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Updated: December 22, 2023

In this article, we will present you with the Best Alberta Casinos. Their Games, Entertainment and Bonuses.

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Best Alberta CasinosThere are multiple impressive online and land-based casinos in the province of Alberta: some traditional (in prestigious, reputable locations) – typically in the central portions of the cities, others – situated in the periphery – mostly new gambling halls and clubs.

Regardless, they are all easily accessible and contain many gaming machines and a variety of table games.

Check below our Best Alberta Casinos directory with the best local choices you have, join playnow Alberta (the certified online casino Alberta) or sign up with any of our featured casinos for Alberta gambling online.

Casino Pure Edmonton

It is 1 of the 4 casinos in the province owned and operated by the Pure Canadian Gaming Company. It is a modern and sophisticated establishment for superior gaming with alternatives for a familiar and personalized gambling experience.

  • Gaming
Casino Pure Edmonton
Slots 820
VLT’s 28
Table games – live 25
Poker 12
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 3
4-Card Poker 1
Blackjack 11
Roulette 2
Craps 1
Baccarat 7
  • Entertainment – Every day savour and gamble bundles and weekend specials:
  1. The Mezz- featuring Sky Stage and PVP UFC/NHL matches on the lounge screens.
  2. Tight calendar with live music and Pay-per-view (PPV) sports competitions for specific channels.
  • Dining – Provided besides for a game session, you also stay for dining – the gambling house offers multiple spots with casual and special dishes, fish, Italian, Asian, and even all-day breakfast at:
  1. Alta Kitchen
  2. Snax Party & Wok Bar
  3. Centre Bar Monday and
  4. The Mezz Monday
  • Promotions – The crew will surprise you with weekly dining promotions.
  1. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks Specials
  2. Monday Night NFL special (win official sport outfit awards)
  3. Weekends Hokey Nights (win NHL tickets)
  4. Holiday Cash Giveaway (on slots and table games)
  5. Monthly Charitable poker tournaments
  6. As routine for all its devoted members, the casino grants redeemable F&B and Playback Vouchers.
  • Tournaments – The gambling establishment features Alberta’s best limit/no-limit and tournament games. With splendid 24-hour poker room divided into 5/6 per day tournaments (noon, Omaha, Deepstack, night etc.)
  • How to contact Casino Pure Edmonton
  1. 7055 Argyll Rd NW, Edmonton, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 3:00am
  3. (780) 463-9467

Casino Pure Yellowhead

It is 1 of the 4 casinos in the province owned and operated by the Pure Canadian Gaming Company. It is the classiest venue in the province capital for unforgettable gaming and nightlife experience.

  • Gaming
Casino Pure Yellowhead
Slots 738
VLT’s 26
Table games – live 23
Poker 8
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 2
4-Card Poker(Crazy) 1
Blackjack 9
Roulette 2
Pai Gow 1
Face up PG 1
  • Entertainment – Pearl Showroom (for 300/500 guests) expects all residents and visitors for celebrations, parties, tributes, sports events, fights, live shows and concerts.
  • Bookings – The gambling establishment welcomes its guests in an upscale and intimate atmosphere for banquets, office parties, group & individual events, with bookings for dining and expected shows.
  • Dining – No matter if you would like to play a game or grab a bite to eat, you will be welcomed at the following:
  1. Retro Kitchen & Bar
  2. Snax Party & Wok Bar and
  3. Social Bar & Lounge for delicious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Specials, Senior Tuesdays, and Player’s topping Pizza.
  • Promotions – The team pampers its members with super promotions via Alberta’s best casino rewards program.
  1. Exclusive time-limited offers and coupons
  2. Hand-pay Jackpots and buy-in cash at table games
  3. 10% off all Food & Beverage purchases
  • How to contact Casino Pure Yellowhead
  1. 12464 153 St NW, Edmonton, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 3:00am
  3. (780) 424-9467

Playing in Alberta casinos locally is fun, but you can always go to any Alberta gaming website besides the land-based options. Check our site and discover The Best Online Casinos in Canada for 2024 or read more details in our reviews per city/province.

Casino Pure Lethbridge

It is 1 of the 4 casinos in the province owned and operated by the Pure Canadian Gaming Company. It is an action-packed gambling and entertainment place with solid gaming and amusement options.

