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Updated: December 22, 2023

This article will talk about one of the essential parameters in slots and casino games in total.What is RTP in Slots Machines and How Does It Work? Many experienced players who spend a lot of hours gambling check the game’s parameters (slot) before they start playing; one of these essential things is the Return To Player Percentage.

A list of best online casinos in Canada for RTP slot machines”

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(Return To Player Percentage) RTP Slot Machines and Other Casino GamesIt means that if the RTP (Return To Player Percentage) of the slot is 96%, in a long-distance (millions or billions of spins/hands in card games), the game will win 96% of all the bets, or statistically, the player will lose 4 cents in each dollar bet, 4 dollars on every 100 dollars wagered, etc.

Today, the highest percentage payout slot machines are the most popular kind of distinction in an online casino. The operations are separated by separate sections, which are filled with thousands of names. The developers annually announce the release of new titles. They are created based on the plots of comics, films, games, and myths, so they are supposed to be from scratch.

With this game, they are distinguished not only by external formatting but by internal filling. Users note that some reels will allow you to win more often but give out small winnings. At the same time, slot machines with the biggest payouts gonna shook the customers.

In the meantime, users are hoping to make their luck and make a package. When choosing a slot for the next gaming session, the players choose the most winning gaming machines. They are based on their own proprietary beliefs. And not taking into account the mathematical deductions. Are slot machine payouts random? Yes, fair enough.

To get started, you need to understand what is meant by the word “ slot machines with the highest percentage of payout.” As a rule of thumb, here are two types of games:

  • With jackpots
  • With a high percentage of returns (RTP).

Between these varieties, there is a mass of differences, which we will continue to tell. Generally, they are related to one or another category, so you can try them out. Are slot machine payouts regulated? Yes, they are.

Distinctions related to this type are attractive to one – the possibility of winning a huge amount. If you take, for example, popular video reels, the slot machine’s big payouts can reach a few million dollars.

RTP slots meaning

Many of us wonder what does RTP mean in slots? To be honest, we as players shouldn’t consider the RTP so much because this percentage will be fulfilled as followed: for NetEnt, it’s 9 billion spins, and in Amatic, for example, it’s fulfilled after 3 billion spins. Why should we care about the Return To Player Percentage when we’re planning to spin the reels for 1-2 hours?

In our opinion, it‘s more important to check the volatility and the prize pool where all the winnings get collected; after the pool is filled, the payment gets distributed between players. This pool is filled much faster than the RTP Slot Machines is fulfilled.

Note that the percentage of return on online reels in online casinos is sky-high. Such gambling establishments generously present their users. Besides, in online reels, it is impossible to change this percent since it is software. If a user wants to win a large sum of money, he needs to choose reels online with a maximum return percent. The player also needs to remember the choice of online casinos. It would be best if you chose only well-established rtp gambling establishments.

Slot machines have a bright and unusual design and many bonus rounds for which you can get rewards.

The payout percentage is much higher for online players than for those who prefer to play in classic casinos. As an approximate guideline, we can say that online reels offer a payout percentage of around 95% -98%. Classic reel machines in casinos only pay 80% -92% of all the money they receive.

Therefore, if the online reel machine has a payout percentage of 98%, this means that for every C$100 spent, it will pay C$98.

The winning percent is set for the long life of a particular machine. If someone just won a large amount on a specific reel machine, it does not set off to play again until the percentage of payments is restored.

Of course, your luck may swing the other way. If the reel machine does not pay for some time, you can bet only a few dollars, and you can win a huge jackpot. That is why reels are so popular among casino players.

Besides, it must be borne in mind that playing a slot machine with a higher payout percentage does not guarantee that you will win. Nothing can guarantee victory when it comes to reel machines because everything is done by chance. When playing online reels, a random number generator determines what appears on the reels.

The RTP gambling meaning that the payout percentage is a good guide to how often slot machines will pay out winnings, but it should not be considered a guide. There are no guarantees when it comes to the game. Playing a reel machine with a higher payout percentage does not guarantee a winning session. That is why they have become the most popular casino game.

