Best Roulette Strategy to Win Big in Canada

Updated: December 22, 2023

After mastering the basics of casino games, most people become curious about the best roulette strategy to win big. There are plenty of betting strategies to choose from, and we’re here to guide you through them.

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Best Roulette Strategy to Win Big in CanadaThe choice of your personal best roulette strategy ever depends mostly on your preferences. Some of them are aggressive, while others are tamer.

The first option brings the biggest profits but is also associated with equally significant risks. The other option is a conservative approach in terms of both profits and safety.

Read our guide to compare different popular strategies and choose a winning strategy that makes the most sense to you personally. You can also pick up valuable tips along the way if you want to win more often.

Before answering how to bet on roulette, we would like to tell a little about its origin. For the first time, a board with a wheel appeared in one of the regions of Western Europe. Local gamblers played at fairs, winning various goods.

As you already understood, European Roulette was the first version of the legendary game. Mariners helped it get to the American coast. In this country, the game has received several changes. Later they became a separate type of roulette. Added cells increased the advantage of Canadian online casinos. Despite this, the game was top-rated.

Players who are going to win need to learn all the nuances. We are here to tell you about them by describing all rules for beginners. Read carefully the full guide to roulette and win real money!

Basic Rules and Principles of Roulette

As already noted, the rules are not complicated. However, you need to know at least general roulette instructions not to lose the last loonie. Upon arrival at the virtual casino, register and select the appropriate table.

The central occurrences of the game are:

  • to buy your chips;
  • to place your chips on your desired places on the betting table (usually, a minimum stake is enforced);
  • to wait for the ball to fall after spinning on the real Roulette.

The betting table corresponds to the actual wheel sockets and holds the player’s inside and outside bets. The same variations of bets are valid for:

  • electronic online casinos,
  • live games at online casinos, and
  • physical (with croupier) casino houses.

The player can place single or multiple bets on a wide range of places and combinations.

This is how any roulette works. The rules are elementary, and you do not need special skills to earn a little. Choosing the right roulette will be the only obstacle since most of them have differences. Participants should pay attention to the wheels that give them a bigger edge. But this is not the only factor affecting the outcome of the session.

Popular Roulette Game Basics

Sitting down at the table, you start the game against the House represented by the croupier. His/her responsibilities include receiving/placing bets, spinning the wheel, and paying prizes. The French and European versions of the wheel offer 36 cells and an extra field with a “0”. American casinos have changed the form of roulette by offering 38 such cells.

How does work? Each participant bets on different chips. Due to the different colours, the dealer will not mix up the winnings. As soon as the wheel stops, he/she will check the winning numbers and pay prizes. Please note you can receive chips or cash immediately. It depends on the casino in which you play. If these are chips, they will turn into real money as soon as you leave the table.

To appear like an experienced player, a beginner should follow the general instructions. First, he needs to choose 1, 2, 3, or more numbers for bets. Depending on the size of the bankroll, he must deliver money. There are special buttons for both actions.

It is important to note that you can bet until the dealer shouts “No More Bets.” In some online games, this moment is determined automatically. In the end, the dealer calls the players who guessed the cell or the number as close as possible to where the ball landed.

As you already understood, 99% of success depends on the selected rates. In the next section, we will talk about their types and features.

Types and Features of Bets

During the game, a participant can make several bets on one cell or group of numbers. The games contain many stake combinations that determine your chances of winning and payouts. Any roulette game for beginners has simple principles: the more bets, the more chances to win real money. Before you start the game and spend money, let’s look at all types of bets.

Inside and outside are the main ones. All virtual roulettes offer them, so you should learn and remember them. Announced bets appeared later; that’s why players can find them much less often. However, they will play with all of them, and it is important to understand what type of bets gives the greatest advantage in the gaming room.

Inside Stakes

Knowing roulette wheel rules is sometimes not enough for victory and vivid emotions. First, select the appropriate table and take a look at its layout. You will notice numbers (from 0 to 36) and cells represented by different groups of numbers like 1-18/19-36, odd/even, red/ black, and others. Putting chips on themselves, you choose inside stakes.

They are divided into 7 additional types: Straight/Split/Street/Six Line/Corner/Trio/Basket. Although this seems complicated at first glance, there is easy to understand. Straight one consists of one number, while all other stakes include groups of cells. As already mentioned, they give different chances of payment. If you play in a legal Canadian casino, you can leave it at the dealer’s discretion.

The virtual casino is the best way to play roulette for beginners. Using advanced software reduces the likelihood of errors. Such programs know which players won, and they will never mix bets/payouts. On the other hand, if you have chosen an offline establishment, keep an eye on dealers. They are people, so mistakes happen from time to time.

Straight-up Any number from 1 to 36 35:1
 Split bet  Between two numbers  17:1
 Street  Between three numbers  11:1
 Corner  Between four adjacent numbers  8:1
 Six line bet  Between two adjacent rows  6:1

For the five-number bet (0, 1, 2, and 3), the chip is placed on the outside corner line between 1 and 0.
This is the most unfavourable for the player stake on the table (with a higher house edge).

Outside Stakes

This category covers bets placed outside numbers covering the groups of digits discussed above. All modern roulettes have 5 types of outside stakes. You can choose “Black or Red,” “Odd or Even,” “1-18/19-36”, “Columns,” and “Dozens.” Users who watched Hollywood movies know that black or red bets are the most popular. In addition to them, you can choose 1-18 and get paid if the ball lands in a cell with a number less than 18. Columns define a column with a winning digit.

There is another type of outside bet. It is not available in every game, but we have included it in our beginners’ guide to roulette. The “Snake Bet” covers red numbers only. This list includes 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34 that form the shape of a snake on the table. The advantage of this stake is that it includes all these cells with one chip. Developers often change their form to meet the Black Snake for all numbers except those indicated above.

You are probably wondering how many numbers you should bet. It depends on your skills and intentions. Snakes are one of the most popular because they cover many numbers. However, other stakes will help you increase your wealth.

Whenever the ball makes landing on the colour of your choice on one of
Black or Red


 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of
Odd or Even
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of
Low (1 to 18) or High (19 to 36)
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of the 3
1st or 2nd or 3rd Column
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of the 3
1st or 2nd or 3rd Dozen

0 is on the fringe of the table but has a payment as a straight-up Inside bet – 35:1. If the ball makes a landing on 0, all the Outside bets are lost.

Call Bets

Call BetsThey are most often combinations of bets that you will find in the French version of the wheel. They are added to European roulette from time to time, and this is definitely the rule that beginners should know. Besides, this type of stake has certain names. Give them special attention if you have serious intentions for the game.

We would like to start with the “Neighbors of Zero” bet (Voisins du Zéro). It covers ‘0’ and seven additional cells on each side (22-25 on the wheel). As a result, the player has a 15-digit bet with nine chips.

