The Best No Deposit Bonus Casino Canada 2024

Updated: December 22, 2023

In this article, we will talk about the free no deposit bonus casino Canada that online gambling sites give to players. No deposit bonuses are usually free money or free spins; this is a perfect method for attracting new punters to casinos.

Best no deposit bonus casino Canada 2024

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1st Deposit Bonus - 100% of up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
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100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
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100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins
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The Best Gambling Sites With No Deposit Bonus Casino Canada 2024By the way, most of the casinos that offer such bonuses require depositing real cash to withdraw the winnings from the free reward. Therefore, we suggest you finish the article to get familiar with the purpose of such bonuses.

Several branches of leading online casinos (we highly recommend Fastpay casino in this context) offer an alluring invite prize for new players. However, other online gambling enterprises operate with no deposit bonuses for advertisement. That implies receiving free money just by registration.

A gambling website is an excellent opportunity to relax from your daily routine and win some money sitting at home. However, it’s not easy to find a safe betting site that will work for you. In this article, we will talk about the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus: Meaning

Before you see the list, it’s vital to know the term definition. Internet casinos offer a wide variety of rewards. Most of them require depositing money to play a certain number of gambles, for example. The promotion doesn’t obligate you to invest your own money.

Thus, the best gambling houses allow you to try games for free and even earn some cash without the risk of losing your own funds. This makes your gaming site experience risk-free. Sounds good.

Why do casinos reward players with the no-deposit bonus? The answer is visible. There is enormous competition between web casinos. They use different methods to attract customers, like the best online casino bonus Canada. It’s unlikely you will want to spend your money on a thing you have no idea about.

You reach an option to try games that the gambling sites offer you, evaluate a chance to win, and the easiness of the website interface. If you are satisfied with your experience, you will want to stay in this gambling house.
However, it would be best to understand that it’s unprofitable for any business to give something for free without getting a profit. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the terms of online casino free bonus no deposit canada.

The main prerequisite of any betting website’s reward no deposit bonus is betting. To get what you won, you should meet the casino prerequisites. There is one indispensable rule of all such “presents” from the gambling house. It is typically offered to new-coming clients. Nonetheless, there are exclusions. Fastpay casino offers Saturday no deposit free spins for regular clients. You may also like no deposit bonuses for Android Casinos.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

Free spins and free cash bonus no deposit casino Canada are the main types. However, you can also meet a free play bonus and a no deposit bonus mobile Canada.

Free Spins

Free Spins slot bonusSpins are simple and optimal encouragement for punters and one of the best no deposit bonus casino real Canadian. Usually, new players are given spins so they can obtain a fresh gaming experience. Log to the gambling website. You may find defined slots or a spins collection with a certain amount of free spins.

Available gambles for the reward will be mentioned in the terms and conditions. Be careful. If you try to apply spins to other games, you either won’t be able to do that, or you won’t be able to take the money you win. The number of slots depends on the gambling site you choose, and it varies from five to three hundred. Usually, the stakes of the slot are fixed.

You should read the wagering terms when you choose free spins. Furthermore, if you manage to make any free spin money, you would actually have to wager the won money by the applicable terms, as many times as the rules say.

For instance, you have to bet C$ 50 to withdraw your money if you win C$ 10. You can also check whether additional rounds are available.

Cash Bonus

Similar to the spins bonus, credits are granted to a player with no obligation to place money. The main difference is that a gambler has a wider range of games he/she can play with free cash bonus no deposit casino Canada.

The amount of the reward depends on the casino. However, don’t expect it to be a huge amount. Always remember that no business will work at a loss. Usually, the amount varies from C$5 to C$50.

The no-deposit cash bonus also allows you to take the money you win. You will need to wager a specified number of times to get your gains. Read the terms of use so you don’t mess up the game.

Free Play Bonus

This type of free deposit bonus is not that famous. Nevertheless, it exists. It’s also called a one-hour free bonus. The betting site gives an initial balance that a punter can use within one hour. A player tries to get the balance above the initial capital. As soon as the time expires, the winnings are transformed into promo money. Gamblers can take the promotion as soon as they transfer money.

