How To Win At Slots | Tips to Win at Slots For Casino Canada

Updated: December 22, 2023

Many slots have an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97% or 98%, there is even 99%, but in the long run (a month or a year), the long term is impossible to win. Read our article further and find out how to win at slots at an online casino in Canada?

Try our tips and strategies about how to win at slots in Canada at the best casinos

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How To Win At Slots | Tips And Strategies For Casino CanadaOne of the most important things when playing at slots is to understand that there is a negative mathematical expectation for the player when you’re gambling. So, it will not be possible to win without a specific slots strategy.

But, following our recommendations and using our strategies, you can win at the Casino in a short distance (a few days or weeks), especially if you are lucky enough to trigger a Big-Win.

That’s why we always try to update the hidden parameters of the slots (volatility, probability of triggering the bonus feature, wagering rating), so your chances for a big win are much higher.

Despite all the simplicity, one-armed bandits quickly drag out, and many players are ready to spin the reels for hours in anticipation of a win.

However, some want to know how to play all casino slots successfully – best strategy for slots. The desire of the players is understandable; they want not only to play but to profit from it, but it is extremely difficult to increase the chances of winning. In this article, we will tell you how to use a slot machine and suggest some options that help you win more often and more.

Features of Slot Machines: Glossary of Basic Terms

Before starting to play on a particular gaming machine, many players carefully study its description, as well as slot machine rules. They do it absolutely right, but only by no means do they fully understand what is said in this description because it contains many specific terms that can hide very interesting and useful information.

Information on the basic gaming terms will allow you to navigate better when choosing online casinos and slot machines and learn how to play with the best strategy for slots.

  • Spin. In a slot machine, the spin is called the game’s start button, that is, the rotation of the reels with symbols.
  • Scatter. A scatter is a special symbol on the reels when dropped; you can start the bonus (free) game or increase your winnings. The function of this symbol depends on the type of game slot.
  • Wild. The symbol on the reels, can replace any other symbol except the scatter. Thus, with the loss of the wild, you can make various winning combinations.
  • Factor. The multiplicity of the increase in winning when playing the corresponding bet.
  • Automatic game – the ability to pre-set your tedious game parameters and subsequently spend it in automatic mode.
  • Skill stop. The ability to manually stop the rotation of the reels at any time during the game.
  • Bankroll is a gaming budget.
  • Game Banking. A game that allows you to accumulate bonus amounts in the game bank.
  • A progressive jackpot is an accumulative game fund, to which a certain percentage is deducted from all players’ bets and can be won under certain conditions.
  • Return percentage – a certain percentage of the bet that is returned to the player.

This summary of the main terms will help you quickly understand what online video slots offer at your chosen casino. More detailed descriptions of each slot machine can be found either on the developer’s official website or in the description of the game in an online casino.

Companies must post information to their customers. Thus, the user can immediately choose the right option for the parameters, appearance, and music.

RTP, volatility, prize pool and the cycle of slots

Let’s say you have chosen your stake already, and now you need to select the slot. Our most recommended provider is NetEnt, it is the most popular, and they have a very creative way of thinking when developing their casino games. The advantages of NetEnt:

  • Most of NetEnt’s slots have a high RTP; the average is 96%-97%.
  • The second advantage of NetEnt is the high volatility; it means that you can easily win a payment combination of 300x total bets or more.
  • The high popularity of this provider makes them an excellent choice because the prize pool is often filled, and the slots are “Hot.”
  • Many of NetEnt’s slots have a long cycle, which can lead you to zero balance quickly, but at the same time, you can trigger a huge winning.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Random Number Generator (RNG)In this online slots guide, we could not help but mention the random number generator. In modern slot machines, the result of the game is determined by this particular program. It is the basis of absolutely all machines, regardless of whether they are ordinary or online.

The basic principle of operation is to generate random numbers that correspond to the symbols on the reels. The generator will select any random numbers in almost a second and immediately assemble them into a group. In other words, each spin is the result of choosing RNG.

Regardless of the way the gaming machine is implemented (from the “simplest” mechanical roulette to the electronic “multi-game”), its work is subject to a certain algorithm. The unpredictability of slot machine algorithms is based on the use of randomness. The number generator in machines can operate in the range from 1 to hundreds of billions of options per second.

The frequency of winning combinations and the percentage allocated to the lucky ones from the total revenues are programmed in advance and for a long period. Therefore, there may be no winnings on the machine for several days, or a large sum of money is won on it twice a day.

The simplest gaming machine has 3 spinning reels with various combinations, which gives 30 positions or 27,000 possible combinations for falling out. That is, the chance of a gambling enthusiast hitting the jackpot is 27,000 to 1. Even if you consider the speed of the random number generator, the probability of pressing a button or lever at the time of a winning combination is negligible.

It is extremely difficult to win the jackpot on the machines, as they are pre-programmed for a fixed percentage and frequency of payments. Professional players who know how to play slots smartly recommend paying attention to devices with a low winning frequency, along with a high percentage of prize payouts.