If you want to cover more digits, then look at “Le Tiers Du Cylindre.” Yeah, sometimes roulette betting rules with foreign names can scare players, but we assure you that it is necessary to play in a Canadian online casino.

Le Tiers Du Cylindre is located opposite ‘0’, covering at least 12 cells (27-33 on the wheel). Now you know why this type of stake means “one-third of the wheel.” The participant needs 1 chip for each split, including 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36.

“Orphelins” is a unique stake because it covers everything that the previous two cannot. You will have 8 numbers and a bet on four chips. Here is the list of digits that Orphelins can control on the gaming table: 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34.

“Zero Game” stake (Jeu Zéro) is included in roulette basics too. By choosing ‘0’, it will cover its three neighbours on each side. It consists of one straight and three basic splits like 32/35, 12/15, and 0/3.

One of the most common game bets is “Neighbors” (5-number bet). It applies not only to a specific cell on the field but also to 2 of its neighbours on each side. If you choose 5, you will get 5, 10, 16, 23, and 24, respectively.

However, this stake is available through the Hippodrome only. This is a special section presented on some types of virtual roulettes. These rules are essential if you want to find out how to play a roulette table and win money.

Choose a game carefully. Some of them suggest choosing a cell and changing its neighbours. It takes effect when you visit a live Canadian online casino or notice some stereotyped croupier work. If this makes you think that the ball is landing in certain cells, make a bet and win!

There are two more types of stakes called “Finals or Finales” and “Red/Black.” The first of them indicates the last digit of the winning number: 14,24,34 if you chose 4 and so on. Advanced players prefer “Finale a Cheval” in this case.

It allows them to choose two such numbers. “Red/Black” has no pitfalls either. As you already understood, they define splits of one colour. By selecting Red, the player automatically selects all cells of this colour, increasing his chances.

Other Options

Casino games are always evolving, and developers are adding new options. So, Microgaming released Premier Roulette Diamond which became very popular in Canada. This game contains “Chip Bomb” stakes which cover certain cells and their neighbours.

There are many cases where roulette explained so many options. You can create your betting template by determining the greatest potential on the table. But if this is your first experience, you should start with standard rules and rates.

European or American Roulette?

Here are two of the most popular wheel versions. Accordingly, they are represented in almost every Canadian online casino. Players are mistaken in thinking these are the same versions. In the previous sections, we have already said that European and American wheels have different history. In some aspects, the rules are significantly different too.

American roulette rules include an extra cell (‘00’). During the game, it increases the house’s edge to 5.7%, which is an extremely high rate. Because of this, the distance to winning increases in each round. Surely, you can bet on one number. In this case, the coefficient is 37/1.

European roulette rules are simple. The field includes 36 cells providing the home with an edge of 2.7%. A participant betting on one number gets 36/1 chances. From this point of view, the European version of the wheel is more profitable for the player, especially if he is playing for the first time.

Developers release different versions. Therefore, you will often find American versions with one ‘0’. This variation makes its edge comparable to European. Do not forget to check this nuance before the game.

What You Need to Know about Betting System and roulette strategy names

The first thing you need to understand is that roulette is unpredictable. In this unique game, the rounds are not interconnected. In other words, the previous rotation of the wheel will not affect the result in the next round. The numbers can change every time you make a bet, or one cell wins five times in a row. Beginners think they can defeat the system, but this is not so.

In the long run, you will not find a system/combination that wins forever. The “Martingale” system is one of the most reliable, but it does not provide a 100% positive result. After each loss, Martingale doubles your current bet. The bottom line is that one win will pay off your previous stakes.

This is like a guaranteed way to get money. On the other hand, no one knows when the participant will win. Therefore, he should take a big bankroll to be ready for a long losing streak.

The virtual world is filled with combinations and roulette tips to win big for beginners. Some of them can be effective. However, you should find a combination that matches your style and bankroll. But you have no guarantee that it will win in each round.

Play Live

Play LiveMany players miss offline establishments. They were popular until operators found new features on the web. This type of entertainment has become more accessible around the world. But players still wanted to play in land-based rooms. Because of this, developers have proposed Live games.

Visiting such a Canadian online casino, you move to a real studio to choose any game. Of course, there are many types of roulettes for beginners and professionals. Gaming rules vary depending on the version selected (American/French/Lightning). You are meeting face-to-face with a live dealer. He/she accepts the bets and starts the round.

Broadcasting is in HD quality thanks to modern cameras. This gameplay is so realistic, especially if you use online chat. This is an additional option that allows you to communicate with the dealer. The number of Live Roulettes is increasing every year, so the players get an excellent experience.

Play Without Download

The fast pace of life does not allow us to enjoy casino games fully. After work, we have other responsibilities, and we do not always find time for Roulette. Fortunately, each of us has at least one mobile device with Internet access. This is enough to win real money.

What is roulette on the phone? This is a traditional table and wheel that does not differ from desktop versions. The main advantage is that players use all the game options. Tables are perfectly adapted for touch screens, while buttons are distributed throughout the display. You can even play with live dealers!

Downloading is not required if you visit a mobile Canadian online casino in a browser. Some operators offer an application. Both options are convenient for playing anywhere and anytime. All you need is a stable web connection and a little time for bets.

The Best Roulette Tips To Win Big

If you have never spun a roulette wheel before, then this section will be handy for you. Before you start the game for real money, you should think about a free game. This will help you cast aside all doubts and avoid risks if you realize this is not your favourite game. Once you become confident enough, you can make a deposit and bet.

Beginners should sit down at the European Roulette table. We have already talked about the American version of the game many times. Its extra cell increases the club’s edge so that you can lose the last dollar. This is one of the key factors.

Avoid crowded tables as they tend to spin less frequently. If you also lose, you will find out how unpleasant it is to wait for the game and watch other participants get paid. Usually, a casino gets crowded in the evenings.

If you decide to play on the Internet, make sure you choose the right Canadian online casino. Always visit popular and licensed establishments. They indicate the percentage of payments and have documents confirming the health of the RNG. The reputation of the operator is an important factor these days. By following these simple roulette tips, you will save money.

As a beginner, you need an understanding of roulette. In the previous sections, we described all terms and general rules. We tried to make them simple and understandable so that you improve your knowledge before a real game. Therefore, you should aim for outside stakes, mostly. Even though they offer less return, you get frequent payouts.

Our “how to win big money on roulette every time” guide describes all the important aspects of the legendary game. If you want to win real money and enjoy the benefits of gambling, then follow the simple rules. Explore terms/bets and choose the right online casino. It will be cool if it offers a free demo mode. This allows you to spin the wheel for free while improving your skills.

Types of Roulette Strategies

The majority of popular best tactics are divided into two categories: progressive and non-progressive. We will take a closer look at individual strategies. But first, here are the main features that set them apart.

