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Updated: December 22, 2023

This article will be fascinating for players who like to play on higher bets and those who use the progressive betting strategy. We will try to keep you in touch with the best High Roller Casino Canada with the best offers for VIP players.

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Best High Roller Casino for Canadians - High Stakes CasinosPlease pay attention that each casino has its own restrictions on the max bet or withdrawing limits per day/week/month (best casinos with high limits). You need to know that high rolling can be very dangerous; most players that can afford to make bets of over 25CAD have a serious amount of money in their reserves, and they don’t play on credit.

Best slots for high-rolling

The best slots for big bets are usually those with a higher RTP (return to player percentage); the other ones we recommend are the slots in a “Hot” state. We recommend you use a strategy if you planning on high rolling.

One of the recommended strategies is “Hit and Run” (change the slot after a big win). The reason is that when you hit a huge sum, the prize pool will be empty after the win and the slot start collecting your money, rarely giving winning out; it’s doing this to fill the prize pool again.

  • Sim Salabim: With an RTP of(97.5%), you can bet 250CAD, and you can win up to 225 000CAD for a single spin.
  • Jack Hammer. An RTP of 97% allows you to bet 250CAD per spin; you can win up to 250 000CAD.
  • Thunderfist. With an RTP of 96.7%, the game enables you to bet 125CAD and win the astronomical maximum payout of 1 215 000CAD
  • Wish Master. The Wish Master slot has an RTP of 96.6%, the maximum bet is 100 CAD, and the maximum payout is 900 000 CAD. The slot has a high variance and can be very dangerous if you’re high-rolling, but the potential win is huge. See the article “How to win in Wish Master.”

We strongly recommend testing the slots in demo mode before you start playing on higher bets at a highroller casino Canada. Another good tactic can be making around 100 spins on smaller stakes so that you can get familiar with the current state of the slot (Hot or Cold). Then if there is a lot of action (combinations, bonuses, etc.), you can raise the bets. If the game is playing without giving winnings out, you should switch to the next game.

Picking the best slots for higher bets

Picking the best slots for high betsIf you plan to play on big bets but don’t know how to choose the right slot, this paragraph is ideal for you. We will try to explain everything step by step: What you need to do when selecting a game to make your chances of winning higher at a high roller casinos Canada.

  • Choose a high roller online casino from the highroller casino review Canada table we have presented above, and make sure that it has the payment system you wish to play with.
  • Make sure you verify your account; you must also make sure that the casino approves the verification. You need to know that each casino will require account verification if you plan to play on big bets. The necessary documents can be a passport, a bank statement or a phone, gas or electricity bill that isn’t older than three months; you will also need a photo of your credit card (if you use it). In addition, a high roller casino online can require a screenshot of your e-wallet (if you use it for deposits).
  • After everything is done, text chat support will save you a lot of nerves in the future and guarantee that you will get your money (if the sum is big). Of course, we only recommend honest and reliable casinos on these sites.
  • Choose a slot that is suitable for your playing style and learn about it as much as possible: volatility, cycle length, RTP, how often it triggers bonus features, etc.
  • You need to know that slots with a long cycle and high volatility will need more money for the game session, but the potential of hitting a payment combination of x200+ is much higher.
  • Please select 2-3 favourite slots in high roller casinos Canada and explore them on the maximum level. It is way better to play only on familiar slots than to select random games.
  • Do not return to the slot where you or somebody else hit a significant sum.
  • Make sure that you take a screenshot of your winning. Let’s hope you will not need it, but this is just in case you have some problems when withdrawing money at the best high roller casinos in Canada.

As I have probably said 100 times, choose only big, well-known and trusted Canadian online casinos (like Fastpay), and then you can play without worrying about your high roller bonus casinos Canada. Such casinos care about their reputation and will not let one winner put the hard work they did over the years down.

Personal Advice

High roller Canada bets with bonus money

It would be best to remember that you will be restricted to the maximum bet allowed. Many gambling sites have started setting limits for the high roller bonus Canada money, and the max bet is usually between 10 – 20 CAD.

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