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Updated: December 22, 2023

In this article, we will introduce you the Best Local Casinos Canada. All their Games, Rules, Promotions, Bonuses, Destinations and more.

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Local Casinos in Canada - Games, Promotions, Bonuses, DestinationWhen John Cabot (sailor/explorer) found the piece of land in 1497 around Cape Breton Island, he thought he reached China and immediately claimed it for England.

Four decades later, when the French discoverer Jacques Cartier (trader/sailor) made the first attempt to set up a colony in 1541 (Charlesbourg-Royal), nobody could have imagined that these 2 remarkable happenings would be the inception of a great country with amazing people and an unusual amalgamation history.

Even though it is untold who fabricated the expression – Canada – the Great White North – regarding the country’s size(it is the world’s second), the idiom is true in many senses.

Canada has established itself as:

  • Multicultural country;
  • With many different living languages (since 1969, the Federal Government proclaimed French and English as official languages of Canada, i.e. Bilingualism. Alongside the 2 official languages, around 200 dialect styles from around the world and near 60 Indigenous languages are spoken);
  •  Also, with residents with a multitude of language capabilities – over 18% report to be bilingual;
  • Open and democratic nation;
  • With high ethnic (unique in culture: customs, religions, traditions) and genetic diversity (important to maintain the health and resistance of the population).

Sure, we all know at least 3 interesting facts about Canada. Here are a few more:

  • With its total area (land + water), Canada is the second-largest country after Russia.
  • About 1/3rd of Canada’s landmass is covered by thick forest.
  • Has the longest waterfront in the world.
  • Has the most elongated highway in the world: The Trans-Canada Highway comprises a remarkable 7822 km.
  • One of the most attractive countries for immigration. In the G-7 group (of the most industrialized countries): Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US, has the highest foreign-born population as a share of the total population (20.6%).
  • It is an amicable country, famous for welcoming newcomers and smoothing the path of their integration into society.
  • borders only 1 country – the United States of America.
  • Even though Americans have twice raided Canada (in 1775 and 1812), it now shares the largest demilitarized border globally with the United States.
  • There is an impressive number of over 3 million magnificent lakes in Canada.
  • Then no wonder that has the most ‘clean water’ for its nation among all the countries.
  • one of the happiest places globally (ranked on Nr.5 of 150 participating countries regarding the happiest lifestyle and joyful people). Just after Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, and the Netherlands.
  • 1st July is the national holiday – Canada Day, chosen as a commemoration of the first confederation of 1867, conjoining the first 3 provinces into one nation.

What else is Canada recognized with?

  • With its beautiful country landscape
  • With its love for Ice Hokey
  • With maple syrup
  • With admirable politeness
  • With punctuality and consideration
  • With an enthusiastic embrace of everything cultural and educational
  • In a conversation: keeping their personal space, apologizing a lot, and not approaching the subjects of sex, religion, politics, and finances.
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Quick Canadian Gambling stats

How Many GamblersHowever, one of the most interesting facts is the division into 10 provinces and 3 territories. This is very important for the gambling industry; as of 1985, each of these 13 regions in the country received the exclusive right to oversee all betting activities, charitable gaming, and lotteries in its domain.

Gambling expenditure?

Canadian public figures suggest that out of the 66% of bettors:

  • 42% spent monthly between 1 and 20 CAD;
  • 17% spent monthly between 20 and 100 CAD; and
  • 7 % spent monthly over 100 CAD.

According to an analysis from ‘The Economist’ Newspaper, Canada is the world’s Nr.7 in spending on gambling per capita. After Australia (deregulated gambling market), the USA, China, Japan, Italy, and the UK.

Legal age and age distribution?

The legal age for gambling at casinos in Canada near me and for drinking in all the provinces of the country is 19 years of age, except in these 3 provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, where it is 18 years of age.

The majority of bettors in land-based betting houses are between 30 and 50, while the younger players prefer to gamble online. Above 58 years of age are mostly bingo and lotto players.

Which non-digital action is preferred at Local Casinos Canada?

Near 66% play lotteries, 36% buy scratch cards/instant win tickets, and 22% favour visiting land-based gaming houses. Of those who go to gambling houses and establishments – the biggest chunk – 49%, like to play slots.

Biggest gambling companies?

Canada’s gambling companies, managing the industry activities, holding the interests and the most substantial market shares are:

  • OLG – Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation,
  • BCLC – British Columbia Lottery Corporation,
  • Loto-Quebec
  • GCG – Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.

Gambling in Local Casinos Canada per province (no offshore)

Apparently, it is very difficult (or meant to stay covert), but gathering cumulative gaming data from all the provinces is quite challenging. The last such detailed report (publicly available) done by the GCA (Canadian Gaming Association) was released in 2019. p

However, it regards data collected till 2017. Still, it is the one document that many columnists and researchers use and try to spin the results of. It is called 2017 – The National Economic Benefits of the Gaming Industry Key Findings Report – the ‘Study’ (page13-14, exhibit 5-6). We took the time to provide additional charts and tables with their findings.

From a report, it becomes clear that the Province of Ontario is leading the contribution with almost 37%, followed by Alberta and Quebec.

What is the revenue per province?

Our table below shows the economic impact of gaming activity by province, regardless of which province receives the benefits and is not segmented per category: casinos, lottery, Internet, and charitable gambling.

Gambling in Local Casinos Canada

Regardless of the years passed after 2017 (for which we don’t have data but following the trend), the general conclusion is that the gambling industry in the coutry is a principal element of each provincial economy, a supporter of the tourism and hospitality branches, as well as an important employer, giving back to the communities. The tendency is clear – gambling industry expansion on a national level and optimistic financial figures, growing by 4-5% every new budget year.