Progressive Betting Roulette Strategy

The rules of progressive betting systems are easy to understand. They are based on increasing/decreasing the stake size, depending on the results of your previous bet. The difference between the bet adjustments varies from strategy to strategy and is further categorized into negative and positive progressions.

Positive Progression Raise the bet after winning Lower the bet after losing
Negative Progression Raise the bet after losing Lower the bet after winning

Here is how the concept unravels throughout the game. At the beginning of each game, the players need to determine their bankroll. Then, they make decisions based on the following parameters:

  • What will their basic stake be
  • How much are they going to change the next bet in proportion to the previous one?
  • Whether they will increase or decrease the next stake

Check the example of how progressive betting strategies are used in practice. You start the game with an initial fund of $200 and decide that the basic bet size will be $2. If you have a winning round, you receive $18 from the dealer, including their initial stake.

In the next round, you place the same stake with an increased value of $9 (half of $18). Suppose you win this stake as well, so you receive $81. Using the same logic, place half of the winnings – $40.5. If you lose the next one, go back to the initial value of $2 and repeat the process.

There are different ways that this scenario can play out. But the concept doesn’t change: the basic bet size is $2, and the multiplication ratio is half the bet. Once you go into other strategies, these parameters will change, but the main idea remains the same.

Non-Progressive Betting Roulette Strategy

Non-progressive systems, also called “flat betting,” are very different. Unlike progression methods that focus on stake sizes, these strategies predict where the ball will land. For example, they analyze which digits haven’t been rolled out recently and guess which ones will be rolled out next.

Players base their prediction on various factors:

  • Watching the numbers
  • The wheel itself
  • Dealers at the casino

One of the ways to approach this is to theorize which number is “due” to appear. If the number 24 hasn’t been rolled out recently, followers of this strategy make an assumption. They assume that 24 is more likely to come up in the next round. Unfortunately, the system has undeniable flaws. Every time the dealer spins the wheel, all numbers have the same probability of coming up.

Some people believe that wheels can have a bias. For instance, it can be a mechanical issue from the roulette table being slightly tilted sideways. This strategy is also rather unreliable. Even if the bias exists, the casino will notice that players have chosen the same number and fix it.

Lastly, players may think that a dealer has a certain way of throwing the ball at the wheel. As a result, some digits appear more frequently than others. These situations have indeed happened in real life, but it’s not something that every casino experiences.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The one roulette betting strategy that everyone has probably heard of is Martingale. On the one hand, it doesn’t mean you have to make complex mathematical calculations. On the other hand, you will need a good financial cushion.

The Martingale strategy focuses on betting on the same number and changing your bets every round. To put it simply, when you lose, you double your bet. When you win, you recover all the money lost and go back to the bet you started with.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

  • 1. Play at the casino with favourable requirements: a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet
  • 2. Make your initial bet (preferably, a very small one). You can choose between bets like red/black, odd/even, 1-18, or 19-36.
  • 3. If you win in the first round, continue betting the same amount. If you have a winning streak from the first try, don’t be tempted to increase your bets.
  • 4. If you lose or your winning streak comes to an end, you need to double your initial bet.
  • 5. Keep doubling your bets every time you lose and go back to the original bet when you win.
  • 6. The point is to always stay ahead in your profits or quickly recoup with losses. You should quit the game when you reach your desired profits or use up your budget.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Your gains and profits depend on the results of each following sequence. Here is a progression of possible results you may have with the Martingale – the best roulette strategy ever:

  • 1. In the first round, suppose you bet $10 on black and lose. Now, you have a $10 deficit.
  • 2. According to the rules, you need to place $20 on black and try again.
  • 3. Let’s assume you also lose this round. Now, your profits are -$30.
  • 4. You stake $40 on black once again and win. As a result, your overall profits are $10 for a short game.

With the two charts below, we are showing you

10 consecutive wins

Roulette Bet with Round Win Clean profit
Round 1 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 2 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 3 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 4 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 5 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 6 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 7 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 8 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 9 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 10 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD

10 consecutive losses

Roulette Bet with Round lost Clean lost
Round 1 10 CAD 20 CAD 10 CAD
Round 2 20 CAD 20 CAD 30 CAD
Round 3 40 CAD 40 CAD 70 CAD
Round 4 80 CAD 80 CAD 150 CAD
Round 5 160 CAD 160 CAD 310 CAD
Round 6 320 CAD 320 CAD 630 CAD
Round 7 640 CAD 640 CAD 1270 CAD
Round 8 1280 CAD 1280 CAD  2550 CAD
Round 9 2560 CAD 2560 CAD 5110 CAD
Round 10 5120 CAD 5120 CAD 10230 CAD


10 consecutive wins are easy to comprehend: 100 CAD clean profit;

10 consecutive losses, however, show some drawbacks, the most alarming of which is:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Martingale Roulette Strategy


  • The system lets you get minor winnings, and the loss may be massive but seldomly happens. (The chart at the beginning of this article with 10 consecutive lost rounds is extreme.)
  • Some high-rollers summarize that the chance of 6 or more consecutive rounds of bad luck is very improbable. Therefore, with tenacious sticking to the strategy, they will gradually build one solid bankroll
  • There is a safe middle ground where one can see the effectiveness of using Martingale
  • That is only betting on even-money outside bets – 1-18, 19-36, Red, Black, Even, and Odd. For they have the maximum chance of winning (near 50% odds), but the lowest payout of all – 1:1, cause you win the same size of money as your stake for one spin. All in all, placing those bets is the most secure game to play


  • No one has a limitless bankroll, so keeping doubling the bet indefinitely is unmanageable
  • Basic mathematics: Look at the betting progression. Yes, you get a lot of winning sessions - and that is fine. But the profit on them is minimal. On the flip side, only very few losing sessions can bring you an entire budget loss—odds: less than 50:50. Even betting on Red or Black is slightly worse than 50% because both colours lose when the ball lands on green zero
  • Most roulette tables have betting control to top it all, i.e. you are extra burdened by their bet limits. You can So you to see your game obstructed by these limitations during some long-losing series – thus not being able to double your betting just one more time and win back the money already lost

The Reverse Martingale Roulette System

As an extension of the well-known (arguably infamous) Martingale casino roulette strategy, we have the Reverse version. According to enthusiasts, this technique allows you to capitalize on hot streaks and keep your losses low during rough patches.

In Reverse Martingale, you double your bets whenever you win.

Let’s illustrate the rules in a simple example. We have a player who enters the game with a $100 budget. He decides to follow the Reverse Martingale strategy and starts with $1 stakes:

  • 1. If he loses the first round, he places the same amount on the same number/colour.
  • 2. If the bet wins, he needs to double the stake for the next round.
  • 3. If it loses, the player should bet $1 again and repeat the sequence until he/she wins several times in a row and leaves with a nice profit.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette System

The biggest perk of the system is that you’re free to decide your limits. The outcomes vary greatly, and it’s up to you to determine the satisfying amount you aim to win. If you’re after huge wins, you can leave the table after a short winning streak and still make decent money (depending on your original bet).