Video Slot Volatility

When slot machine rules and regulations discuss variability or variance, it is technically the same thing.

The level of volatility reflects the degree of riskiness of the selected game. It is this indicator that shows players what the probability of winning in a particular case is. The higher the level of volatility, the more the player risks. Many users begin to confuse the concepts of theoretical return and variance when choosing a slot. And this is a big mistake since these concepts are not identical.

A fairly high return percentage characterizes the bulk of modern slot machines, so it often makes up more than 95%. This means that players can get 95% of the invested funds back as winnings. The casino reserves an advantage of no more than 5%.

However, if the slot has a high level of volatility, this may mean that winning is not so easy. In this case, only one player will win, and this will be a breakdown of the real Jackpot. It is necessary to understand that volatility or dispersion is a rather conventional concept that is not assigned to slots in specific indicators since it cannot be said with maximum confidence how often winning combinations develop in them.

Manufacturers always indicate a theoretical return percentage, but they never seek to register the volatility of a slot, which confirms all of the above.

  1. With high dispersion – characterized by rather long sessions, in which almost no winnings occur.
  2. With medium dispersion – the most common devices in the world of gambling, and they are characterized by a fairly frequent loss of game combinations and decent payouts. Bonus rounds often happen, while lengthy gaming sessions without winning in such slots are a rarity. These slots are especially in demand among players today.
  3. With low volatility – characterized by frequent payouts, which are not too large. Usually, it’s enough to make 1-2 bets, as paid combinations immediately fall out. It’s very difficult to get decent payouts in such slots, so you often have to connect bonus funds or other additional features that bring decent winnings to players.

One way to check volatility is to look at the slot’s casino rules or payout table. We are trying to keep you updated on all the last changes made by the developers.

Classic Genre – Parsing the Most Demanded Five Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are the most common type in the world of online gambling. Such models are distinguished by an exciting plot, modern sound design, and the presence of interesting bonus rounds. Unlike their classic predecessors, 5-reel slots have more pay lines.

They have various subjects: from television comedies to favourite cinema masterpieces, from cavemen to aliens from outer space. Now we will talk about several features that help to understand how to play classic slots.

Features of Five Reel Slots

To understand how to play 5 reel slots, you should understand their device. Almost all video slots, consisting of five reels, have several characteristic features:

  • The playing field, as a rule, has a 5 × 3 format. That is, each reel is a vertical section with three symbol cells;
  • More playing lines than the three-reel predecessors. Their number varies from game to game, but the classic version is from 10 to 20 pay-lines;
  • Presence of special characters. Very often, two or even three pictures with special features take part in 5-reel machines, for example, wild, scatter and bonus;
  • Availability of prize options. Typically, such models contain several bonus rounds at once, among which there are: free spins, thematic mini-games, rounds to double the gain or to increase its amount by 4 times;
  • Winning combinations in such models are formed quite often. And they are usually paid according to the linear rate and the corresponding payout ratio.

Due to the variety of slot machines with five reels, each user can choose a model that suits his preferences. Many devices from this category combine an interesting storyline, user-friendly interface, and exciting bonus features.

How To Win At Slot Machines in Canada – Slots Strategy

99% of gambling people don’t follow any casino slots strategy; this is the reason for most losses. On our site, you can learn many winning online slot strategies that will increase your chances of winning.


How to win at slots BankrollOne of the most important things when gambling understands that you need some separate money that you will use for the Casino only. You cannot use them to buy cigarettes or food or clothes, etc. Depending on your play style, you can define how much money is needed.

If you play small, you don’t need a big bankroll, but deep pockets will be necessary if you are a high-roller. For example, you’re betting no more than 5 CAD per spin, so we recommend you have around 1000 bets in your bank account – 5000 CAD.

This money can look astronomical for some of you, but it isn’t. You need this much money because, in slots, it is very easy to “tilt” and lose a considerable amount. That’s why we suggest a more significant amount to cover the days when you lose and go out of your mind.


how to win at slots betSo, we already know the advantages, but how do I choose the slot that suits me best? When you know your bets and the bankroll, you need to look at the hidden parameters of the game, such as the probability of triggering the bonus, how often it gives out payment combinations and the wagering rating, you need to do this before playing.

We always try to review as many slots as possible and reveal their hidden data.

How to Bet Correctly

Professionals playing on slots with one voice say: “Do not try to be greedy!” It’s not about lowering half the monthly salary in one game but about reasonable investments. Too small bets do not bring a win – this is the system. The rules of playing these games say that you should gradually increase bets.

It is unnecessary to invest significant amounts, but doubling the initially small ones is possible and necessary. It’s worth replaying the machine, but as soon as it gives out a win, stop the game immediately.