Online Gambling in Canada

It has been over 20 years since the first few gambling sites embarked upon an online journey with players from Canada (mostly poker sites). However still, one can see the residue of uncertainty and hesitancy regarding betting websites and governance.

The time for adjustment and reorganizations riped. All provinces (except Saskatchewan) penetrated the digital market bending to suffice the popular industry orientation and =introducing their own gambling sites.

As of this time (2024), gambling enthusiasts from any province can enjoy sessions on their favourite game online via domestic or offshore companies.

  • British Columbia – launched its online casino in 2010 – the first provincially operated casino website in North America.
  • Loto-Québec corporation ‘broke’ the online gambling ice in the Québec province by instituting its website in 2010.
  • In Ontario, the online gaming platform was introduced in 2012.
  • In Alberta – the year 2020 marks the start of the online casino.
  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation launched the site in 2020 for the 4 Atlantic provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

As we pointed out above, over 18.7 million adults gamble in one form or another, and 77% of all players prefer the comfort of their home base – entertaining via computer with no closing time, dress code, or disturbance, but with more personal freedom, no tax liability and definitely a larger game choice.

Online Casinos vs Land-based Casinos

Besides the logistics (how to get to one specific land-based casino or casinos in Canada map), you will need to inform yourself in advance about some basic matters:

  • Legal age allowed in the casino premises for playing;
  • Working time and parking possibilities (especially for disabled people);
  • Sleeping (hotel) accommodations and dining available;
  • Do the local casinos Canada have your favourite game (for example – not everywhere live Roulette is available)?
  • Does the casino offer special entertainment (for example – combining a concert/show with a game night)?
  • Check the rating of the local betting houses beforehand (regarding the quality of equipment and service);
  • Check if the casino in Canada near me has a program for loyal customers, become one, and use their free offers.

People keep telling me how convenient and cozy playing at betting websites is. Sure, online casinos near me has so many advantages – to name just a few:

  • Immense game portfolio;
  • Combination of classic and the newest/super modern games;
  • Games from the leading providers;
  • No tax liability;
  • Great RTP;
  • Super lucrative bonuses.

But there are certainly many positives of playing at land-based casinos as well:

  • To be social, around like-minded people, have fun together, and bond with a whole group;
  • You can better set your limits (by having only cash with you);
  • To receive your earnings immediately and get to enjoy them right away;
  • Due to delayed payouts in many gaming websites, you are more tempted to keep on playing;
  • No obstacles like documents collection for account verification;
  • There is no risk to lose your winnings due to malfunction as could occur with your personal device;
  • The local casinos near me surely contributes to the provincial revenue and submits financial gains back to your community.

Free Gaming vs Playing with Real Money in Local Casinos Canada

There are many advantages when it comes to playing games with real money. Naturally, you should always start with DEMO versions and learn the rules (for skill games – Poker, Blackjack) or practice the options (for Slots, Roulette, etc.), and once you feel ready, you can move to the real cash games.

Only there you can win some real coins. Here we are breaking down the differences when playing with free and real Credits.

Play with Free Credits Most modern sites do offer free games. However, there are also games for which the DEMO version is not available or works differently (slow interface, not smooth). You don’t need to log in to practice. There is no need for special attention or precautions for safe and secure gambling (regarding personal and financial details). There is no possibility of becoming a loyal customer and using the perks that come with it – membership promotions, extra points, tournaments, VIP programs, and chances for gratis rounds.  Not all companies deliver the same variant of the game. Often the DEMO game is with adjusted RTP to be more attractive- i.e. it creates unreal expectations.  Basically, the games with Free Credits are intended for enjoyment, tests, and practice. Don’t put too much seriousness on them!
 Play with Real Credits Always the highest quality possible, the full portfolio of titles, from the best software developers, for true entertainment, including bonuses tournaments and progressive Jackpots. You do need to create an account. You do need to read the Terms and Conditions. You do need to inform about financial arrangements. Playing with Real deposits in different casino sites gives a great chance to utilize many free prizes: Free Spin Bonus, Welcome Bonuses, Weekend Bonuses, Tier 1 & Tier 2 Programs, etc.  Even if you have practiced one game in DEMO mode, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same in real money mode. There are reports of some games, which suddenly start to behave differently (go in a ‘cold’ mood and become more unpredictable) once you place real deposits on them.  Ultimately the games with Real Credits are meant to do both: to provide entertainment and to give a chance to earn some cash on them. Don’t expect every round to be a winning round and every session to deliver a large prize!
How many gamblers in Canada?

The latest rough outline shows that approximately 66.20% of all eligible Canadians partake in some type of gambling (regulated – lotto, casino, etc., or unregulated – bets and games with friends, etc.).

Whereby the regulated Gambling Industry products and services available are: Casino table games, Electronic gaming machines, Lottery, Charitable raffles, Bingo, Horse racing, and Internet gaming sites and operations. Of the total number of gambling enthusiasts, nearly 23% prefer to visit Locals Casinos, while 77% opt for online casino services.

(data according to the report ‘Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada in 2018’, published in 2020 by R.J. Williams – University of Lethbridge – Alberta

Personal Advice

For the newbies at online gambling, residing or visiting Canada, who find the glutted casino industry fuzzy or struggle to discover the right game suitable to their own situation: please, use our columns for games’ rules, reviews, tips and tricks, and special offers – valid for our readers.

Explore different options and promotions at the reputable casinos we partner with via our column ‘How to choose THE BEST online casino in Canada.

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