Alternatively, you can keep playing and quickly reach thousands of dollars in profits. However, just like with any strategy from our list, you should accept the unavoidable risk. Remember that if you let your greediness guide you, it will have a detrimental effect.

Advantages and Disadvantages reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy


  • Players experience major thrills and excitement.
  • There are chances of winning big.
  • It offers extensive playing time.


  • Results largely depend on timing.
  • You can lose your entire earnings.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The mastermind behind this tactic is the French mathematician Jean Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. In many ways, it is the polar opposite of the Martingale or reverse Martingale online roulette strategy.

The D’Alembert system relies on players betting the same amount of money every time they win. If they lose, they add one coin to the initial stakes and carry on until they hit a winning streak.

Let’s assume you want to bet $5 on black. According to this roulette betting strategy, here are your actions:

  • 1. If your bet loses, you add $1 and place $6 on red again.
  • 2. If it wins, you need to lower your stake by $1. In our case, you will need to bet $4 on red again.
  • 3. Repeat the cycle for as long as you want.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Before you start playing, figure out the optimal minimum bet and adjust them as you go. Remember that these fluctuations are very gentle. It’s also important to note that you are guaranteed to be in profit if you win twice and lose twice.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s not as aggressive or risky.
  • Perfect for people with smaller funds.
  • It’s a good system for beginners to practice with.
  • You gain a profit if you win the same number of spins as you lose.


  • Moderate gains.
  • It’s harder to keep track of your wins and losses.
  • You might need a pen and a notepad to follow the strategy precisely.

The Fibonacci Roulette System

The Fibonacci Roulette SystemThe wide Fibonacci Sequence roulette strategy is known as one of the best roulette system ever.

This is a chain of numbers, starting with 0, and 1, where each number is the sum of the previous two. The chart below displays the beginning of the pattern.

The fascinating thing about this progression is that it is mathematically used and proved (for example, in arithmetic and induction), used in games, construction, and as a tool in the market stock exchange. But most captivating is its use in Nature itself.

Naturally, it could be found throughout the whole universe, from the formation of galaxies and hurricanes to the way leaves grow on the stem of the trees, to the way rabbits and honeybees reproduce, to the golden climax in the texture of some of the most melodic music and poetic pieces. (Golden ratio: φ).

One of the most common ways to see the Fibonacci sequence is in spirals. Imagine the bottom of the pine cone or pineapple, the core of a sunflower, or the number of petals in a flower – all those are a true application of spiral Fibonacci (if you count the number of their spirals in any direction, you will always come with a number of the Fibonacci chain).

Fibonacci in casino language

While playing at the Canadian online casino, the Fibonacci sequence can be applied as betting/ money management. The Casino system utilizes the Fibonacci progression but ignores the zero at the start. Commonly, using this system will give you a better chance of winning (playing colour, odd /even, high/low, and sometimes playing columns and dozens).

The idea is that if you lose, you need to loop one step up in that sequence. If you win, you back down two steps in that sequence.

Roulette gambling

Roulette Fibonacci Strategy

The numbers of Fibonacci are appreciated during gambling from the standpoint of calculations.

If you choose gambling with this system, you need to follow these two rules:

  • You start playing at the minimum bet, trying to reach the maximum limit of the stakes by getting through the maximum number of steps.
  • If your bet is not successful, you need to increase your next according to the Fibonacci sequence.
Number Rate amount CAD
1 C$1
2 C$2
3 C$2
4 C$3
5 C$5
6 C$8
7 C$13
8 C$21
9 C$34
10 C$55
11 C$89
12 C$144
13 C$233
14 C$377
15 C$610
16 C$987
17 C$1597

Example of usage at the Roulette

  • Minimum bet: 1CAD.
  • 1st spin – bet 1CAD – we lose.
  • Following the Fibonacci progression, 2nd spin – we bet an additional 1 CAD.
  • If we lose in the 2nd spin, we add an additional 2 CAD to our prior bet.
  • If we lose in the 3rd spin, we add an additional 3 CAD to our prior bet. Then 5 CAD, 8 CAD, 13 CAD and so on.
  • We carry on increasing the bets until we win.
  • When we ultimately win a spin, instead of starting all over, we have to take 2 steps back in the Fibonacci number sequence.

In figures: Imagine our game at round 10.

  • We lost all 9 rounds before. The balance of our total loss is 88 CAD. (1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34=88)
  • Our Bet starting the 10th spin is 55 CAD. We win. The capital of this winning is 110 CAD.
  • At this point, we are 22 CAD in a plus.
  • Next, we go 2 rounds back and place a bet of 21 CAD.
  • If we win again, we go back, and back, and back till the first number of the progression.
  • With that, the system is considered complete, so you start your game all over from the beginning.

Using the Fibonacci progression technique resembles the game with the Martingale system only with Fibonacci in our example; after the win, we don’t go back to spin N: 1 but we go back to spin N: 8.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It prevents you from making rash decisions.
  • It's less steep than some other strategies.
  • It can be used with a relatively small bankroll.


  • There is a possibility of quickly hitting the table limit.
  • No long-term profits.


Roulette gambling using the Fibonacci sequence is one clever adoption of math in your playtime. Your game process is more structured using this progression frame, but don’t lose your head on the numbers! (It is recommended to make notes of your rounds and mark them down while you play). Fibonacci is a medium-risk betting management system that can retake you to profit regularly, even though not as fast as using other strategies.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond roulette tactic has a rich story behind it (according to some players this is the best strategy ever). You might have guessed that it popped up in the Bond film called Casino Royale. Originally, it implied using 300CAD for one spin of the wheel and quickly became widespread among fans.

According to the James Bond strategy, the bet is divided into three unequal parts – 70%, 25%, and 5%. Every time you lose, you will need to double your next bet.

Let’s discuss a few possible cases of playing with this technique:

  • 1. Bet high on 19-36 – This would be 70% of your bet, or $140. Your potential winnings would be $80 since you put $140 out of $200 for these numbers. The chances to win are very close to 50%, and the payout is 1:1.
  • 2. The second bet on 13-18 – Here is the next 25% of your original funds. The payout is different – 5:1. This means that if you place $50 on these numbers and win, you can potentially make a great deal from a single bet.
  • 3. Lastly, you bet 0 – Even though the possibility to win is slim, it’s not impossible. When it happens, your 5% ($10) will make you 160% of the clean profit. This also takes the amount you lost into your account on the other 95%.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The Bond betting strategy of playing is nothing short of exciting. There aren’t many techniques like that, so you can try your hand at something unconventional. However, it’s not always as spectacular as the movies portray. While covering more than half the table in bets seems reasonable, the house edge still stands.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • 67.6% chance for a win
  • The strategy offers good bet coverage
  • You can decrease your bet from CAD200 to CAD20 or any other amount


  • The system has high financial requirements
  • Bets can reach high amounts
  • Losing streaks aren’t uncommon

The Labouchere Roulette System

The Labouchere strategy has been around since the 19th century. It is also sometimes referred to as a split martingale and cancellation system. It involves some mathematical calculations, so you might need a pen and paper or a text document on a computer or mobile device.