  • Gaming
Casino Pure Lethbridge
Slots 416
VLT’s 28
Table games – live 11
Poker 5
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 1
3-Card Poker 1
Blackjack 6
Roulette 1
Free Bet Blackjack 1
Baccarat (EZ) 1
  • Entertainment – Every weekend, play and enjoy packages:
  1. Live shows including country, alternative rock and rock n’ roll performers,
  2. Mixed martial arts (MMA) in Pay-per-view (PPV) shows that pay can watch on that specific PPV Channel per individual.
  • Rooms & Bookings – The hosting team will be glad to help you with room accommodations in nearby businesses. Moreover, they will be happy to assist with group & private events, dining & bookings.
  • Dining – Whether you like to be right in the heart of the action, with views into the Showroom or away from the hustle and bustle, the gambling establishment has excellent options:
  1. Stage Coach Grill and
  2. Buffalo Bar with happy hours hype.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – The team will surprise you with weekly dining promotions:
  1. Lunch Specials (weekdays only),
  2. Monday Night Football special (with official NFL outfit awards)
  3. Monthly Charitable poker tournaments
  4. Naturally, for all the loyal customers of the casino F&B and Playback Vouchers are redeemable at Pure Casino.
  • How to contact Casino Pure Lethbridge
  1. 3756 2 Ave S Lethbridge, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 3:00am
  3. (403) 381-9467

Casino Pure Calgary

It is 1 of the 4 casinos in the province owned and operated by the Pure Canadian Gaming Company. It can show off with a large and luxe high-limit chamber, 24-hour poker room, comfortable VIP gaming lounge and all-year-round indoor Golf (via HD Simulator).

  • Gaming
Casino Pure Calgary
Slots 852
VLT’s 22
Table games – live 24
Poker 10
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 4
Chase the Flush 1
Blackjack 7
Roulette 2
Pai Gow Tiles 2
Baccarat (EZ) 8
  • Entertainment – Weekend offers with gamble, taste and bask in agenda:
  1. Live music shows, holiday bash with country, rock, pop performers, DJs and Moulin Rouge show.
  2. Meridian Central Station – an HD Multi-Sport Suite that accurately simulates 30+ sports, with Play, Party and Arcade Games.
  • Bookings – You can always get your game on in the Meridian spot at the center of the gambling showroom or more private locations. Booking for small or large group parties (up to 120 visitors) options with numerous types of games available.
  • Dining – The gambling house will gladly receive you at Meridian Central for tasty food, unspoiled cheer and excellent service.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – It offers participation in sweepstakes, weekend, global and small-scale custom promotions created individually for members:
  1. Breakfast, Lunch, Viva la Vino and Happy Hour Specials
  2. NFL Football Predictor program (with cash giveaway)
  3. NFL Sunday ticket – free program
  4. Tornado of Cash – weekend offer
  5. Holiday members extra Pure rewards points
  6. Play Virtual Golf at the world’s prime championship courses
  7. Commonly, for members, only 10% off all Food & Beverage expenses is valid, plus F&B and Playback Vouchers are redeemable at Pure Casino Calgary.
  • How to contact Casino Pure Calgary
  1. 1420 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 3:00am
  3. (403) 248-9467

Gambling in Best Alberta Casinos at any of these fine establishments is a great pastime, but if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, there are always Alberta betting sites possibilities.

Century Casino Edmonton – Alberta casinos

The gambling club is 1 of 13 assets internationally owned by Century Casinos Inc. This Century establishment’s warm and professional staff is ensuring to animate and please you, whichever indoor facility you choose: casino, Showroom, dining rooms, bars, Yuk Yuk’s comedy club, and a relaxing retreat above the floor with entertaining amenities.

