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Updated: December 22, 2023

In this article, we will present you with every Quebec Casino. Their Games, Entertainment and Bonuses.

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Quebec CasinosWelcome to Canada East and the capital city of Quebec. With its near 532 thousand citizens, Quebec is second on the provincial list of cities by population, just behind Montreal (with over 1.7 million residents).

In their dialect, American indigenous people described Quebec as the niche “where the river narrows” for over a century already, as the Saint Lawrence River narrows proximate to the Quebec Hill plateau and Cape Diamant. And later, in the dawn of the 17th century, the French settlers (attributed mainly to Samuel de Champlain) adopted the same name. It became known as the nest for the Francophone population of North America.

Exactly like at the provincial level – where Quebec is the only Canadian province with a majority of French speakers; at the City level, in Quebec City, over 94% of the population consider French as their mother tongue. However, over 1/3rd of the City’s residents announced the ability to speak French and English.

Throughout the centuries, the people of the province survived through French and English Colony Regimes, French and Indian Wars, American Revolution and American War of 1812, Canadian Confederation process, WWI, and WWII. Bore the hardship of Quiet Revolution with the dramatic social and political transformations (mainly plummeting of Anglo supremacy in the economy and the reduction of the Roman Catholic Church’s control).

Endured through the turbulent 1970’s October Crisis (after terroristic actions of the Front de libération du Québec – FLQ) when the political answer was the deployment of the military power as an aid to the civil authorities, and naturally the adoption of the War Measures Act.

Regarding the Economy, manufacturing and service sectors prevail at a provincial level, where Quebec contributes almost 20% shares to the national GDP (only after the province of Ontario). Other industries represented largely are defence, electric power generation, mining, pulp, paper production, public health institutions, services, trade, transport, and tourism.

However, the local government’s monetary liability is hanging like a black cloud above the regional progress. Still, the provincial government should be complimented for its faithful dedication to bringing down its debt charge and the steps made for Quebec’s current economic revival.

In Quebec City itself, most contracts, projects, and jobs are clustered in public administration (the regional government is the biggest employer here), followed by IT, Electronics, Optics, Science, Construction, financial services, etc.

Stay with us to find out more about Gambling in Canada per City/state.

Things to do, things to see in Quebec City

  • Charming and sentimental with gorgeous shops, restaurants, galleries, old-world grace, paved streets, picturesque landscapes, castle, church, historical sections, and maple syrup smell, just a magical place, which resembles Europe. It is cultured and elegant. It is highly recommended if you find yourself in the area to visit Old Quebec. You can walk along the river – Lower Town, or go uphill to the Upper Town.
  • The Upper Town, also called the hilly section, is built later than the initial French settlement it watches over. It displays beautiful and historical sites as the Citadel, Place D’Armes, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the remarkable Notre-Dame Basilica, Chateau Frontenac Hotel, and Plains of Abraham or a little further the St. Roch’s Church along Rue-Saint-Joseph and more. Naturally, the impressive Parliament Building is here to be enjoyed inside and out (which the Louvre-inspired architecture).
  • Once you mounted up, you can take amazing walks through Terrasse Dufferin or Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons, both providing exclusive and panoramic prospects of the St. Lawrence River and the Old Quebec or you can stroll about the historic Lower Town on the banks of the river.
  • Even though smaller in size than the upper one, the Lower Town has its distinctive charm as well. You can visit the Royal Square, the Civilization Museum, Notre-Dame des Victoires church, City Murals, and the delightful Petit Champlain Street.

For sports, big concerts, and events, fans can enjoy 2 main arenas – the outdoor baseball arena, the 4800 – visitors capacity Stade Canac, or the 18000+ seats arena Vidéotron Centre.

And for pure casino entertainment, the residents/visitors of Quebec City can go to one of the following outstanding establishments:

  • Casino Montreal – 250 km from the City – circa 3 hours via Route Transcanadienne/AutoRoute 20 E.
  • Casino de Charlevoix – 139 km from the City – circa 1.5 hours via Route 362 O and QC-138 O.
  • Casino du Lac-Leamy – 443 km from the City – circa 4.5 hours via AutoRoute 50 E and 40 E.
  • Casino de Mont-Tremblant – 382 km from the City – circa 4 hours via AutoRoute 40 E.

Sure, there are closer options: Salon de jeux de Quebec or Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivieres.

Gambling in Quebec casino

Between the 1970s and 90s (a period – considered the awakening of the Canadian gambling business), began the process of legalization and shifting the responsibility for the lottery and gambling enterprises from the federal to the local authorities.