With the Labouchere method, players need to decide how much they want to win. Then, they divide this number into a series of smaller numbers. The digits on the far left and far right are in the initial bet. If it wins, the player crosses them out. If it loses, they are added to the sequence.

It might sound complicated, but let’s see the practical example.

You have a sequence – 10-20-10-10-10-20-10-10 – place CAD20. If it wins, you cross out the first and last 10s. If you lose, you add 20 to the sequence – 10-20-10-10-10-20-10-10-20. Then you bet CAD30. If it wins, you cross it out.

The Labouchere System

When using the strategy, you need to decide how much you would like to bet by writing down a sequence of numbers.

You can choose any numbers you like and decide just how long you would like the sequence to be, but it’s important to know that you’ll always be placing a bet equal to the sum of the most left and right numbers. The higher the digits you choose, the higher the stake will be.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The flexibility of the initial betting sequence and the level of risk.
  • The math adds up.
  • Once you get used to writing down and editing numbers, it’s straightforward to follow.


  • The stake sizes start creeping up and get bigger.
  • There is a lot of information to keep in mind.
  • It requires a prolonged winning run to bring bets back down.

Paroli Strategy for Roulette

The last approach on our list is the Paroli betting strategy. It’s one of the simplest systems and proves to be remarkably popular in roulette circles.

According to the Paroli strategy, players need to double the stakes every time they win. As soon as they hit three consecutive wins, they stop and go back to the initial value.

Here are more descriptive rules:

  • 1. Similar to other systems, you choose between outside bets like red/black, odd/even, 1-18, or 19-36.
  • 2. Imagine you bet CAD10 on red.
  • 3. If it wins, you double that amount and make the same bet but with CAD20. If you lose, you go back to betting CAD10.
  • 4. In case you win consecutively three times, you will have CAD70 in profits. Then you stop increasing the bets and place CAD10 again.


Many players feel comfortable with smaller amounts of money with Paroli. It’s relatively safe, considering the maximum amount betted will only be four times the initial bet.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • You can decide the level of risk you’re willing to accept.
  • The rewards are consistent.
  • Works for both beginners and experienced players.


  • It doesn’t yield massive profits.
  • It relies on winning three times in a row.
  • It might take a lot of time to hit a winning streak.

Comparison of the Best Online Roulette Strategies

Let’s analyze the performance of the best strategies we described based on several important criteria. Bear in mind that these are approximate estimations, and they can play out differently in the game.

Martingale Easy Risk – High Short-Term Benefit – No Long-Term Benefit – Yes Required Budget – High Profit Potential – High
Reverse Martingale Easy Risk -Moderate to High Short-Term Benefit -Yes Long-Term Benefit – No Required Budget – Moderate Profit Potential – High
D’Alembert Easy Risk -Low Short-Term Benefit -No Long-Term Benefit – Yes Required Budget – Moderate Profit Potential – Moderate
Fibonacci Moderate Risk -Moderate to High Short-Term Benefit -No Long-Term Benefit – Yes Required Budget – Moderate Profit Potential – High
James Bond Moderate Risk -Moderate to High Short-Term Benefit -Yes Long-Term Benefit – No Required Budget – Moderate to High Profit Potential – High
Labouchere Moderate Risk -Moderate Short-Term Benefit -Yes Long-Term Benefit – No Required Budget – Moderate Profit Potential – Moderate to High
Paroli Easy Risk -Low Short-Term Benefit -Yes Long-Term Benefit – No Required Budget – Low to Moderate Profit Potential – Moderate

Comparing the two sequences

  • Compared to the Martingale technique, the Fibonacci technique is a slower stake of progression.
  • With Fibonacci’s sequence’s slower stake rate, you need smaller bankrolls in pursuit of gain.
  • This makes Fibonacci relatively safer to use a betting system.
  • With Fibonacci, the casino software is facing far greater betting adjustment issues compared to the Martingale.
  • With Fibonacci, we see a sizeable dispersion reduction.
  • Both systems show some drawbacks at a distance because the house edge persists untouched ofc.
  • Both systems operate on permitted betting 1:1.
  • The betting control challenges both systems, i.e. you are extra burdened by their stake limits.
    (Most roulette tables have set their table limit at 100 CAD. According to Fibonacci’s sequence, the closest bet to 100 CAD is 89 CAD at spin N: 11. If you are unsuccessful with 89 CAD bet, you can be ruined as it is not permitted to proceed to employ the system after the 11th spin – not at this table at least)
  • Both best live roulette systems have Negative progression, i.e. both require raising the bet after precipitating a loss on the ground of “getting even money with the first upcoming win” expectation.

Best Number to Play in Roulette

The most common numbers that appear on the roulette are debatable. Because of that, there are so many strategies and attempts to guess which one will play next. Some people simply choose digits that are significant to them – birthdays, anniversaries, or lucky numbers.

There is a theory about the existence of the actual best numbers. What we can say for certain is that there are a few numbers that players choose the most. Here are the digits  that have been associated with big wins at the casino:

  • 17: The positioning of the number 17 right at the centre. Therefore, people claim that it generates the biggest profits.
  • 23-24: These are the numbers that stand out the most when you first glance at the table. Plus, 23 and 24 are lucky digits in different traditions, so they naturally draw more attention.
  • 7: There is no denying that the number 7 is a cult favourite, similarly because of traditional connotations.

At the end of the day, you should pick numbers and strategies that you believe in. There is no guarantee that the best roulette wins, but you can make smart moves and minimize your losses. If you’re interested in simplicity, go for Martingale. If you can afford to take bigger risks, choose the James Bond strategy. Or your online roulette strategy to win big can be anything else in between.

That concludes our guide on best live roulette system strategies. Have you decided which strategy to try first?

The more you practice playing, the more informed decisions you’re going to make. Luckily for you, Fastpay Online Casino is a great platform to start your journey. You can test all of the best methods or come up with your own with minimal risks. All you have to do is sign up and choose a game of your liking. Start playing today!

Any dozen bet roulette strategy

Suppose you choose to follow the roulette dozens strategy. You need to play in 3 cycles, each of them consisting of 6 spins. You will play with chips of 1 CAD and need to prepare a 102 CAD bankroll (17+34+51= 102).