  • Gaming
Century Casino Edmonton
Slots 777
from them Penny slots 160
VLT’s 8
Table games – live 24
Poker – live 8
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 1
3-Card Poker 1
4-Card Poker 1
Blackjack 2
Roulette 1
Baccarat (EZ) 1
  • Entertainment – Every weekend have a good game, have a good laugh bundle: Live shows including a holiday special music shows (in the Showroom) and stand-up performances (in the Comedy Club Yuk Yuks)
  • Rooms & Bookings – Century features 15 cozy rooms, and facilitates big conferences, wedding receptions, corporate events and more. The guests (up to 500) will have available dynamic space with cutting-edge AV technology in the Showroom.
  • Dining – For a quick appetizer, dessert or unique culinary experiences just around the gambling area, it offers tasty treats at:
  1. Mid City Grill and
  2. Cocktail Bar, Sports Bar and lounge.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – Along with the 4 Progressive Jackpot circles and Off-Track Betting races (in the special OTB area), the gambling establishment bids:
  1. Luxurious high limit table game area, private salon and Winners’ Zone self-serve kiosks for exclusive prizes (members only), giveaways and fantastic draws – cash, trips, vehicles and more.
  2. Breakfast, Lunch, and Special dishes on offer
  3. Club 60s Promo Wednesday – receiving 3x the ballots
  4. Fall into the Winter program – daily – 3 players are chosen to get the 500 CAD prize.
  • How to contact Century Casino Edmonton
  1. 13103 Fort Road Edmonton, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 8:30am – 4:00am
  3. (780) 643-4000

Great Northern Casino – Alberta casinos

Situated near 460 km northwest of Edmonton, in the peaceful countryside. Held by the Game Host Income Fund, this establishment with a long history (since 1999), over 30 000 sq. ft. gaming and entertainment space had proudly supported more than 400 local charity projects through the years.

  • Gaming
Great Northern Casino
Slots 424
VLT’s 30
Table games – live 4
Poker 4
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate with Progressive Jackpot 1
3-Card Poker with Progressive Jackpot 1
Blackjack 1
Roulette 1
Free Bet Blackjack 1
Chase The Flush 1
  • Entertainment – Monthly event listings for live shows with a wide variety of local and international artists and weekly Kokanee Comedy – every Wednesday Night at 8 pm.
  • Rooms & Bookings – The hosting staff will gladly assist you with Stay & Play program, providing Service Plus Inns & Suites.
  • Dining – For a fine dining experience – country style (no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner) the gambling house features the following excellent options:
  1. Platinum Lounge (with Happy Hour)
  2. Dining Room
  3. The Grille Café
  • Promotions and Tournaments – Great Northern service team, will grab your attention with weekly dining promotions and a daily Poker schedule.
  • How to contact Great Northern Casino
  1. 10910 107 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 10am – 3:00am
  3. (780) 539-4454

You will certainly enjoy a night out at any of these excellent establishments, but you will not want to miss all the great bonuses and extras at our recommended Best Alberta Online Casinos. So sign up via our site and claim some fantastic Bonuses. Please take a look at our top online casinos in Alberta at the top of the page.

River Cree Resort And Casino

Situated in the Gr. Edmonton Area. It is a joint enterprise from a hotel with amenities, NHL- a sized skating rink, 2 Casinos, 10 FB structures (restaurant/bars), parking and free transportation, in a way – a full-service oasis in the Enoch Cree Nation zone.

  • Gaming
River Cree Resort And Casino
CASINO Embers – Slots (smoke friendly) 405
CASINO Embers – Table games – live (smoke friendly) 14
CASINO main floor (100% smoke-free)
Slots 945
VLT’s 10
Table games – live 26
Poker 12
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 2
3-Card Poker 2
Blackjack 4
Roulette 2
Craps 2
Baccarat 1
Chase The Flush 1
From those High Limit 11
  • Entertainment – Live shows and a full spectrum of sports and entertainment happenings are for attendance to all gambling club and resort guests. Tickets for upcoming events and concerts are available at the River Cree Box Office.
  • Rooms & Bookings – River Cree’s 4-star resort section provides arrangements in 249 non-smoking single rooms and suites. With its exclusive indoor amenities – pool, fitness and business center, to name just a few, and with its super comfortable shuttle connection to Edmonton Mall. Moreover, the River Cree event venue features 24000 sq. ft. of event space, can accommodate up to 2500 visitors and is an excellent place for concerts, holiday markets, TV shows, balls, galas, MMA sports events, trade shows etc.
  • Dining – A full scope of restaurants and fast food, bars and cafes are within reach of all guests of River Cree. The Kitchen Restaurant, Cha Xpress, Italia food, Tap 25 Sports Bar, Lobby Coffee Bar, Centre Bar, Fatburger, Grab&Go, and Onyx Lounge have their doors open with global, exclusive and limited-time offers.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – River Cree’s team had created 1 of the best Promo program in Canada, with points and redemption, complementary services and 50+ Cruisers membership.
  1. Players’ Club card – for 15% hotel discount, 10% FB discount, ballot entries, VIP offers and monthly promotions.
  2. Weekly Poker tournaments – the best in Alberta
  3. Rise & Shine – daily slots Free Play giveaways
  4. Monthly 10 Grand Baccarat Hand (2 players competition)
  5. Holiday specials – multiple 5 Grand’ Ringing in the Dough’ cash prizes.
  • How to contact River Cree Resort And Casino
  1. 300 East Lapotac Blvd, Edmonton, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 5:00am
  3. (780) 484-2121