  • The ability to stop. Perhaps this game rule is the most important thing, without which it’s just no sense to play for money, but you don’t even have to sit down at slot machines. In no case should you pin your hopes on winnings as the main source of income. Any game is good only as long as it is a game – we do not take it too seriously and do not spend significant amounts for ourselves.
  • The right attitude. This rule, how to play video slot games, is also an important part of a good game. If there is doubt or, on the contrary, impatience and excitement gnaw at the soul, then it is better to take a deep breath and postpone the One-armed Bandit until the next time.


Stop-lossStop-loss is one of the fundamental rules when playing in an online casino in Canada. It means that you will stop playing at a certain amount of loss. The point is to risk no more than 10% of your current balance, and even better, 5%. So, for example, if you have C$2000, you need to start the session with C$200, and if you lose them, you have to stop playing under all circumstances.

You need to remember that it is essential to stop playing after losing 10% of your balance. Do not say: “come on, just a few more spins”; “the slot is about to trigger a bonus feature, I cannot stop now”; “I have C$1800left, I can spend 200 more, and I will not play tomorrow”, etc. Betting 1 dollar after you go over the limit can put you in big trouble. Believe us, it is better to lose a small part of your money than to lose everything.

Risky game (double feature)

Do not risk your payment combination. The chance to double it is less than 50%, and this feature is made entirely to the advantage of the Canadian online Casino. I will now give you an example of when a risk game is acceptable.

A few years ago, a friend of mine found a bug at slots in a land-based casino, the name of the game is well-known to all – Mega Jack. So, he found out that he was doubling the win of C$5 2 times out of ten… he was able to reach the limit of doubling, which was nine times, and the winning was C$1280. So, yeah, he was delighted until the owner of the Casino caught him… this period lasts around two weeks.

Stop win

Stop win is also one of the fundamental rules for a successful game. Unfortunately, most players don’t make limits at the beginning of their session. We advise you to do the opposite and put restrictions on the desired win. For example, let’s say we started the session with C$200. The best way to win would be to concentrate on winning 20%-30% of your initial deposit.

Yes, it doesn’t sound like a lot and isn’t enough for most of you, but imagine the total sum in a long distance (weeks or months).

Some gamblers try to follow this rule, but their limit is usually 50-100% of the initial deposit. I will tell you a secret: most of them aren’t able to do it. Remember that if you pick a low stop limit, it would be much easier to stop.

Reduce the bets when losing

I know that reducing the bets when losing doesn’t sound logical for many of you, but this is the best move. Imagine that you started with 1000 CAD, and you have lost 150 of them already, you set a loss limit at the beginning of the session of 200 CAD. Your bet is 1 CAD, and you only have 50 bets left in your balance.

In this situation, we advise you to lower the bet to 0.5 CAD. Like that, you will have a double chance to increase the current balance. 100 spins are better than 50 in a long distance. Reducing the bet will give you more time to pass through the cycle. It will increase your chance to hit a big win. I always follow one simple rule: if all goes right, don’t change anything, but if luck is not with you, then you should definitely do something different.

Increase the bet when winning

Now, we’re in the opposite situation, we’ve won a significant sum already. Let’s say we started again with 1000CAD and we won 500, so there is 1500CAD in our account. Our stop win is 20%-30% of the initial deposit, so we have 200CAD on top that can be used for higher bets. Anyway, we will stop at a win of 300CAD, why not raise the bets for a while, just like that, for luck?

Once, I played with 2000CAD, and I won 2000CAD for 10 minutes, so I had 4k CAD in my account. I started the session with the idea that I will stop on a 25% win of the initial deposit, so I had 1500CAD on top. I decided to risk the money on higher bets. In the beginning.

I was betting 5CAD, but after the win, I decided to make some spins on 25CAD. Believe it or not, I won 25 000CAD after 10 minutes. I can also mention another important rule: Always push your luck, but not too much, otherwise, you won’t know your limits and what you can achieve in life.

I have to tell you one more thing about increasing the bets; you have to be very careful not to get addicted to the higher stake, it is very dangerous for your future. Keep telling yourself that this bet was trying your luck just today. Remember that it is impossible to have such luck every day.

Tips about casino slot strategy from other players

Tips about how to win at slots from Other PlayersThe world of gambling does not stand still. Popular slot machines get their sequels, and completely new ones appear. Online casinos try to add them to their sites immediately. How can you find the best for yourself from about 200 games (and the list is regularly updated!) From the classic 777 slot machines to the latest innovations with high-quality graphics and dozens of virtual gaming clubs?

You can go the path of self-selection, opening, in turn, all the gaming machines. You can trust the opinion of other players, it is indicated how many times it was chosen and what ratings it was given to it. And you can form your opinion about a particular machine after reading a brief overview. This is also one of the slots strategies.

A detailed text description accompanies each gaming machine. It allows you to understand how many reels and lines the game contains, whether it is possible to play video slots of a mobile casino and whether there are bonuses and auto games, free spins, multipliers, or other factors.

