Traps Of Slots In An Online Casino In Canada

Updated: December 22, 2023

In this article, you can find information about the psychological side of losing money at a slot. We all know that you cannot win the course if you play at a slot with an RTP of 95%. So, today we’ll discuss and explain slots traps and the phenomenon of a huge loss after a big win, with the aspiration to continue playing and end the session in plus.

Test traps of slots at the best casinos Canada 2024

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Traps Of Slots In An Online Casino In CanadaMany players fall right into the slot’s traps – they cannot stop playing even if they’re on red (lost all of the money). They have to complete the gaming session, and that’s exactly where they fall right into the slots traps. The player will inevitably lose all the money it has access to in times of loss. This is the highest stage of gambling addiction.

What kinds of hazards should I look out for?

You can get an account verification (we recommend this), and you can cancel the cashout as well. You may also recover the money whenever you like. You need to wait from 2-3 days to verify your account.

You should be able to withdraw your money between the time of 2-24 hrs; if not, you should probably stop playing at the casino as it might not be trusted. Blacklisted Canadian online casinos often delay payments; sometimes, the process takes 10 whole days hoping that the punter will just cancel the payment and continue playing to win more.

When do you stop playing?

Do you ever have a hard time finishing the gambling session? Are you able to stop playing when you lose? We asked many of the players that they have a hard time stopping; only a few said they could finish the game session after losing.

I will now give you an example of what I just said. Let’s say, for instance, that you win 1000 CAD and then lose 200, ultimately, the punter starts to realize they won 1000 and lost 200 CAD of their own money, and that’s when players start having difficulty stopping.

What we recommend doing if you lost all of your money at a Canadian online casino.

The following tracks will help you dodge any types of risks; it also helps with the addiction-it and slows it down.

  • You need to have a goal; when you reach the goal, you stop; you don’t keep playing, trying to get a larger amount. If you do keep playing, you’re likely to lose more than half of the money you won.
  • Even if you decide to double the deposit, you must be 100% sure you’ll be able to stop after reaching your goal.
  • If you want to keep playing, pick a balance that satisfies your needs, then leave some money for the actual game. You must know that you won’t have the chance to cancel the withdrawal and recur the amount of money back to your casino account. You may also lower the bet and keep playing on balance.
  • Another thing that we recommend you do is to block your account for several amounts of days; many players don’t know that you can do this in several Canadian online casinos; you can do this by contacting the casino’s support team. Let’s say, for instance; you could temporarily block your account until the morning or when you have won the given amount of money.

Malfunction Voids All Pays And Plays In The Casino – slots traps

  • Malfunction Voids All Pays And Plays In The CasinoCasino script.
  • Luxurious, inviting environment.
  • Gambler slowly walked through the alleys choosing this or another shiny slot machine.
  • Loading the slot with the coins.
  • Pushing the start button, waiting for the takings to be more than what he deposited.
  • Spin in. Spinout.
  • Some bonus rounds. Some special surprises.
  • Out of the blue – the slot goes insane: showing on display – Your cash ticket now is ….mln CAD. What?
  • It is all the gambler fantasized about.
  • The jackpot fever slowly takes in his brain and body.
  • He thinks – he is a WINNER! He thinks that he will step out of the Canadian online casino today as a new man!

Well, don’t rush with the conclusions just yet!

There are many ways how this movie could end. And not all of them are so happy!

Besides the tax forms, identification verification, and some partial financial arrangement, what could happen to the gambler (in the worst-case scenario) is – after some casino operator is being sent from the back monitoring surveillance room to come and check the display – he can announce that this is not a real win, but just a machine malfunction! Like a true professional, he can point to the sign at the entrance of the casino: “In case of slot failure, all the winnings are void” or “Malfunctions void all pays and plays.”

True story – that is precisely what happened to a woman from the USA after her slot showed she is a winner of 43 mln $. The Canadian online casino denied her prize. Moreover, after opening a civil case against the casino, the USA Gaming Commission ruled in favour of the casino. For the obvious reason: There was a clear warning about what will happen in sudden machine defection.

What possible failure might the slot have?