Mobile Bonus

To attract more customers to mobile online casinos, companies use no deposit bonus mobile Canada. Download and install an application on your mobile or tablet, scan a QR code, or visit the web casino online and apply for the no-deposit premium.

The wager is the principal precondition for this reward. You can play your favourite games for free cash bonus no deposit casino canada. Therefore, to earn your rewards, you need to bet a certain amount of wagers.

Live Dealer Chips

This promotion type comes from classic offline casinos, where punters used to receive chips at the entrance. Players could only use them on certain tables and slots. The tradition lived on, and now you can get virtual free chips. There are differences in the requirements to apply for this promotion. Therefore, always check this information before claiming any bonus offer.

Timed Promos

This type is the most difficult one to describe. The reason is that timed promotions largely depend on which gambling website we’re talking about. There will be a game of the month where you can get a head-start prize in most cases. There can also be a limited opportunity to receive a multiplied welcome bonus or some of the best no deposit bonus casino real Canadian.

Free No Deposit Scratch Bonus Rules

There are several types of scratch cards available in reputable casinos. You can find scratch cards for any theme – from sports to animals. Some of them are based on popular table and card games, such as roulette and blackjack. Others give a slots gaming experience.

Typically, rules involve:

  • Wagering requirements – This specifies how many times a player needs to roll over the promotion before cashing out. It’s a regular practice to require 25-50 times.
  • Permitted games – The platform usually tells you which games you can spend the reward on.
  • Cash-out limit – In some cases, there are restrictions, such as the maximum amount you can cash out for a promo being $50 or $100.
  • Early cash-out penalty – Some users risk getting a part of the profits removed if they decide to cash them out before it’s allowed.

You also need to figure out whether you can withdraw the reward at all. Sometimes you can only claim winnings, but the original reward amount must stay on your account.

How to Get the Best No Deposit Bonus

There is nothing difficult about getting this type of prize. All you have to do is choose the gaming website, check the list of promotions on its website, choose the desired gift, and read the conditions of use.

  • Sign up. As the free deposit bonuses are mostly used to attract new customers, the first option is to register your account on the casino’s website and get the no deposit sign up bonus casino Canada.
  • Code. Another option is to claim the reward with the code. Advertisements give free codes. The mammoth casinos use the code system to promote the prize via an ad on different websites or social networks. Such codes help the betting site understand which advertiser is better and brings more new clients. It’s also an easy way to claim the reward. When you get a code, you need to either type it into the field on the casino’s platform or submit it via live chat or email. You should be careful as the advertisement can be old.
  • Customer support. And the last option is to contact the support team. This option is seldom used as it takes more time than the others. Although most gambling websites offer 24/7 customer support, it may take up to several hours to validate the premium.

How You Can Apply The No Deposit Bonus

First, you should remember that usually, new gamblers have priority, as the primary purpose is to attract a player and show all the advantages of a casino’s platform. There are exceptions when a betting site wants either to get inactive users back or to surprise its users.

Secondly, once you register your account on the website, the best no deposit bonus casino Ontario, will become accessible. Thus, there will be a time limit on usage. The period can last from one day to a month from the moment you get it. If you don’t use the reward within the determined time, it will just expire, and it’s more likely you won’t be granted a no-deposit welcome bonus after it expires.

No Deposit Bonus Canada: Common Conditions

We are talking a lot about the conditions you have to follow to use the online casino real money no deposit Canada bonus successfully. Although they differ from one gaming website to another, there are standard terms you will need to follow to get your reward.

  • Only one. It’s more likely the casino will require you to use only one gaming account, one computer, and one IP address. In this way, the gambling site will be able to check whether you are following all reward conditions.
  • Only new. As we said above, it’s unlikely the no deposit bonus will be available for regular customers. The idea is to give you a free experience with a new casino, a new interface, and new games.
  • Only a limited time. No deposit bonuses have a limited period of usage. As soon as it expires, you can’t claim the bonus.
  • Successful registration. As the promotion is used to attract newbies, you will need to register a new account on the websites to get the bonus.
  • Non-negotiable size. The no deposit promo has a fixed size that can’t be discussed.
  • List of games. Read the terms of use to find out the list of games you can use it with.
  • Withdrawal limit. It’s indeed possible to earn money with a free cash/spin reward. However, casinos limit the winnings and there are wagering requirements you have to fulfil before withdrawing.
  • No abuse. The promo helps you evaluate the features of an online casino and win free money. That’s why they have a strict abuse policy. If you break any rule, you won’t be able to continue using the bonus. In case of more serious violations, you won’t be able to use any, ever.

