Best New Online Casinos Canada 2024

Updated: December 22, 2023

The income of the creators of gambling has increased significantly. Not only income is growing, but also the number of New Online Casinos Canada. If we compare the indicators with last year, the number of new sites in 2024 increased several times.

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100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
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Best New Online Casinos Canada 2024Online casinos have become, for many users, as much an integral part of life as going to the grocery store. The first aspect to point out is accessibility.

Now you don’t need to go to the casino if you want to play some games. You need to download the application on your mobile phone or use the official website. Thus, the high demand for online services has grown.

However, a new problem arose. The number of sites with gambling increased, therefore doubts arose. Why are there doubts? The answer to the question is straightforward. Even more gambling websites became available to people, and even more, doubts became available in our heads.

Now they don’t know what is better to use. Conditions are favourable in some and even better in others. Nevertheless, we decided to reduce your headache. We have selected the 10 best casinos. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

How to find the best casino?

So many online casinos are on the market right now.  But how do we find out which is the best one? We all want to ensure that the place is safe and receive our money from the Canadian online casino. First of all, to be listed on our site, the betting website is checked by our team in all possible ways, and the operator is trusted. Secondly, we will answer the question – what makes one gambling website good?

What makes a casino good?

The first and most important criterion is the gambling site license. Without it, don’t waste your time and money. The problem with new casinos is the information we find as punters; modern Canadian online casinos don’t have many reviews.

2 aspects make a casino good: live dealer games and the most popular providers in their portfolio. When a betting site wants to partner with us and doesn’t cover 1 of these criteria, we don’t lose our time with them.

Which new casinos should I choose to play?

This is a much more complicated question. All new casinos %% currentyear%% are targeting as many players as possible. Some of them are offering big bonuses, and others fast payouts; the third is making tournaments. In total, all new gambling sites (old ones as well) want the player to have fun when playing.

Our target is to make your choice easy; that’s why we will recommend you the best new Canadian online casino for 2024, where you can have all the fun and trust.

You will not have any problems with your withdrawals at Fastpay Casino, and they also have one of the fastest payouts in the world. Players who register using our website will automatically receive a welcome bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to C $ 150 (0.1BTC, 3ETH, 1BTC, 10LTC) 50x wagering requirements.

For our players, the VIP bonus on the first deposit is activated. For the readers of our site, a no deposit sign-up bonus is triggered at Fastpay casino.

New casinos games and software

The new Canadian casinos (license ones) have better software than the old ones. The design looks better; the slot’s quality is higher; in total, the pleasure can be much more than in some ancient and non-updated casinos. The modern betting sites know that the player needs a safety game; that’s why their sites are made very comfortable and safe.

New casinos mobile compatibility

It’s not a secret that the 21st is the century of mobile devices. That’s why all modern online Canadian casinos are compatible with Android and IOS. Otherwise, the betting site is dead before opening. Gambling is everywhere. I’ve seen people gamble while waiting in traffic jams, and others when shopping; this is the reason why all the best new casinos Canada can be compatible with mobile devices.

New casinos bonuses and promotions

Right now, there are more than 2000 gambling sites in the world. That’s why new gambling sites are giving bigger promotions than older sites. The competition is huge, and only the best will survive. All this is very good for players, eh?

New casinos payment methods

To be number 1, you must satisfy as many punters as you can. Each good and reliable gaming site should have various payment methods offered to the player. Most of the new Canadian online casinos even have cryptocurrencies, which make gambling even better.

New casinos responsible for gambling

This is one aspect that older casinos don’t care about so much (of course, there are always exceptions). But the new gambling sites know that this is an important part of you want to be a top gambling website and provide excellent services to players who can’t behave. This can be bet and deposit limits, as well as a cooling-off period etc.

New casinos customer care

In our eyes, no matter if you are selling vegetables or managing a betting website, the customer service provided has to be the best. Many Canadian gambling sites are bankrupt because they are good at many things but terrible at talking with players. All good new casinos Canada has 24/7 customer support and will help you in every situation.

New casinos welcome bonuses

There is no betting website globally (license ones) that will not give you a welcome bonus, especially the new ones. The gambling site’s bonus policy attracts all players, and the welcome bonus is one of the most important. If the casino is offering such a bonus, 99% has a license and can be trusted.

Fastpay – New Online Casino Canada

Fastpay Casino newThe leader of our top list is the new gambling website called Fastpay Casino. Its main feature is quick payments. The amount you need will be withdrawn within a few minutes. Such an example indicates that the name is fully true.