Jackpot Casino Red Deer

With nearly 25 years of experience (founded in 1997), the gambling house is delighted to serve all local and visiting gambling enthusiasts at its downtown Red Deer location. The city is conveniently positioned 150 km from each of Alberta’s 2 main towns (Edmonton and Calgary).

Currently owned by the O’Chiese First Nation and a member of the Red Deer Business Association, the Jackpot Casino preserves its traditional great service qualities while operating the high-limit room along with the penny slots sections.

  • Gaming
Jackpot Casino Red Deer
Slots 340
VLT’s 10
Table games – live 8
Poker 3
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 1
Lottery Terminals 2
Blackjack 2
Roulette 1
Baccarat 1
  • Entertainment – Although not rich in many amenities, the profits from its central location with constant city happenings, and there is Friday Live Entertainment for the guests to look forward to.
  • Dining – The additional consumption amenities are: 100+ guests’ restaurant (for dine-in; take-out; plus delivery), bar-lounge (with extended working timetable), and group lunch reservations – to dine in style with delicious Western and Asian Cuisine.
  • How to contact Jackpot Casino Red Deer
  1. 4950 47 Avenue Red Deer, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 10am – 3:00am
  3. (403) 342-5825

Both the local and the offshore online sites partner with responsible gambling establishments. So not only you can find deals at Alberta gambling online, but if you sign up with our featured casinos, you can use their mechanisms/tools for self-restriction and better gambling awareness.

Camrose Resort and Casino

It is located in the city of Camrose, 80 km southeast of Edmonton. It is a delightful retreat and entertainment place with a modest gambling establishment but formidable gaming and amusement options. With an effective dress code and smoking restrictions in place, this first-class service establishment is advertising the tourism and business qualities of the vibrant Camrose community.

  • Gaming
Camrose Resort and Casino
Slots incl. in-house Progressive 200
Table games – live 7
Poker 2
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate 1
Blackjack 1
Roulette 1
Keno 1
Baccarat 1
  • Entertainment – It entertains its guests with a mix of concerts (piano, gospel, country and rock), live shows (theatre and stand-up), plus events hosted in the Banquet Facilities – Regal Ballroom and Joker’s Den Pub, for holiday corporate or private parties.
  • Rooms & Bookings -The staff gladly welcomes its guests in the 102 rooms and 11 spacious suites designed for first-class accommodation to travellers, business, sport, single, family or group visits. Camrose brags with its pet-friendly and comfortable amenities like a swimming pool, water slide and hot tub, fitness center, SPA wellness salon, and spacious parking for small vehicles, busses, and large trucks. In addition, 3 Ballrooms and a Harvest Board Room ensure facilitating of small and large meetings, conferences, weddings and receptions.
  • Dining – Whether you want to catch a bite of the buffet meal watching sports on big-screens, or have a party with plated dining near the casino floor, the smoke-free Joker’s Den Pub with live bands or DJ’s, Redwood family restaurant or the classy (100+ guests) Regal Ballroom are all at your disposal.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – Camrose team will surprise you with its solid promotions:
  1. Romantic Getaway Packages (Hotel & Gambling club)
  2. Complimentary giveaways (for 20+ groups booking)
  3. Sip & Stay package, Resort & Slots package, 3 nights all-inclusive etc.
  4. Complete wedding packages (for 10 to 400 people)
  5. Monthly tournaments in the Poker Room.
  • How to contact Camrose Resort and Casino
  1. 3201 48 Avenue, Camrose, AB
  2. Friday – Saturday 11am – 1:00am
  3. (780) 679-0904

Cash Casino Red Deer – Alberta casinos

It is a lively, busy little gaming house, minutes away from downtown Red Deer. Granting you want to test your luck or skill, Cash Casino is an excellent choice for hours of leisure activities and Progressive Jackpot options on slots and multiple table games.