Since then, the province was one of the pioneer states, approving the fundamental rules and directions to permit and frame the Canadian gambling industry. Gambling clubs, betting houses, salons, and other lottery and wagering facilities emerged in Quebec City, Gatineau, Ottawa, Montreal, Sherbrooke, and other provincial centers.

The payoff of this early legalization process is the current mature and already robust gambling infrastructure in the province. The governing authority here is in the hands of Régie des alcools, des courses et des Jeux (RACJ) – board of commissioners.

For over half a century, the operational corporation in the province is Lotto Quebec. They organize and regulate the VLT’s facilities via its managing body Société des loteries vidéo du Québec and the casinos via its managing body Société des casinos du Québec.

Wagering/Gambling at licensed land-based casinos within the province’s borders (incl. Quebec City) is allowed by law for people over 18 years of age.

Presently, across the province of Quebec, there are 10 casinos and over 10 thousand other officially operating gambling facilities like Poker and Bingo rooms, Slots and VLT terminals, lottery points at retailers, Slots halls, and lounges in hotels and bars.

Most prominent places to gamble in Quebec

In Quebec City, small but friendly and reliable gambling clubs for Poker and Billard are Bar La Rochelene and the Salon de Billard Le Triangle club. Other cool places (20+ establishments) are the clubs offering Kinzo games

*** Kinzo is one almost risk-free variant of Bingo, which emerged first in Quebec in 2011. It is played principally with friends/colleagues/relatives, a combination of entertainment, socialization, and wagering.

But for the most traditional experience, one gambling enthusiast will have to go to 1 of the 2 casinos:

Salon de jeux de Quebec or Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivieres

Both casinos are certified level 4 by Loto Quebec Casino. Both work from 9 or 10 a.m. to midnight.

Each of these 2 establishments offers the following games in a small casino format:

  • 200+ Slots and VLT’s machines;
  • 1x Electronic Roulette – for 15 players; and betting options from 1 CAD to 50 CAD (for inside bets), and from 5 CAD to 500 CAD (for outside bets);
  • 3x Electronic Blackjack tables – for 6 players; and betting options from 5 CAD to 500 CAD
  • 3x Electronic Poker tables (3-card);
  • Sic Bo, Baccarat, Keno, and more.

Online gambling in Quebec

Domestic online Quebec casino site

In 2012 the local government founded the organization Loto-Québec and launched ESPACEJEUX – a provincial online platform, trying to supply Quebecers with high-level casino entertainment. One can play around 200 online casino games – Slots, Table Games, and Keno for free or with real money.

Just a few years after the domestic online site has been set afloat, the provincial government ordered a ban on all offshore operators via Internet service providers (ISPs). In July 2016, they passed Bill 74 – with which they ordered the telecommunication companies to block access to a list of online sites, which are in competition with ESPACEJEUX.

The Internet providers on their side filed a complaint to the Superior Court, where they refer to the Telecommunications Act, with its ‘net neutrality’ notion- i.e. the carriers cannot endorse any site over others and cannot block access to individual sites.

In 2018 the Court ruled against Loto-Québec, declaring Bill 74 unconstitutional. The ban was lifted. Sure, this decision can be appealed, but the offshore online companies are safe and not illegal for the time being.

The residents/visitors are free from legal or fiscal prosecution if they join and play at any foreign online casino site and gamble for free or in any currency with real funds.

Foreign online casinos

On our pages, you can learn more about some of the Best Casinos on the Canadian market (with real money or with cryptocurrency) – our trusted partners! Here is how to sign up to any of these operators:

Choose one or more online casinos

  • Which suit your personal prefers (game collection; safety; anonymity)
  • Which support your device
  • Which accept your payment possibility
  • Which are licensed and reputable

Open an account in these casinos

  • Provide the basic details needed to enroll
  • In the meantime, if you are planning to play with more serious amounts, you need to prepare additional documents (check the exact requirements per casino) needed for account verification.

Make a deposit or play with Bonuses

  • Check the T&C section (Terms and Conditions) at the casino site in detail if you decide to play with Bonuses.
  • Pay attention to limitations, payment method details, transaction fees, payout period, and other specific requirements.
  • Take full advantage of all online casinos’ promotions- weekend offers, tournaments, or loyalty/VIP programs.

Enjoy your favourite game!

The details on our pages are offered as a universal advisor.
They should not be taken as official legal or tax source guidance.

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