Online Casino Bonus Hunting and Best Slots for Bonus Hunt

Updated: December 22, 2023

This article will talk about something that is gaining popularity every day – bonus hunting. What does a bonus hunter do, and how can I become one? Can I win using promotions given by casinos? What should I do to become a bonus hunter?

Online Casino Bonus Hunting and Best Slots for Bonus Hunt at TOP Canadian casinos

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Online Casino Bonus Hunting and Best Slots for Bonus HuntKeep reading this article to have all of your questions answered. If you are not familiar with bonuses, terms and conditions, wagering, etc., follow the next links to be prepared for anything next time you start playing at Canadian online casinos.

What are Online Casino Bonus Hunting and Bonus Hunters?

Every gambling website offers various promos for its players. They can be in the form of welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, or even cash. There is only one purpose for these“gifts,” to keep attracting new players to the gambling club.

Players who seek the best bonus offers with minimum wagering requirements are called Online Casino Bonus Hunting and Bonus Hunters. Such bonuses allow them to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning.

Bonus hunting means that the player spends many hours “chasing” the best offers and the opportunity to get the money he won without problems. Bonus hunters make new accounts at online casinos and play with bonuses only. They are strict punters, and they always follow strategies to find the best reward offers. It would help if you remembered that the player who wins is not only the one who plays but the one who uses a strategy.

Example of bonus hunt slots

  • A player finds a bonus hunt casino with a promotional offer of 100CAD with x35 wager requirements. It means that after he deposits 100CAD, the gambling site gives him another 100CAD; he will then have 200CAD in his account. Wagering x35 means that he must wager the bonus money 35 times, so he needs to make bets of 3500CAD before withdrawing money.
  • Let’s say he decided to play at Blood Suckers, and this slot has an RTP of 98%. He follows the basic rules and bets 1/200 (if he has 200CAD, his bet will be 1CAD) of the balance, and he never tilts or tries something new.
  • After he fulfils the wagering requirements, he cashes out the money and looks for a new bonus hunter online casino with a generous prize offer. But, of course, the betting site will try to attract him with a new promo sooner or later, and he will return to try to win some extra money.

The procedure described above is called bonus hunting. Bonus hunters mostly play on small bets (1-5 on average) because they do not want to get addicted to the game, as each raising of the bet is very dangerous for their casino bonus hunting strategy.

How to become a bonus hunter

How to become a bonus hunterYou need to know that a bonus hunt casino is not for every player (not anyway). It would be best if you were very disciplined and patient, following the casino bonus hunting strategy strictly, and also have to make sure you did not make stupid moves while gambling.

  • The first thing that bonus hunters do is find reliable online casinos (like Fastpay) because they know that half-scam gambling sites will easily refuse to pay their money. You can find more about black-listed casinos.
  • Second, he will find a Canadian gambling website with generous reward offers.
  • Thirdly, the promo offer needs to have low wagering requirements.
  • Bonus hunters always follow the rule to have at least 200 bets in their balance.
  • The positive thing is that you need to find a gaming site that does not require account verification and asks for documents.

How to find the best bonus offer

How to find the best bonus offerPerhaps you already realized that a bonus hunter is not a typical punter but mostly a seeker of good bonuses and reliable Canadian online casinos. So next, we suggest you follow a few steps to find the best promotional offer.

  • First, we have the most important thing: finding an honest and trusted Canadian online casino. You can help yourself by using some keywords like “do not pay,” “deceived,” “black-listed,” “thieves,” etc. We advise you to stay away from suspicious casinos that use the software of Microgaming or Playtech only.
  • You can register at any bonus hunt casino listed on our site, as we test them for a long time before adding them to our list.
  • When you find a gambling website that suits you best, register and make sure that you receive notifications when the bonus hunter online casino has bonuses.
  • Find the promo offer with the lowest wagering requirements. The lower the offer is, the more comfortable you will be when fulfilling the requirements.
  • Always read the terms and conditions before taking a reward from the betting site. If the gambling site requires verification, we highly suggest you send your documents before you start playing. This, you can be sure that the casino will not use this trick to refuse the withdrawal.
  • After that, make the deposit and have fun. We advise you to choose around 6-7 casinos, so you will always receive bonus hunting casino promo offers.
What not to do?
  • Take the promotions before verification of your account.
  • Do not register many IP addresses with different personal data.
  • Do not register at the same Canadian gambling website too many times.

Do not forget that bonus hunting is a legal procedure, but online casinos don’t like these players because they know that bonus hunters are most likely to win money.

The formula for bonus hunting

The formula is straightforward and easy to follow. However, it would be best if you found a reward offer with wagering requirements of x40 or lower and bonus hunt slots with an RTP of 97% or higher.

You will familiarize yourself with the mathematical calculations and examples about using bonuses to win at casinos on the link above. You need to read the article carefully so that you can understand how the system works fully.

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