Still, images from the game are placed here, and video reviews have been prepared for some of them. Also, the developers of the site offer a list of similar slot machines that may interest users. And if you have already loved the endless slots, it’s still easier to just use the search bar.

While playing, you need to have a casino slot strategy and to follow the behaviour of the slot. Even the small signs can give you an advantage. For example, we believe if the game is constantly triggering two scatters, but you never get a bonus round, you should try another game.

Even dropping off some symbols on specific cells and reels can “tell” you something. Look if there is a lot of action (bonuses, often payment combinations, etc.) Sometimes, the slot is giving more when playing on a specific bet or denomination. Don’t panic; you will be able to notice all these signs, but practice is needed. After that, your chances of winning at casino slots strategy will dramatically increase.

How to get positive mathematical expectations of winning

Getting positive expectations can happen with the help of bonuses given by Canadian online casinos. We’ll mention the main things.

  • You need to choose a bonus offer with wagering requirements of 35x and a slot machine with an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97% or higher, which can give you a mathematical advantage up to 1.72% over the casino. Statistically, you can win 1.72 CAD for every 100 CAD wagered.
  • By choosing a bonus offer of 40x wagering, we can get a 1.36% advantage (1.36 CAD on 100 wagered.)

The steps described above are legal, so don’t break the casino’s rules. The main difficulty is finding the same amount of bonus offers. This method is called “bonus hunting,” If you like it, look for all trusted Canadian online casinos that offer such bonuses.

How to win at slots at casino using the hidden data

On our site, we try to collect all the necessary information (hidden data) that will help you win. We will give you an example with one of the most popular slots from NetEnt – Blood Suckers) to help you to create the best strategy for slots:

  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is 98%. The distribution of them is in this order: 52% for payment combinations in usual spins, during “the free spins feature” it is 12,9%, for 2 scatter symbols winnings it is 13%, and it is 20,1% for the “Pick and Click” bonus round.
  • The probability of winning in the current spin (including the scatter symbols) is 46.4%. The win on any pay line is 42.9%. Any winning with the “scatter symbols” is 6.1%.
  • The probability of triggering “free spins” is 0.5%.
  • The probability of triggering the bonus “pick and click” is 2.1%.
  • The maximum payout is 90,000 coins.
  • The cycle length is short. It means that you will often win, but it won’t be a big amount.
  • The volatility (variance) of winning is very low.
  • Tester recommendations – positive.
  • The sensitivity to testing in the demo mode is high.
    The RTP in 98% allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino. All slots with an RTP of 96% or higher can give you a positive mathematical expectation.
  • Recommended denominations of bets – in an increase of 10: 0.1 CAD, 1 CAD, 10 CAD, 100 CAD.

We are trying to keep you updated with the hidden data of as many games as we can. Please read it, understand it and your chances of winnings are already higher than before.

Free Spins

Free spins are awarded to players as part of promotions and as bonuses. They allow you to complete spins on our slot machines for free and save all winnings received on these spins. They are automatically set to the maximum number of lines on each, and their value depends on the conditions of the action.

The Most Popular Slot Machine Providers in 2024

In our rating of top video slots, we have collected the most reliable operators verified by real cash withdrawals and resolving issues in favour of players. Here is a list of the best developers:

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • PlayN Go
  • Yggdrasil
  • EGT
  • Endorphina
  • Red Tiger
  • Greentube (Novomatic)
  • Habanero
  • NYX (Nextgen)

Leaders of Free Online Slots

It should be noted that in the online casino, you can play free slot games only on the demo version. In other cases, a free game is almost impossible because to get a win; you must first invest at least one cent. We offer you a list of the best slot machines to play online, which are the most popular and in-demand:

  • 1. Mega Joker – In this video slot, two playing fields are combined at once with three reels and five pay lines each; that is, two game modes are available: main and super-mode. Each of them has its win table, which is located right on the playing field.
  • 2. Dead or Alive. Manufacturer NetEnt. The slot is dedicated to the wild west’s theme, including 5 reels and 9 fixed lines. The online device provides free spins with an x2 multiplier.
  • 3. Jackpot 6000. Consists of 3 reels and 5 lines of active pay lines. The classic “one-armed bandit” has an extremely high payout percentage of 98.96%. The NetEnt development team added two bonus rounds to Jackpot 6000 slot machines: “Eagle or Reshka” – doubling of prize payments, as well as “Supermeter” giving a doubled bet according to previous wins.
  • 4. Playboy. As conceived by its authors, the video slot should appeal to the male audience of online casino customers. In addition to luxurious beauties, offers several bonus symbols, a scattering of free launches, and good payout ratios.
  • 5. Xcalibur. The famous sword was in the spotlight of the best knightly plot that can only be found in the gambling sphere. You do not have to fight in bloody battles to get large rewards with the help of the legendary royal weapons. A number of lines: 9872. The gaming machine has 9 pay lines (their number can be changed) and 5 reels.
  • 6. Gonzo’s Quest is a slot machine from NetEnt, whose interface includes 5 reels, 20 fixed pay lines, and a control panel. The game is dedicated to the Aztecs.