Fastpay, one of the newest casinos Canada has quite a lot of advantages. For example, the opportunity to open an account in a club can be provided to players from more than 100 countries in the world. Not all gambling sites can boast of such a result. If we talk about games, then their number is huge (more than 2000 games).

The developers have tried on the interface of each game. One must also admit the work of support service. The support service is open around the clock. You can contact them in the following ways: live chat, email, and a contact form (talking about the «support» section). The gaming site also boasts a large list of available payment methods. This is a betting website that is worth visiting at least once in your life.

New Casino – Casumo

The second gambling website on our list has a lot of rewards. Awards have been received since 2012 and are received today. This fact underlines the professionalism of the platform.

This betting site provides a considerable amount of bonuses for its players. They do this in gratitude for their high activity. For example, have you ever heard of a betting site that encourages its players? They get bonuses and prizes just for playing their favourite games. It sounds so cool.

The site releases new exclusive games weekly. Games go through a thorough selection process before release. Promotions are held every year where you can win cool prizes. Tournaments are also available. They are in great demand among players.

Great demand is growing because you can get not only prizes but also a great mood. Tournaments give truly unforgettable sensations that you want to feel again and again. Certainly, do not forget that you need not forget to stop in time. Otherwise, a good mood will turn into the worst!

Videoslots Casino

Videoslots is another great place for online games. The developers of the site provide a huge number of jackpots, a new online casino no deposit bonus, and prizes. Promotions also exist. For example, the famous promotion itself is called «Free cash giveaways.»

This gambling website provides modern casino slots, the number of which increases each time. If you have questions during the game, a professional support team will answer you. They will answer you at any time, whether it be a day or even night. You will get more than just quick answers. You will get competent answers with help and not with a meaningless set of words.

The site provides restrictions on games. This is a great idea because everyone knows how games can tighten. If you cannot tell yourself to stop, do not hide it, and do not make it worse. Write to the website support team to set limits. This fact, without any doubt, indicates that the site cares about its players.

New players are given a unique opportunity. They get nice bonuses for signing up. More detailed conditions can be found on the official website of the online casino.

Bitstarz Casino

This gambling site guarantees fast payments without any problems. Part of the payments goes automatically at lightning speed. Even those that are manually confirmed do not take more than 10 minutes on average!

Bitstarz openly says that here you will meet the highest level of professionalism. The experience of each employee is at least three years. They know absolutely everything about the industry of new casino games.

Bitcoin is the basis of the cryptocurrency on the site. Encryption technologies are used to protect transactions in Bitcoins. According to the developers of the site, this is the most reliable system that exists at the moment. The Bitcoin network is absolutely free. She offers the opportunity to expedite the transaction when paying a small commission.

Riobet Casino

Riobet Casino is the new gambling website that appeared in 2014 on the gambling platform. The company serves players from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Russia, and many others.

A feature of betting sites is considered a social network inside the site. Players are allowed to communicate with each other during games, and tournaments. They can also communicate at other social events on the official site.

Privacy policy respected. This is an agreement between a company and a player that is respected with all warranties. Changes may occur in the process (the casino company has all rights).

The team strives to meet the highest standards of fairness of the games provided on the official website. They use only certified games from manufacturers to comply with established standards.

Play Fortuna Casino

The logo of this new gambling website is a golden horseshoe. Such a logo was chosen not in vain because the golden horseshoe brings good luck. Play Fortuna appeared in 2012, and since then, the site has been occupying the highest positions. Players are happy with what they are provided.

They are provided with a wide range of high-quality games, transparency and honesty of the gameplay, and a beautifully designed site and new online casino no deposit bonus. It is worth noting that the black background is typical for most sites. However, this betting site managed to excel here. They replaced the usual theme of tone for all with gilded velvet shades.

There are tournaments here, as in many other casinos. There is a big difference from others. Play Fortuna gives its players interesting modern gadgets as prizes. For example, virtual reality glasses.

Booi Casino

Capuchin, which cannot sit still, is the logo of one of the good New Online Casinos Canada. The kid loves freedom and fun. Its characteristic is that the site is ready to provide everything useful. The developers have created a large number of games for fun.

They gave freedom of choice and decisions. Moreover, they provided reliability. Booi gambling website provides licensed software. Security of electronic payments and personal data are guaranteed. Even if you have questions, the support service will not keep you waiting for an answer.