The basis of the slot operation is a plain software program. This program displays its complex random numerical combinations in motion via symbols and images, translated into casino language with specific spin outcomes and payouts. The machine ‘RNG’ (Random Number Generator) is responsible for the sequence of events happening “behind the scene” at any given moment during the game’s functioning, including slots traps

What possible failure might the slot have?The manufacturer decides the design and the characteristics of the slot machine program. Regardless of the extreme scrutiny and the huge tests performed during the production, like with every program, there is some small chance of a program glitch.

Even being strictly verified during the production period while operating one machine can exhibit system defects. So, winning, losing, and all that is happening on the monitor in a fraction of a second are all emerging out of mathematical algorithms.

NetEnt provides one of the most reliable software in the gambling industry. All Net Entertainment games, running in dozens of Canadian online casinos, are actually operating from inside a single space – the developers’ servers space.

The game sequences are coming to the server, and from there, via the RNG are sent as transformed digits back to the machine. Certainly, any program can show errors. In contingency situations like these, the casinos enforce the rule: “In case of slot failure, all the winnings are void.”

Types of errors – traps slots

  • Wrong winning calculations occurrence.
  • Wrong jackpot dispense occurrence.
  • Error – foul bonus game starts.
  • Error – foul balance refresh.

Safety measures:

Safety measures:If the Canadian online casino refused to pay your prize about the machine failure regulation, the swift protection measure you can take is making a screenshot with your win.

This way, you will have the game number and slot view. You can turn to the producer (possibly NetEnt Company) or the local gambling authorities if it comes to incident hearings.

This way, you will probably have evidence of the positions of your winning combination as well.

Nevertheless, the photo you will make can prove when you have won the prize if there is a dispute between multiple winners.

Do not attempt using notable bugs and errors of the slots (there is always intense monitoring at casinos).

Slots That Can Catch You – Dangerous Slots

Slots That Can Catch You - Dangerous SlotsOne of the most important things in slots is the RTP (return to player percentage) which can significantly differ. It can be from 91% to 99%, which is a huge difference. This percentage means that will return 96% (for example) of the bets made, but you need to remember that it will be fulfilled within a very long period – billion spins. It all depends on:

  • The structure of the slot;
  • The popularity of the gambling website;
  • The numbers of players spinning on it.
  • How often the pool is filled

The winnings are distributed by the RNG (random number generator), which connects with the RTP and the prize pool. Believe us; nobody sits behind a PC deciding: “Ok, this guy will win 1000 CAD or hmm, I don’t like his game style so that I will take his money; nothing will change if you promise God that this is your last time gambling.

The cycle of the slot

The slots’ cycle is the period (number of spins) of the slot for losing and winnings. It collects money to fill the prize pool; when the pool gets filled, you should take the opportunity and play at this slot. During this period, the slot is “Hot” and can “fire” a Mega-Big-Win. There is a close connection between the cycle and the volatility (variance). The bigger the maximum payout, the higher the volatility and the longer the cycle.

Long cycles

The following slots have a long cycle and can be very dangerous but can be very profitable: Dead or Alive, Jack and Beanstalk, Mega Joker, Wonky Wabbits, Creature from the Black Lagoon many others. Our recommendation for such games is to be very careful because they can “eat” your money very quickly. We also advise beginners to skip such slots. The recommended reserve of bets balance is 300 – 500 bets.

Why is it not profitable to chase a jackpot?

Why is it not profitable to chase a jackpot?Imagine the following situation: you decided to go on vacation with your family in Dubai. As you know, everything there is expensive, so you need a huge bankroll to see most of the city. The point is that even if you have a considerable amount, you most likely not going to see all of the “sights” of this beautiful city.

It’s the same with one of the slots traps- the long cycle; the progressive jackpot ones have the longest cycle. Even if you are prepared with bottomless reserves, perhaps you won be able to see everything in Dubai (winning the jackpot).

How to identify the state of the slot – “Hot” or “Cold.”

Our most liked provider is NetEnt. Why? Because slots from this provider have the same behaviour when playing in demo mode and for real money. So you can find what the “mood” of the slot is without losing a single cent.

When you start playing in the demo mode, you will follow the behaviour of the slot; if there’s a lot of action (frequent payments, bonuses, etc.), you can switch to real money play. You need to know that it is essential to use the same bet and denomination when playing with real money as you used it in demo mode.

Slots Traps – Conclusion

The trick of winnings payout avoidance because of machine failure is one unfair practice of low-level online casinos. Such establishments are not looking to keep their good reputation, and their names and methods can be reported.

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