift decisions on your own that makes table games a more attractive way of gambling than simply pulling the slot handle (real or virtual) and hoping for winning.

Identical excitement and brain activeness are valid for online casinos as well. With better learning of the rules, longer observation, and practice, you will feel more comfortable with your skills.

Online casino gives a perfect opportunity for exercising and learning these games utterly in many tryouts. In addition to real money, many big casinos offer low-limit games, welcome bonuses and free bets to newcomers.


Rules RouletteMany gamblers mull over the complex betting process of Roulette. Others think that it is slightly uninvolving after you learn the rules thoroughly. It seems that it all depends on how well you familiarized yourself with the rules. Once you have them imprinted in your head, you can gamble more assertively and increase your chances for a bigger payout.

Playing with announced “call bets,” “neighbour” numbers, various strategies for parallel gamble with small and large series can enable you to lock near 84% of the filed, omitting only six numbers of the table.


BlackjackAlmost all of us dream about leaving our day job pay-check enslavement behind and making a huge bankroll swiftly. Well, Blackjack is one option for the clever and the studious. They can take a grip on their incomes and turn their life around.

Big casinos are making extreme measures to impediment the card counting potency (adding multiple decks, for example), but it is still feasible to make a healthy pot with card counting. Plus, it is legally permitted, and it is entertaining! So, Blackjack is the only game where the casino can be mathematically defeated without deception.

You can learn the game principles and rules and check for yourself the card counting system and the basic strategy. Our articles can help your ability to calculate the next card probability and can be useful to notably increase your profits to the declared 99.6% bets returns.


PokerIn the game of Poker, although the result of any individual hand undoubtedly presumes chance, the distant player’s outcome is predefined based on their actions, probability, psychological mind-set, and theoretical game-set. However, against the physical dealer, it is seen as one of the games with the highest negative balance for the players. Net Entertainment is trying to change these conventional statements for online Poker.

You can learn how to play this fascinating table game and increase your positive bankroll starting by reading the rules of the online casino poker game on this page:

Before starting to play, you should familiarize yourself with the percentages of the value of the dispersion and the random number generator. After gathering all the instructions in your brain, and some practice for free (many online casinos are offering free games), you can try playing with real money.

Later you can “poke” your way into the alluring world of strategic cash games and tournaments as Texas Hold’em PRO, where you can receive more than 98% returns on your assets.


BaccaratExactly opposite to Poker and Blackjack, winning the game of Baccarat is considered due to 100 % of destiny and 0 % of smarts and crafts.

Baccarat It is a popular game for players of different generations, and it is highly regarded amongst people, who appreciate its simplicity of regulations. Many baccarat players believe in a set of widely entertaining superstitious “baccarat rituals” in the hope to tilt the odds in their favour (valid only for the life versions in physical casino houses- especially in Macau and Las Vegas).

It is recommended before starting to play at an online casino with real money to inform yourself about the rules of the games.

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