  • Gaming
Cash Casino Red Deer
Slots 349
VLT’s 34
Table games – live 10
Poker 6
Texas Hold’em – Ultimate with Progressive Jackpot 1
Blazing Blackjack with Progressive Jackpot 1
Free Bet Blackjack 1
Texas Hold’em 1
Roulette 1
Chase the Flush with Progressive Jackpot 1
Baccarat 1
Electronic table games 3
  • Dining – To pause the heated gaming with a delicious meal or dessert you can visit:
  1. The River – Restaurant/Bar facility for private and group parties and events for 50+ guests.
  2. Embers lounge – to catch a sports game on a big screen with a beverage and appetizer.
  • Promotions and Tournaments – Cash Casino will surprise you with its gaming and dining promotions:
  1. Breakfast specials (every day)
  2. Wednesday Ladies’ night special – drinks and dinners
  3. NFL Monday Night sports and drinks special
  4. NHL Center Ice – beers specials on each oiler and Flames matches
  5. Golden Slots – Jackpot special prize pool tournament
  6. Weekly Poker Tournaments in the Cash Poker Room
  7. Loyalty Program for exclusive and exciting rewards.
  • How to contact Cash Casino Red Deer
  1. 6350 67 St, Red Deer, AB
  2. Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 3:00/4:00am
  3. (403) 346-3339
FAQ about Alberta casinos
What is the permitted age minimum for gambling in the province of Alberta?

For all the cities in the province, the legal access to:
Alberta gambling in land-based establishments or
Alberta gambling online is granted from the age of 18.

How is Alberta gambling regulated?

The responsible provincial organization - (AGLC) Alberta gaming and liquor commission is the governing body over the entire land-based enterprise: providing gambling policies, legislations, licensing, and charitable gaming. AGLC also runs its own portal for online gambling - playnow Alberta.

Can I bet at Alberta gambling weebsite?

Yes, you have the choice between playnow Alberta - the local online platform and the offshore casinos and sportsbooks.

Are there legal and fiscal restraints for playing online in Alberta?

No, you don't have to declare your betting site earnings (fiscally) unless you are a professional player.

What is the difference between playnow Alberta and offshore betting site Alberta?

The distinction is in the cash flow: playnow Alberta piles and supplies to the local government budget, while the offshore companies collect and contribute to their registered international sites.

Why should I play in Alberta land-based casino?

Often like a night out with your friends and family, you can choose entertainment. In this case, it is unthinkable to be with 5-6 people around 1 computer and enjoy. Your best option is to book at or enter casually a nearby "brick and mortar" establishment for full-scale gambling operations. For Alberta, you can pick some of our options in our review above.

Why should I join Alberta online gambling?

Suppose you are determined to play online from the comfort of your own private setting, and you are an avid community supporter who doesn't mind the limited gambling options offered locally. In that case, you can certainly favour a session via the playnow Alberta portal.

Why should I play in an offshore best Alberta gambling site?

Suppose you have decided to test your luck online, and you want to have all the opportunities today's "online universe" offers (large portfolio of games, the latest releases and myriad of bonuses). In that case, you will be better with an offshore gambling website. Moreover, there is still no rule that obliges these casinos to provide financial information to the Canadian authorities, i.e. no traceability of your win/lose game records can surface. This is different from the local Alberta online gambling. The local platform obeys Canadian laws, and the Canadian tax authorities can request your yearly cash revenue (at a later moment or in case of some suspicious actions).

How do I know if one offshore gaming site is legit?

Best land-based and online casinos in Alberta must be licensed by a major iGaming Regulatory body (UK, Malta, Curacao, etc.).

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