Gonzo’s Quest game features:

  1. reels work according to the avalanche technology – cells with symbols fall, and other images fall into their place;
  2. during the spins, there is a progressive multiplier, from x1 to x5;
  3. the list of characters includes wild and scatter;
  4. after three scatter symbols appear, free spins are launched;
  5. The theoretical percentage of return is 96.0%;
  6. 3D graphics.

Two Reasons Why It’s Worth Playing Slots

Among all online games on the network, the most popular are slot machines. Monthly traffic to gambling sites reaches the millionth mark and continues to grow. There are at least two reasons why these games have become leaders in popularity among all online games:

  • Impressive entertainment. Modern slot machine simulators are created using advanced programming technologies. Thanks to this, they boast incredibly realistic graphics.
  • High odds of winning. By playing slots, you can increase professionalism and learn how to earn good money with excitement. Modern slot machine simulators allow you to win often, and the amount of cash prizes is very impressive.

We hope our article will help you understand how to play online slot games and choose the best option for a comfortable and profitable game. Having understood these points, you can quickly navigate an online casino website, choose slots with the maximum chance of winning, and enjoy the game process.

We recommend that you follow this plan of action:

  • GO to a licensed gambling site

Licensed by more than one commission shows a higher level of dedication and honesty.

  • REGISTER your account only after checking the operator’s history and feedback 

Scamming casinos do not survive long. Any house with a few years of remarkable archives is worthy of the players’ trust.

  • READ the Terms and Conditions sections thoroughly

Never start playing with real money before reading the Terms and Conditions. Scamming casinos do hide some tricky bonus requirements into these regulations or intentionally avoid some advantages for the player rules. (One such rule is responsible gambling – some Canadian online casinos “miss” it on purpose, so you cannot add self-limit with the help of Customer Support)

  • DO SIGN UP with one, or more sites, that offer a huge number of games 

Cheating casinos are not investing in agreements with different game suppliers, i.e. the possibility of direct fraud is smaller.

  • DO TAKE full advantage of bonuses, promotions, and rewards

Conduct experiments in DEMO mode with different new games and play smart till you get the hang of the game.

  • DO TEST more than 1 (preferably 9-10) different slot games

They can be from one or multiple developers. Once you start spinning for real money and hitting a big win, you should learn to stop in time. If you achieved your original goal- hitting a big win and the slot is not in a giving mood anymore, you can go to the next slot that was tested.

  • DO CONSIDER playing for the progressive jackpot.

Choose wisely your preferred network. Not all slots participate in the progressive jackpot accumulation. The ones that partake usually have high dispersion and are estimated as riskier.

  • DO MANAGE your game time. 

If you want to play longer, you can place a smaller bet or play in a single line. This way, you can still trigger some healthy wins. You can effectively search for slots with low volatility and high RTP, which will give you low or mid-sized payouts, but more frequently, i.e. will extend your game.

  • DO STICK to your budget.

Consider your starting bankroll well and manage your emotions throughout your game. At all times, be Gamble Aware for your own sanity protection! Don’t let your greediness or your vengefulness control you.

Explore all the options you are given and enjoy!

Can A Player Affect Slot Machine Work In Online Casino

Can A Player Affect Slot Machine Work In Online CasinoThe human brain is not a robot, and most of the time is difficult for us to accept there are mathematical laws that we cannot control. It’s the same thing with online slots, they work on the same principles: random outcome of each spin. We are always looking for patterns to follow, and it is much easier for us to accept the surrounding world by some models.

The sun rises from the east and goes down on the west; we add gasoline (electricity) to the car and start driving, all this is an algorithm that we use to live every day, and it cannot be changed. It’s the same with slots and their work. We push the button and start spinning and shows us an animation, but the software already “knows” the spin result. Ok, but how can the player affect the slot machine work?

The main rule at any slot machine

The main rule in the slot is called RNG (random number generator), this means that each spin is different and doesn’t depend on the previous one – you need to remember this. Do you know how high the probability is to hit two jackpots in one game session? It is close to impossible, but there is still a possibility because of the RNG.

When we press the button “Spin,” the slot connects to the server, and after the reels are spun, the final result is shown on the screen; everything is coming from the provider’s software. The game can be in a “Hot mood” (have enough money in the prize to trigger a big win) or a “Cold mood” (need to collect money for the prize pool).

How does pirated software work?

We advise you to carefully check the licence of the slot (fake software) before you start playing at the casino. Hackers usually make fake copies of providers such as Novomatic, Igrosoft and Playtech. Anything can happen if the Canadian casinos work with fake software, the RNG is not random, and the owner of the casino can do whatever he wants with the RTP of the games. For example, he can make the RTP from 96% to 70% and many other tricks to make you lose more.