Follow these steps:

  • 1st cycle – Place one chip on any of the 3 dozen – no matter which.
  • – If you win – you get back 3 CAD, which is 2 CAD net profit.
  • Place once more one chip on any of the 3 dozen – no matter which.
  • Keep betting randomly on any of the 3 dozen, checking your luck as is your 1st spin on the 1st cycle.
  • – If you lose – you have to start applying the following roulette dozens progression: 1-1-2-3-4-6.
  • The exact cycle and the spin situation are shown in the chart below.
  • Imagine you lose all 6 spins of the 1st cycle.
  • Keep playing with the 2nd cycle, but this time you have to play with the double amount.
  • If you lose all 6 spins in the 2nd cycle, you play the 6 spins of the 3rd cycle but trip your initial bet.

In short – Every time you win, start from spin 1 – 1st cycle and keep on repeating this spin 1 the whole time you are winning. So every time you lose, you have a total of 18 spins to recover your losses and make some profit.

Any dozen bet strategy

Favourite dozen bet strategy

The name already reveals it: you have to define your “favourite” dozen and place bets on it by certain rules. All it takes is to discover the dozen that appear most times during 9 consecutive spins. In case one dozen is falling predominantly – go to the steps in “Betting evaluation.”

In case the result of the 9 consecutive spins is divided, your first bet decision should be established as the example in the chart below:

Favourite dozen bet strategy

Betting persistence:

You can keep placing bets on your favourite dozen until in roulette dozen strategy:

  1. You win.
  2. You lose three rounds in a row – then you need to select another dozen.

If that occurs – take a break, observe and identify which other dozen you can call “favourite.”
This can be done by skipping some betting rounds or placing the smallest bet that doesn’t hurt your budget.

Betting evaluation:

  • Your betting during the first 6 betting rounds should follow the roulette dozens progression: 1-1-1-2-3-4. (Similar to the previous section of this article -“Any dozen strategy”). That will say that you need to place one chip during spin N: 1, spin N: 2, and spin N: 3.
  • If you lose these three times, you need to raise your bet to 2, then 3, then 4 chips.
  • If you did not win even once after 6 betting rounds, your next stake should be decided by your current bankroll:
  1. – When your overall money balance is between 12 and 24 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next bet by 4 (for example, if your balance is 17 chips, then divide 17 by 4 and round it up, so the outcome is 4, i.e. your next bet should be 4 CAD).
  2. – When your overall money balance is between 0 and 11 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next stake by 3.
  3. – When your overall money balance is between 25 and 40 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next bet by 5.


The player needs to have a minimum of 40 chips to be able to play the steps of this roulette double dozen strategy. That will say: with a minimum stake of 1 CAD, you need to prepare a 40 CAD bankroll.

The Favorite Dozen system allows the gamblers to win decently (expected profit from a session is 8-10 chips).

Single dozen bet roulette strategy

The “Single dozen” Roulette system is a progressive staking betting strategy dozens designed on the prior history of spins. Before making the placement of your bet, you need to study the history of a wheel in your preferred casino.

Then, during a period, choose the same roulette table and take notes of all winning numbers. After a while, you might see which digits won more frequently than the other. Finally, to place your bet, you must wait for a “trigger.” This is ascertained by the outcome of the last three spins.

Your “trigger” is the dozen that have appeared just once in the last three spins. Therefore, you should proceed to place a bet on that dozen.

1st dozen (1 – 12)  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 2nd dozen (13 – 24)  13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
 3rd dozen (25 – 36)  25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

For example, if the last three spins came up with the digits 16, 18, and 3. However, a number from the first dozen (number 3) showed only once, so you should focus on betting on that dozen.

If you chose to play with one of the roulette dozens strategy, you wouldn’t regret it.

Best Roulette Odds And Numbers for Winning

Best Roulette Odds And Numbers for WinningOne can say that gambling at a playhouse and on the website are basically identical. If you played this game online, you have noticed it. The wheel itself looks like a real one.

Excellent graphics makes you forget that it’s not real. The sounds are very realistic, that one can think he’s at the playhouse. The best numbers to play in roulette can be applied while gambling online, too.

Speaking of live casinos, there are some differences. Let us consider them.

  • Dealer style – each dealer turns the wheel in his or her own way. Those who often play can distinguish one from another easily. Old players know how to predict numbers.
  • Late betting – it’s possible to bet even when the wheel has started to spin. This option is lacking if you play online. Moreover, this is what helps some guess the best numbers to bet on roulette.
  • Speed – the dealers don’t spin the wheel at the same speed. Some of them touch the wheel lightly. In this case, there are fewer rotations. Some dealers press on the wheel so it rotates quickly. There may be about ten or more circles. This also helps to predict the outcome.
  • The wheel – it also matters. It should be perfectly balanced, ideally. But this is a rare case. Generally, it has a slight shift. Try to observe others playing at the table. Then, you can discover the best casino roulette numbers.

Unfortunately, there are some serious drawbacks. Players need a lot of time to notice a certain pattern. No matter, be it a dealer style or a biased wheel. Casino staff never sleeps and takes the necessary action. They change the biased wheel as soon as they find it. They can also make the dealers change their style intentionally.

Hot Numbers Roulette Strategy

There are the best numbers for the roulette machine. Observant players can see a pattern in the wheel’s movements. Some digits obviously win more frequently than others. That’s why people call them “hot.” Betting on such numbers brings a better outcome to the game.

Betting on hot numbers can bring a huge winning. That’s why they are so popular. If possible, players try to bet on them permanently. Some online casinos even develop special roulette. The point is that they specify the hot digits. This was made for the punters’ convenience. They can see how much they won and their winning numbers.

Roulette strategy hot numbers don’t suppose to repeat themselves constantly. This is a rare case. What determines a hot number? The answer is simple. The frequency of winnings shows that this certain number is hot. Let’s imagine that the wheel was spun three hundred times.

If a number has come out more than twenty times, it is hot. But if it wins 16 or fewer times, it is still hot. The only difference is that it’s called “average hot.” Try this scheme and find out the best number roulette wheel.

Cold Numbers

As we have mentioned, there are several best-winning numbers. But those which win seldom are also used. Some players even place these rare digits. They are named “cold.” As a rule, hot numbers tend to win less and less often.

There is an RNG (Random Numbers Generator) that runs the wheel. That means the same lucky roulette digits can’t repeat for a long time. This tendency makes the players change their choices. They bet on numbers that have never come out before.

What if you tried to win betting on the hot numbers but failed? Try this strategy. Don’t bet on the digits that come out most. Use the cold ones instead. You can make notes for a better result. Your head can’t always keep everything so it will help you. Keep statistics and bet on the numbers which you have never tried.

You can lose about thirty times before things get better. But this shouldn’t discourage you; make a bit more attempts. After a while, betting on cold numbers will bring the results. If these digits still don’t win, it’s better to stop and start once again.

