Description of Belatra Slots

Updated: December 22, 2023

The Belarusian firm Belatra Games is considered to be one of the more experienced competitors in the gaming industry. The firm got its start as a maker of slot machines for traditional land-based casinos. On the other hand, since the introduction of online gambling, it has found a new path to pursue.

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Detailed Review of Belatra Games

Slots produced by Belatra should not be confused with those produced by Igrosoft. As a result, the goods share certain similarities, yet there are fundamental distinctions between them. You will find a list of developer roles below, as well as a description of the primary aspects of the product.

Belatra slots specification

  • Belatra slotsThe majority of the slots have a narrative of some sort. However, the graphic and audio design are both on the simpler side. Fairy Land 2, Alcatraz, and Lucky Drink are some of the most well-known games offered by their respective providers. Every one of them is centred on a different and unique subject that is pertinent to those who bet in Russian.
  • The design of every brand-new slot is colourful, and it is obvious that the supplier is paying attention to the latest trends in the gaming industry. The emphasis is placed on various fascinating tales.
  • The fact that the gameplay is straightforward and easy to comprehend is certainly a positive; however, there is a lot of overlap across levels. Similar to other providers, there aren’t many distinguishing features. It’s possible that such a traditional approach to game creation is connected to the widespread appeal of slot machines among CIS locals; this popularity has persisted since the early days of land-based casinos.
  • The slot machines offer anywhere from one to forty pay lines, however, there aren’t any innovative features like 243 pay lines or more. Everything is unfolding in accordance with the traditional plan. However, there are certain spaces in which it is possible to find that payment combinations can be generated in both directions as well as in the middle. But for the most part, with the exception of anything from ten to forty fixed pay lines.
  • Everything is made quite obvious when considering the betting range. In most cases, the maximum wager for each spin is limited to no more than 2,000 coins. You might like playing High Roller slot machines. It is important to note that the traditional game of Gamble is offered in two different iterations. You can compete with the dealer by trying to find a card that has a higher face value than any other card in the deck, or you can try to predict the colour of a card that is face down. In any event, the player is accountable for double the amount of the most recent payoff.
  • Bonus features may be thought of as either multi-level themed bonuses or free spins. During the course of the free spins, there is a possibility that there may be additional features, such as special symbols or multipliers.
  • Although the developer will never make the theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) public, it is quite likely that it is more than the threshold of 93%. The value of volatility is often set to anywhere between low and medium.

Belatra Games History

The year 1993 saw the beginning of the Belatra Games. As you are already aware, the service provider’s first business focus was on the distribution of slot machines and table games. Following the launch of its online casinos, the firm has developed more than one hundred different games, including slots, video poker, roulette, and others.

Every item has received certification and passed stringent quality assurance exams at both domestic and foreign testing facilities, such as BMM Testlabs and Trisigma. A number of licenses, including a Maltese one, are held by Belatra. In addition to this, it developed its own jackpot system, which linked all of the slots together into a single, accumulative pot.

Our opinion

The fact that Belatra Games has been in business for many years is clearly the most compelling argument in their favour, despite the fact that they have quite a few other strong selling features. It is difficult to criticize the quality of its releases, given that the company has approximately 30 years of experience in software development under its belt.

The firm’s land-based machines are fantastic, and the company provides a high level of support to its casino partners in addition to having well-designed and user-friendly online slots. The fact that it is possible to play Belatra slots with bitcoin is another advantage offered by the developer, in addition to the platform’s ease of integration.

According to the information that we have uncovered, Belatra Games does not host a significant number of its own slot tournaments or network promotions. The provider of the game, on the other hand, is able to develop specialized marketing strategies for casinos.

In addition to this, they do collaborate with a diverse range of online casinos, some of which may provide bonuses that can be redeemed for additional playing funds to use on the Belatra slots.

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