Baby Booi is also a lover of variety. The developers tried and eventually created bonus promotions, weekly tournaments and lotteries, free spins for deposits, and many other offers. Do not miss such offers and always participate. Sometimes a stock can be doubly profitable than ever.


Joycasino is not in vain considered to be one of the best online gambling portals. Each visitor undoubtedly finds a gaming machine to his taste. Moreover, he receives a lot of money for this.

Constant work is ongoing on the site. For example, new casino slots are being developed on an ongoing basis. So, you have a chance to use them before anyone else. It is not difficult to find them because the site’s interface is clear and easy to use.

One of the most striking features of this site is free buildup. It was created so that visitors could make their choice, fill their hands and start the competition. First, a virtual win will be received, but then a real battle will begin.

It is worth paying attention to an interesting design. It resembles a marine theme and a piece of the jungle. It looks lovely, and the desire to play only grows.

Surf Casino

This is a young but ambitious gambling website created by a friendly and professional team. The creator claims that he had to deal with fraud, dishonest payments, and games. He decided that it is necessary to create a decent new online casino that will include all the most important.

These are quick and honest payments, honest treatment of players, the validity of the license, and the absence of limits on payments. In this way, a modern betting site was created, which is in great demand. Andrey, the site’s creator, believes that honesty and comfort are the main criteria of Surf Casino.

The casino has been operating successfully for more than 1 year. Scandals have not been seen in all time with this gaming site.

TTR Casino

A new gambling website, which appeared in 2016, completes our list. Casino, in a short time, managed to get a high rating. The quality justifies the rating. For example, the world’s leading suppliers of slot machines collaborate with this site. Net Entertainment is one of the famous suppliers included in the Guinness Book of Records.

New players are provided with various bonuses. For example, 500 free spins. Some gaming sites can only give 50 free spins. The difference is immediately felt! At the same time, you can get even more free spins. You need to be careful and monitor the site whenever possible. The most important thing is to specify all the terms of the shares, and the conditions to stay up to date.

It is also worth noting that the site provides a wide selection of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. The withdrawal of funds is carried out literally within a few minutes.

I was so stupid, it was a new gambling site, what I was expecting?

You need to know that the gambling site cannot control the RTP (return to player percentage), volatility, cycle and any other slot settings; the provider’s software configures all of this.


We choose a New Online Casino Canada with a bonus offer of up to 1000 CAD with 40x wagering requirements; in this case, the player must rollover 40 000 CAD before he/she can withdraw the money.

Such bonuses given by the casinos are very expensive for the gambling site itself, but they will attract many new punters very quickly. It will also be challenging for the punter to wager 40k even if they hit a big win; perhaps only 5-10% will do it.

If you want to throw your money, why not give it to me? If you play on a new gaming site, you are crazy!!. New casinos 2024 are like a pyramid. The first players will have no chance to win money because they will fill the prize pool. Most of them will trigger an almost empty bonus round, free spins, etc. Second, players will also lose money, but this process will be a bit slower.

They will be able to win something but not initially, but when they already lost half of their deposit, they will continue playing to win the full deposit back; in the end, the result is obvious – zero. After that, perhaps there will be some gamblers who will be able to finish the session with winnings.

You can imagine the situation if we compare it with two players on the Texas Hold ’em table. Both of them start the game with 10 000 CAD (20k on the table). A few hours later, each of them will have 8 000, and the rest will be for a rake of the betting website – this is called RNG (random number generator).

Good deal for the gambling site, eh? It is the same with slots, 20 000 will be spun within a few hours, and according to the RTP of the slot (let’s say is 96%), 4% of all wagered money will be the winning shared between the casino and the slot’s provider. The rest of the money will be reserved in the prize pool for further winnings in that slot. That’s how it works!!!

The casino always wins!!! ROI

What is ROI – the return of the investments? You will see the formula on the picture on the right side. If the casino has proper management and cares about its reputation, it is 99% sure that it will win over 50% of the money spent on opening and advertising the new business. Therefore, the gambling website is usually an excellent income resource, and not a lot of money is needed.


What conclusions can be drawn from all this? First of all, you are provided with an extensive list of fantastic new online casinos. You could see for yourself after reading that the relatively recent appearance in the field of gambling does not worsen the situation in any case.

Some already managed to win awards; others boast of reliability, while others speak of reliable protection. And some include all the indicators inherent in the best casino immediately! We hope the newbie myth is dispelled once and for all.

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