It would be best if you understood that there is no best roulette number system. Hot digits are supposed to change cold. After a while, they become cold themselves. It’s just a matter of luck. This is a cycle that repeats over and over. If you play online, it’s even harder to predict the result. The casino staff tries not to ease the players’ success. RNG works so as the numbers come out occasionally.

Neighbouring Numbers Roulette Strategy

Neighbouring NumbersApart from the strategies mentioned above, there is another one. It’s a worthy alternative to simply betting on hot or cold numbers. The point is one should bet on neighbouring digits.

Let’s suppose that you feel what number is going to win. You can’t predict the precise outcome. That is fair because the wheel spins almost chaotically. In this case, place a stake in the neighbouring numbers.

The winning odds will become higher. At least one of these numbers may win. Other strategies suppose that you bet several digits. It can be five, eight or even more numbers.

For example, you want to start from the top 5 roulette numbers. Say you have a certainty that number 16 is going to win. All you have to do is stake on five slots. One of them is 16, of course. Then, choose two from the left and two from the right. We will be 8 and 27 from the left. The right side will cover 31 and 7, for example. These are the best 5 roulette numbers.

Another strategy covers eight digits. Let’s suppose you stake on three adjacent numbers – 13, 36, 11. Then, you place a bet on 5 neighbouring numbers on the opposite side of the wheel. They will be, for example, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7. This strategy is named “orphans.” The numbers are separated, so it looks like orphan kids.

Instead of betting on one, two or even eight numbers, you can cover one-third of the wheel. It works simply. You mentally divide the wheel into three equal parts. Then you bet on 12 digits. This strategy brings the best odds roulette wheel. Professional players usually make split bets.

The methods described here are a bit complicated for novices. We recommend them to experienced gamblers.

Things to Avoid

Though there are a lot of winning schemes, it’s not enough to win. Many players think that a good strategy is everything. But they forget that there is no best way to play roulette odds. This is a game of luck. As for the online versions, many schemes are difficult to apply.

Actually, the probability of winning and losing is almost 50:50. There are 37 red and black pockets. That means the odds are 37 to 1. You can increase the odds by applying any strategy. But they won’t become significantly higher. Moreover, it’s reasonable to apply more than one strategy. No matter how good one is, it won’t bring you a win every time.

Here is a common mistake. When the new players lose, they increase the stake size. But this scheme leads to an unwinnable situation. In case they win, they will only cover their losses. If they lose, they will spend a lot of money for nothing. One should try to bet on the best online roulette numbers. This is better than the mindless losing money.

The repeating numbers strategy is also wrong. Some people prefer to place on the same digits. They hope they will appear sooner or later. Some players believe in “special numbers.” Probably, they are right. But it’s more probable to reach the table’s limit. It will happen earlier.

Surprisingly, some players combine two losing strategies. They place larger bets after each loss. Along with that, they bet on the same digits without thinking. That’s how people spend all their money while spinning the wheel.

We also tell you not to enlarge your bets suddenly. If you feel disappointed, upset or angry, take your time. Don’t hurry to increase your bet. It is a bad idea to let emotions take you over. Do you want to know which numbers are best to play? Then calm down and think.

A good tip is to think about how much you can spend beforehand. If your budget is 300 CAD, don’t spend it at once. It won’t help you find the best numbers to pick for roulette. A reasonable approach is to place small bets. This is more sensible than betting 70 CAD at the beginning.

Just like with any major decision, you should do thorough research before committing to any betting strategy. Let’s look at the issue from both sides.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Betting systems are more accessible to master than advantage play techniques.
  • They increase your chances of booking a small winning session in the short run.
  • Strategies for how to win big money on roulette every time offer you a precise system to follow.


  • There is no perfect strategy.
  • You can’t eliminate the possibility of a loss.
  • Strategies won’t help you overcome the house edge in the long run.

Biggest Roulette Wins in the Gambling History

Big Roulette Win | Biggest Roulette Wins in the Gambling HistoryWhat drives gambling enthusiasts is easy money. Players strive to multiply their funds as quickly as possible, and some do succeed in it. Luck is an unpredictable thing, so others have to try repeatedly to get what they want. Nonetheless, there are many of the biggest casino roulette wins in history which occurred quite unexpectedly.

Since the emergence of casino games and up to now, there have always been the lucky ones who manage to get the big roulette win. And this game is not an exception. Some win this game purely out of luck, and others succeed thanks to their special strategies based on observations (though such cases are sporadic). Let’s consider both cases.

Gamblers Who Got the Biggest Recorded Roulette Wins Ever

Below, you will find detailed information about the players who hit the best roulette wins, as well as how they did it.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger lived from 1830 to 1892, but his incredible achievements are still remembered today. There is speculation that he was an ancestor of the celebrated rock musician Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones band.

Joseph worked in Yorkshire as a simple British engineer in the cotton industry. After some time, he was one of the first to notice that the results shown by mechanical roulette were not entirely random.

To learn more and check his observations, Joseph hired six assistants. The purpose of their common work was to secretly write down the most frequent numbers in different roulettes of the Beaux-Arts gambling club in Monte Carlo.

After a careful analysis of the data, Joseph realized that one of their roulette machines systematically showed deviations. This was expressed by the fact that nine numbers became winning more often than the others.

So, after obtaining theoretical results, Joseph decided it was time to put them into practice. He went to the gambling establishment to take advantage of the flaw in that gaming wheel. The knowledge gained was immensely useful and brought considerable income — during three visits to the casino, Jagger won £60,000.

In 3 days, the club’s administration faced heavy financial losses and decided to reorder roulette tables. The next day, inspired by the recent wins, Jagger revisited the casino — and began to lose a lot.

He then realized that he was playing with the wrong wheel, not the flawed one. It didn’t take long for Joseph to find that table, and the next two days, he was getting the biggest wins on the roulette wheel again.

The next step on the part of the casino workers was to repair the mechanical parts of the tables. As a result, the “right” balance of the most profitable roulette was lost, so Joe, realizing that he could lose all the money, decided to stop playing and leave the club.

Such a negative experience of the Beaux-Arts club made both the establishment and other casinos introduce more precise maintenance.

Despite stereotypes about the squandering of gamblers, Jagger displayed an amazing ability to increase profits without subsequently wasting them. He invested three million dollars in real estate, bought a huge mansion, left his previous job, and began to enjoy life.

A lot of players tried to repeat the success of Joseph Jagger a great many times. But their efforts have been in vain, resulting in a mere constant struggle with casinos, which today do not tend to make such mistakes — they regularly monitor their equipment condition.

Gonzalo García-Pelayo Segovia

Our next player has had a passion for gambling since he was young. Perhaps that’s why the young man decided to become a mathematician and calculate the probability of winning the roulette with maximum accuracy.