Is the result from the bonus round known in advance?

Is the result from the bonus round known in advance?The bonus rounds in most slots (there are some without bonus features) are a player’s desire. This feature can give you the biggest payouts and return your lost money. They are the same as regular spins; the RNG takes the statistics from your account and looks at the prize pool to “decide” how much to give. The result is known right after the bonus is triggered.

Statistic of bonus features

Compared with the usual spins, the bonus features are triggered more rarely. If you want to make a statistic of bonus rounds and understand what and when to expect things from the spin, it would be much easier than in the main game.

You can create a file (excel, word, etc.) and write down the statistic of the future 100 bonuses. So after that, you should have a clear idea of what to expect, but like everything, this will take you time, and you will need to be patient. This will make you a more professional player and will increase your chance of further winnings. Good luck!


So, can the player affect the work of the slot? In our opinion, we cannot affect the final result of the spin or bonus round. There is RNG in the slots that are connected with the prize pool, and according to the player’s statistics, the RNG “decides” to take or give money. Also, the next spin is always independent of the previous one, so even if you have the chance to win two jackpots, the probability is almost zero. That’s why we believe our winnings depend mostly on the right slots chosen and the best bonus offer that the Canadian online casino offers.

Slot Machine Bug and Hole at Online Casino Canada

Slot Machine Bug and Hole at Online Casino CanadaYou will find the answer to How To Find Slot Machine Bug And Holes in this section. First, we will talk about how the provider software works, and we will share the experience of our testers. You might not know this, but some second versions of the slots are 95% the same functionality, just with little difference, mostly new symbols and some different features. But the strangest thing is that it works mainly for taking money from the player. Sounds weird, eh?

A perfect example is Aliens slot, which received an award for innovation in 2014. Unfortunately, the game was removed in 2017! Why would NetEnt remove one of its best slot machines that was bringing a lot of money, hm? Don’t you think that someone found a bug in the system and was winning all the time before he/she was caught? To fix the bug, providers are developing a new version.

What can the reason for developing the second version be?

  • The slot is top-rated, and the providers believe the second version will bring them even more money.
  • Improved graphic and features
  • Found a bug (hole) in the previous one.

These are the three reasons for making a new version, but right now it is about time to tell you our experience, on which our article is devoted. A few years ago, we found a bug in a Jack Hammer slot. Believe us or not, we won around 150,000 CAD at this slot.

We were lucky and patient enough, and this lasted for around three months. After that, the slot was re-programmed, and the most normal thing happened – the game wasn’t the same, mostly taking money. So soon after that, the second part was developed – Jack Hammer 2.

Features of Jack Hummer and Jack Hummer 2

We know you are interested in our case, that’s why we will write about it. First, we noticed that on bets of 25 CAD and 250 CAD, the slot behaved very strangely; it was paying us more than 100% RTP (return to player percentage), and the original declared by NetEnt is 97%. So, we made more than 2 million spins on these bets. Then, of course, we had bad days where our loss was more than 30k CAD, but also good days with a win over 100k CAD. Huge volatility, eh?

After a few months, our total result was 150k+ CAD. Of course, it was much more, but it took days before we noticed that the bug was fixed… Soon after that case, the second version was on the market – Jack Hammer 2.

Vulnerabilities: Achilles heel of the Canadian online casino

In bugs, we don’t mean huge mistakes in the software, mostly something small, like different behaviour on some bets, which is primarily favourable for the player. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the slot will only be “eating” your money at all other stakes. In total, finding such a bug is tremendous luck for the player and a nightmare for the casino.

Let’s take a look at the other side. What will happen if the casino notes to the provider that one player keeps winning at the exact slot? What can the consequences be? If the casino refuses to pay the money, it can ruin the entire business. And what’s the reason they declined? The player didn’t do anything illegal. That’s why they are offering a deal to the provider to share the losses.

Now, we are coming to the provider’s side. What can they do? Of course, the first thing is to fix the bug. The point is that they cannot close the version just like this: what about all the other players who lost a lot on it? Such a move will be very unprofessional. So, the best step is to develop another version and fix the bug on the first one, which is a slow process. After this is done, the first version is re-programmed on “taking money mood,” “oh, that hurt…

Personal experience

We are a team of players with over 12 years of experience in gambling. We’ve been playing on many slots before selecting Jack Hammer; we liked “Sticky Win Feature.” Firstly, we played on a 25 CAD bet, and we saw a considerable change in behaviour. However, our experience tells me that if luck is found, it doesn’t change anything, so we won over 150,000 CAD in several casinos.

At the end of every day, we calculated the RTP, and the average was 125%, which is a massive difference. But, of course, our curiosity pushed us to track all the possible variants to win; we were losing on all bets except 25 and 250.

We are trying to say that as time passes, following our recommendations, you will start noticing some small signs that can help you increase your chance of winning. Such signs can often be dropped off two scatters, symbols in the same positions, or many wild symbols without big payment combinations.