The only way to win is to play within the planned time and money limits. If you are lucky and you win, it may be worth completing the game. If you want to continue the game, it’s probably worth trying another reel machine rather than letting your bankroll use it to equalize the payout percentage.

Today, many online reels give players a chance to hit the jackpot with the slot machine payout probability. The number of gamers is constantly growing, which allows the total amount of winnings to creep up slowly. More and more people are inclined to games in reel machines, bypassing serious poker or blackjack.

Also, this trend was influenced by all new casino gaming systems – they improved in functional terms. Players are good at innovations, so they are happy to gamble and count on the payout percentage.

Newcomers come, and everyone wants to hit the biggest jackpot. Most gamers do not even assume a mathematical algorithm that allows them to predict individual chances of winning. Many casino software developers say that every 100,000th spin should lead to a jackpot. Because the reel works with a random number generator, and this is thought-out math.

That is why no player can say that he is one happy camper. But a big gain because of this is possible for everyone. The slot machine payout record can cloud the world-class gamblers’ minds.

Payout Percentage for Players

All gaming reels are programmed by the owners of rtp casino online for a certain percentage of return on invested funds (wins). It depends on the policy of the institution itself. According to the slot machine payout statistics, if the numerical value is 90%, gamers can receive a daily win, if 98%, then a couple of times a day. Special control organizations check such settings.

As a rule of thumb, it guarantees a fair game to the customers and the possibility of receiving massive winnings. The maximum percent of return reaches an incredible 99%, while the average value of this indicator is in the range of 94-95%. You can test the waters and see what fate has in store for you.

As you know, today, the most generous casino systems are those where players can receive money several times a day. Such regular payments are because the more the device issues money, the more players sit down for it. And this leads to an increase in profits of the gambling club itself. And the player does not remain the loser.

List of Highest RTP casino slot machines

Slots with Jackpot

  • Divine Fortune (NetEnt) – RTP-96.59%

The plot of the Divine Fortune slot is based on Ancient Greece’s myths. The user is provided with 3 rows and 5 reels, each of which is given symbols in playing cards, live animals, and Gods. The maximum win in coins is 60,000. It’s not a slot machine with a low payout.

After a short period, after starting up, this machine automatically took out a few times for players from $ 190,000 to $ 287,000.

  • Mega Fortune (NetEnt) – RTP-96.4%

It allows gamblers to plunge into the world of luxury and glamour. At the Mega Fortune slot as a symbol, limousines, jewellery, other drinks, and yachts are used. The bonus game starts with three characters with a wheel of fortune. In November 2015, some Swede was one of the top-dollar slot machine payouts winners for $ 9,570,000.

  • Mega Moolah (Microgaming) – RTP-88.12%

Released in 2006, it is still used by the population of all age groups. In this story, there is a story about the inhabitants of the desert: lions, elephants, zebras, and other animals. The maximum slot machine casino payouts can be mind-blowing.

In the history of this reel, there are many large winners, one of which could be called the case that happened with the resident of New Zealand. In 2016, a lucky man hit the jackpot of $ 10.14 million. For years, a resident of Greece, who wished to remain anonymous, also received a big jackpot for $ 8.6 million. But the largest slot machine payout ever came to John Heywood from the USA – $ 17,879,645.

  • Major Millions (Microgaming) – RTP-89.37%

One of the best slot machines is from a well-known provider, released in 2004. As a symbol, cherries, “BAR” signs, and other images that are related to the classical ones are used. There are versions with three and five drums, which have a common total fund. Therefore, the choice is here to stay for the client. The largest jackpot associated with this reel is approximately $ 2,000,000.

To explain the principle of operation of such slot machines with good payouts, it is necessary to tell about the terms slots RTP meaning gambling. Return percent – this is the theoretical size of the return of the rates to the users. The average figures for online casinos are from 94% to 98%.