Anyway, Gonzalo worked for many years in a completely different field: a sound engineer and producer. But the thirst for getting rich at the expense of gambling institutions took over.

Only in the nineties of the last century, when he was over forty, García-Pelayo made up his mind to use his skills and abilities for gambling. But, like a true mathematician, Gonzalo understood that reckless excitement was far from the best assistant in the upcoming matter. First of all, he had to carefully study the principle of roulette in a casino and find its weaknesses.

It would seem that owing to the presence of 37 holes, the probability of getting this or that number cannot be analyzed — it is random even if a person who plays roulette has a mathematical education. Yet, Gonzalo figured out that it was simply impossible to construct an absolutely perfect wheel.

Some numbers will inevitably occur more often. It is only necessary to analyze the situation first: not to bet but to look at the game from the outside, recording all numbers that lead to wins.

Fortunately, García-Pelayo was not only a talented mathematician but also a father of five adult children. They willingly joined the game, which promised to bring the family a good deal of money. The hunt for millions has begun!

They did not play for money for some time but watched the game, making notes for themselves. All the information went to the father, who made up a winning strategy based on those data. Soon enough, the weaknesses of the Madrid casino were revealed, and Gonzalo set to the real game.

The first results bore fruit — García-Pelayo regularly won. The success of the new player did not please the owners of the gambling club, so he was no longer allowed to play there. But García-Pelayo was not going to stop.

Next in line were the casinos of other European countries, then Las Vegas. It is no wonder that after a while, the mathematician was put on trial: the casino owners filed a lawsuit, accusing the player of fraud.

García-Pelayo argued that he didn’t engage in any fraud but only carefully studied the weak points of roulette. He was acquitted after almost ten years of trial. Furthermore, the judge advised the owners of the clubs to monitor their equipment more carefully.

Charles Wells

Charles WellsOne of the biggest roulette winners, Charles Wells, was born in 1841 in England. The boy dreamed of fame and fortune from childhood, but he did not want to work for this. Therefore, he spent all his conscious life searching for ways to make easy money.

In his youth, Wells had already begun to raise money for this game and came up with a clever way of frauding rich people. He pretended to be a talented inventor, received money for his development, and then just disappeared. These amounts became his first bankrolls.

At the end of the 19th century, the casino owner François Blanc decided to introduce a rule according to which all the chips involved in the roulette were shared among several of the most successful players. This news astonished the world of gambling and attracted the attention of Charles Wells.

In June 1891, he came to a casino with a few thousand dollars. He was fortunate that day, breaking the bank 12 times in eleven hours: he got the biggest win in a roulette table. As a result, Charles’s personal account was replenished with a million francs.

Wells’s second successful gamble took place in November 1891. He won a million francs again! The player just bet on the number “5” five times, and all the games proved an incredible success. The casino employees got suspicious but didn’t notice any tricks. As Wells himself later said, he was pretty lucky.

Charles spent all his winnings quickly. He was ultimately convicted of fraud and sentenced to three years in prison. As a consequence, he had to immigrate to France. But there, he couldn’t stop either and continued his deeds, receiving another 5 years in prison.

Wells died in Paris in 1926. At this time, oddly enough, he was very poor.

Ashley Revell

Another gambler to hit one of the biggest casino roulette wins is Ashley Revell. He was born in 1972 in the UK. His biographical data are rather scarce, and until 2004, the player was a most ordinary Englishman.

Still, he was always interested in poker and roulette — as a matter of fact, he liked all gambling games. Numerous home tournaments with friends brought a small profit to the player; moreover, at that time, he was able to gain invaluable experience.

The persistent thirst for risk that has always been inherent in Ashley Revell has led to the emergence of the most unconventional ideas in the player’s mind. Once, in 2004, he made a fateful decision: to sell everything he had, even shoes and some clothes, and put the money on the line at the casino.

Revell’s parents and friends supported his courageous act. Many journalists learned about this, and the popular British show “Double or Nothing” invited the gambler. He agreed and soon arrived in Las Vegas.

The game took place in the luxurious hotel “Plaza and Casino.” Ashley Revell’s bankroll was 136 thousand dollars. This was the amount for all his property. So, it can be considered one of the biggest bets ever paid out.

At first, Ashley played several games that turned out unsuccessful. A loss of $1,000 somewhat upset the player but overall did not cool him off. Then came the time for the decisive game. Ashley wanted to bet on black, but at the last moment, he changed his mind. His bet was 7 Red, and it gave Revell a prize of $270,600.

Revell spent the money won on the creation of his own online casino, Poker United. It became quite popular among Internet users.

At the moment, Ashley Revell is still one of the most famous roulette players, although he plays only for pleasure.

Mike Ashley

Last but not least, Mike Ashley. The multi-billion-dollar Newcastle United holder is quite fond of gambling, so he has long been a frequent visitor to popular casinos. Once in London, Mike went to one of the local gambling clubs to play.

That night he chose an interesting tactic. He made “17,” his lucky number and kept betting on it (and on various combinations with this number). As a result, in three hours at the casino, Mike won 1.6 million pounds.

Of course, for the football club owner, it was not a tremendous amount, but still. Besides, Mike is notable for losing big money as well. In 2011, he lost a million pounds — in playing roulette, too. Easy come easy go.

Choosing the Right Bet...
  • In the previous sections, we talked about the main types of bets in modern casino roulettes. This means it’s time to try the game on your own. But what type of bets to choose from? It directly depends on your mood and strategy. Fans of old-school progressive betting tactics prefer ‘even-money bets,’ which apply to 50% of the wheel.
  • Depending on the chosen roulette winning strategy for beginners, you will determine the size of your bankroll. Unfortunately, many newbies make the same mistake when choosing the biggest bets. In fact, you need to start with the lowest values, increasing them after losing.
  • At this stage, we also want to pay attention to the limitations of each game. The Canadian online casino pre-sets the upper bet limits (100 CAD or others). This exists to prevent the bankruptcy of players and their addiction. The bid limit satisfying your needs should be considered along with the strategy and the selected stake amount.
  • Many articles explain how to play roulette and roulette win big for beginners. Most of them agree that this is a universal game. It is great for high-rollers, amateurs, and newcomers. You have the opportunity to raise your bet or change the table. But make sure that this risk is justified because everything starts with a bet….
Do Strategies Really Work?

For years and years, players have been debating whether the best roulette tactics make a positive difference. If you ever listen carefully to the conversations happening at the table about the best way to win at this game, you can notice two extremes:

  • Some claim that they have a fool-proof way that helps them win practically every time.
  • Others say that the game is all about luck, and you can’t outsmart it.

It’s not always clear which side to take since everyone has a different experience while playing at the casino. However, one of the greatest benefits of playing roulette is that you can set your own limits and experiment with different approaches until you find the right one.

If you eventually find a system that works for you, why not stick to it? It would be unreasonable to give up a strategy that makes you good money.

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