How do slots work?
  • Immediately after we press the “Spin” button, the slot sends information about your account (history and statistics) to the software of the provider and the software already “knows” the result of the spin. This process is much shorter than we see, perhaps less than a second. But it won’t be fun if we get the result after the button is pressed; that’s why all the animations are made for more adrenaline.
  • After the spin is made, the RNG creates a random combination of numbers, for example, 2, 43, 16, 23, 11. Each one of them is a specific symbol on the reels. For example, let say 2 is a Cherry on the 1st reel and 2nd row, 43 is a Scatter on the 2nd reel and 3rd row, 23 is a Wild od on the 3rd reel and 1st row, etc.
  • If the slot has many symbols and pay lines, this combination of numbers can be thousands. There is a close connection between RNG and the prize pool. RNG checks how much money is in the prize pool and “decides” how much to give out or take from the player. You can be sure that RNG in all licensed slots is reliable; the relevant organizations continuously check it.
  • So, what have we learned about “is there a way to win at slots”? First, it’s extremely important to have a considerable reserve of bet balance (a few thousand). Second, the best way to win on slots is to choose no more than 10 games and explore them in every aspect.
  • Learn as much as possible about the slot, the RTP, the cycle, the volatility, the probability of triggering the bonus, the wagering rating, etc. Finally, it is essential to choose by the bet you want to play and how much it can pay.
  • You shouldn’t risk more than 5%-10% of your balance (stop-loss)for one day, and of course, the opposite situation; stop when you win 20%-30% of your initial deposit. To be honest, winning in a Canadian online Casino is far more dangerous than losing; in this case, you can get too addicted to gambling.
  • In this article, we discussed many fundamental rules and tips to win at slotstips to win at slots, there is also one more: never risk if you are afraid of losing; this rule applies to life in total, not only in gambling.
FAQs about Slots
Why is it better to play on the Internet and not in a real casino?

To answer which is better - real or virtual casinos are rather difficult. But Internet establishments have one indisputable advantage - accessibility. If you live in a gambling zone, you can always visit a real club. But if to enjoy the game, you must admit that not everyone can afford it, and not everyone will have time. So visiting an online casino will be the best way out of the situation.

They say that online casinos are cheating. Is it true?

Indeed, this happens. There are scammers everywhere. So, it would help if you wisely approached the choice of online casinos for real money. It is easy enough to distinguish a reliable institution: certified software and working support service. Also, pay attention to the availability of bonuses and promotions, the duration of the club, and the number of users online.

Many are faced with the problem of getting a win. Why?

There may be several reasons. The most obvious is the fraudsters. This happens, so choose only proven online casinos. Another reason is your carelessness. Many users rush when registering and indicate inaccurate or incorrect information. And when the data is incorrect, the casino suspects the player of fraud and often refuses to pay him. To avoid difficulties, be careful when registering and immediately indicate the correct information.

Are the slots adjustable to smaller RTP (return to player percentage)?

The common belief is that Canadian online casinos cannot manipulate the games' settings easily (like everybody was concerned about land-based casinos). However, there have been signals regarding Play'N Go slots with 91.51% (RTP) instead of 96.51% (publicly announced by the software provider) in some particular casinos. (Play'N Go slot Holiday Seasons - adjusting RTP controversy) Remember: Even a 5% decrease in RTP can be totally dramatic for the player. Only when gambling at NetEnt casinos (regulated with a central server), you can have an honest not adjusted consequentially RTP (rigged by the casino itself with the “(in) valid” reason of jurisdictions request).

Can you earn quick cash playing slots?

Yes, sure, sometimes. But other experiences can be devastating, and it seems that over time the frustrating moments will prevail. The payouts we know are entirely up to luck, which is actually a good thing because luck can change!

Which is better? Microgaming or Netent?

Unlike the NetEnt centrally controlled the software and rigorously picked operators' practice, Microgaming slots are individually procured by the operators with no further tangible liability for doing fair business after the acquisition, i.e. the casinos have the opportunity to tamper with the games, once Microgaming seals the deal. In the former times, Microgaming were handed out almost for nothing, which at that point diminished the developers’ evident achievements and the manufacturer’s reputation. In this sense, having games priced so down for many shady just launched casinos was an easy way to close the entire establishment rather than to pay some big win. Moreover, licensed slots are supposed to work equally in DEMO and REAL money mode. There is no certainty that if you perform your tests on specific slots by other than NetEnt developers, you will have identical software once you start playing for real money.

When can I play?

If you are keen on playing with real money, you can put aside one amount (from your salary) and reserve it for a couple of months. Then you can reward yourself with a “Friday” game night, for example (a very obvious decision in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation), replacing your usual going out to some local event or physical gambling house with online game activity. Then besides having fun, earning cash could be just a side gig! After all, at Canadian online casinos, you can play with the positive mathematical expectation of winning. Contrary to that, if you have a very limited budget and your only goal is to profit that small amount, we recommend not even starting it! The possibility of losing everything on top of the negative pent-up emotions like being damned, pitiful, and broken is almost unavoidable.