For example, if this value is set at the automatic machine at 95%, then this share will be allocated between the users for the distance. The remaining 5% will receive a casino as a part of earnings.

Standard slots

  • Big Bad Wolf (Quickspin) – RTP-97.29%

Briefly about three, it is known to many generations, and this history has been repeatedly used in computer games. In 2013, a slot was released for the “Big Wolverine,” which has enthralled thousands of users. This slot machine’s the max payout in coins is 75,000;

  • Beauty and the Beast (Yggdrasil) – RTP-97.1%

The topics of the reels are familiar with all the tales of the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast.” As a symbol, the images of the main characters are also used as precious crystals. Standard scheme: after 5×3 and 20 lines will be paid out;

  • Secrets of Atlantis (NetEnt) – RTP-97.1%

A story about the inhabitants of the two-city of Atlantis: at the Secrets of Atlantis slot as a symbol, the images of shells, and pears are expected to be used.

  • Hotline (NetEnt) – RTP-97.04%

The game’s plot will tell about the police in Miami, and the action takes place in the 80s. A woman lies in the jewellery shop for an expensive necklace, and the task of the user is to help her guard in her confinement. At the Hotline slot as a symbol, jewellery, the image of a thief and the police are used, as well as a car;

  • Jack Hammer (NetEnt) – RTP-97%

The reel will declare about Jack Hammer slot – a detector and antifreeze with accessibility. As characters, the comic heroes, the car in the weather, the samples with the core, and the rest of the image are used. The slot machine’s maximum payout is 750,000 coins.

When playing slot machines with high payouts, there is such a designation as the percent return. RTP slots meaning that the machine will return the player a certain amount of money after a certain period of the game. The slot machine minimum payout can satisfy the inveterate gambler’s needs.

Gambling establishments cannot deceive their visitors. In any case, winning combinations should appear in the slot machine payout list. A special commission controls the percentage of return and slot machine legal payout.

Other examples of RTP casino meaning

What is RTP in slots? This is the percentage that the casino games (slot) have to return to players for all bets made; the point is that no one knows when this will happen, and the official Return To Player percent declared by the provider will be fulfilled. By the way, some providers hide this percentage, so, playing at a short distance, anything is possible.

You can be in a situation where your game session lasts 1-2 hours, and you find out that your RTP is 110% or even 120 %; or even worse, a percent that’s higher than 1000 spins will show negative statistics than the declared one – 80% or 90%.

Don’t think that 10% – 20% is a small number. Let me explain: We start to play with 20 000 CAD on a 25 CAD bet; after playing for a few days and after you wagered 2 000 000 CAD, you won 20 000 CAD, so in total, you have 40 000 CAD, 20k deposited, and 20k won. Because we doubled the money doesn’t mean that the RTP is 200%.

Our positive percent is 1; now it’s time for mathematics, 20 000 (the winning) from 2 000 000 (wagered) is precisely 1%. So, the RTP for the time we played this session is 101%. You are probably now aware that 10% or 20% in the long game are not small numbers; now you know what is RTP  gambling meaning and you see the difference between a slot with an RTP=96% and slots with an RTP=94%.


What does return to player mean in slots?

RTP meaning gambling casino – the providers of slots give you a number – the Return To Player Percentage; they do not promise that you will lose 4 dollars on every 100 CAD wagered (if RTP=96%). Do not pay huge attention to the RTP Slot Machines, and there are more essential parameters you need to check.

The RTP will be fulfilled after billions of spins, and no one knows when it will be a positive or negative percent. There is a big difference between the Return To Player Percentage of 97% and of 95% in a long game.

If we conclude based on all the information indicated above, we can say one thing. The winnings will depend on the bets of all players playing the reel machines that payout real money.

The more money is invested, the more you will receive. At the same time, you need to try to select the most “generous” casinos, which increases the chances of winning. At least you can burn your money and never be broke. After all this information you should be more familiar with what does RTP mean in slots?

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