I won. What now?

Yes, you are a winner! The slot is defeated! Hooray! Please, handle yourself with dignity and restraint. Don’t play anymore. Just withdraw your payout, and rest for a while from the casinos! Have some free time for yourself and your family! If you resume playing with the money won, you will most probably lose everything because you are looking forward to extra money. Before returning to the game, you should reevaluate all that happened. If you still think this is the right slot for you, then get back after a week and play once more with the same victorious slots strategy!

I have lost. Can I recoup?

You weren’t fortunate with a prize in this slot. With the loss, your brain is swirling - the pragmatically tailored “you” want to solve the situation with the vanished capital somehow. One of the “solutions” is to place a new deposit and put a higher stake. But often there is no more fund. Or even after putting fresh cash into the machine can fruitlessly hit your head against the hoggish slot. There are no shortcuts. You keep on losing. Canadian casinos make a major profit from players who attempt to win back their losses.

What to do when the slot doesn’t pay anything?

You can try some techniques like: refreshing the casino page, shuffling the game with a few abrupt “stops,” changing the stakes - up/down. It may be that your bet is too high, and you have to spin many more times to win your refund, but you don't have any deposit left! If you did all of the above and the slot still doesn't give anything, there is no point in filling it with more cash! Just come back in an hour! There is a chance to return your temporary bank and even give you the maximum payout! You cooled off and came back, but still nothing. Then forget it! The slot didn’t keep your bank! No reason to think that you will recover! Your temporary bank starts accumulating again from scratch!

To stay or go? To play or not?

The slot didn’t give you anything for the whole session. Thinking that this will change any moment now, and you will get your deserved payout. But it doesn’t happen. Stop hankering! Keep your money plans. Do not spend more than you initially intended. You are already a loser! Don’t add the word “big” before! Collect your stamina and move on! If you are not winning at slots strategy today, well, it is not your lucky day! Join the crowd, my friend; these are the feelings of near 100% of all gamblers! Gather your strength and concentrate on different things! You can go back to playing another time.

What to do If the slot paid already?

Confirm the status of the slot by testing it with some more (5-10) spins and then leave. You can go to some other game from the same developer or from other providers. Just broaden your options! Don’t let one slot drain you or consume you the entire time! It was already generous to you more than to other players! If you go there over and over again, there is a chance that you will spend 5x, 10x more than what you once won! All because of the mindful first-hand memo: you know how handsomely this slot can pay!

What to do to snap the third scatter?

If you are constantly getting two scatters and can’t catch the third, you can refresh the page hoping that this will revive the game, and if the slot still doesn’t pay, try to grab the third scatter by hitting the "stop” button. Otherwise, you can increase (but not lowering!) the stake for a couple of spins. Ultimately, if this doesn’t give the expected result, go away and resume your game later. If it keeps happening again, that means that the situation is somewhat changed, but not in your favour. Change the slot!

Why are only two scatters appearing often?

It could be that this is a game where two scatters are paid at a specific rate. Generally, if the slot reveals two scatters frequently, that signifies that your temporary bank is rife with some cash, and a possible bonus can be triggered any moment now. If it happens that the bonus isn't triggered, that would mean that the amount has been given already, and a good bonus shouldn’t be anticipated soon. When will the next bonus be triggered? It is a mystery. As we established already, if new cash is injected into the slot, the bonus will be triggered quickly.

But what if I had played on a higher stake?

If you all of a sudden strike 10000CAD with a 10CAD bet, don't start to regret that you didn’t play for 100CAD per spin. Even if you wagered 100CAD each round, the machine would've given you the same 10000CAD or yet nothing at all!

How to take back the control over the game after a bonus?

Following a good bonus, you naturally have to try the game with several more spins and see if/how the slot mood has shifted. Behaves hasty and reckless during the free spins. That’s why after the bonus, you can stop the sprint by spinning at intervals! It may have some additional cash to payout or open a “dry-flat” page from the operational book.

I triggered a triple pick-and-win bonus; which of the three options should I choose?

Remember, whichever you select - that is the accurate one for this situation. The machine has already pre-determined the amount that you will win at this point! Because of this, crashing your head "Gee, I should've picked the right box" is worthless. You elected the best treasure chest! So, forget about all the hesitations - appreciate your playing without rupturing your brain with what-ifs!

Is there a way to win at slots?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but if you read the article carefully and build your slots strategies your chances of winning will be much greater.

How to win at slot machines in Cnada?

The slots are the same everywhere unless the country has implemented additional restrictions. The advice we have given you in this article can be applied in any country including Canada.

What is the best strategy to win slot machines?

Each slot machine must be approached individually so there is no single best strategy. By seeing the game's behavior, you will be able to build a strategy according to our tips.

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