No deposit bonus – Terms and conditions

The concept of “No deposit bonuses” attracts many players who do not wish to spend their own money. But, unfortunately, many of them DO NOT read the reward terms and conditions. Here you can find a few important rules regarding online casino’s free money deals:

  • Every player can receive a winning, but only after a minimum real money deposit.
  • As a standard practice, online gambling houses demand deposits from real money to verify the payment method.
  • Consequent to making your money transfer to the gambling website, they will ask you to verify your account as a part of the document flow.
  • Online casinos with no deposit bonus usually already have uplifted wagering requirements. Regularly the figures are from х20 to х100.
  • As a result, the maximum amount of money that a punter can withdraw from the free money deal is limited.
  • Often, it’s not the same as the sum of the promotion up to C$100. In other words, even when you win C$1000 after you are done with wagering, this money will be lost when you want to get paid out.
  • The highest amount the player can bet while wagering is bounded. In general, the restricted bet figures vary from C$5 to C$12 per spin.
  • That’s why we strongly recommend you read the terms and conditions before taking such bonuses.

How Can I Deposit Money In Online Casinos?

As you know, multiple payment service providers are allowing you to make online transactions securely. So, do you want the betting website to offer enough options for getting your winnings back? The most widely used money transfer methods are:

  • Credit cards, debit cards & prepaid cards – Online casinos should support Visa, MasterCard, credit cards, debit cards, Paysafecard, and American Express. These are some of the most popular methods of depositing money at online casinos for good reason.
  • E-wallets – The best options are PayPal, Neteller, EcoCard, ecoPayz, and PayNearMe. Obviously, PayPal is the best choice because of its high security.
  • Bank transfers – Wire Transfer, eCheck, InstaDebit, and iDeal are quite popular among major betting websites. These allow you to make deposits and fast withdrawals of various amounts.
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is a fast and secure method, so it’s worth checking out. You can even find cryptocurrency-exclusive casinos.

There is no right or wrong payment method for online casino real money no deposit Canada. If you have a preferred method with robust fraud prevention policies, look for a gaming site that supports it. It shouldn’t be difficult as online casinos usually accommodate a wide variety of methods.

Classification of no deposit bonuses (half-scams)

Online casino free bonus no deposit Canada for an hour.

The Microgaming platform casinos give these types of bonuses (most of the time). For example, you will have 1-hour to play with a free bonus; the max win can be up to 1000 CAD. It sounds nice, but it sadly isn’t as good as it looks:

  • It would be best to skip such offers; remember that no one gives 1000 CAD for free; in fact, the free money isn’t really free, and you will play in a demo version of the slots. The gambling site will make such a promotion to don’t give “royalty” to the provider.
  • Another trap is: Although you might win 100-200CAD, you must make credited funds equal to the sum that you won; all of the money you won will need to be wagered at stakes of around x50. It is the same thing at all casinos that offer welcome bonuses for the first deposit.
  • You will only lose time before realizing that, in fact, the casino no deposit bonus is actually a deposit one. Our experience shows that it is better to grab free spins than a free cash bonus no deposit casino Canada.

Why Apply For This No Deposit Bonus?

If you still doubt whether to use the no deposit promo or not, check the list of advantages.

  • Win-win. An online casino real money no deposit bonus gives you a chance to check the gambling site, its interface, and the games it offers for free. If you are not satisfied, you can leave without losing your funds.
  • Tangible prizes for free. Yes, you will have to follow the casino’s requirements to get cash. Nevertheless, the requirements are not complicated, you will fulfill the conditions without effort.
  • New emotions and knowledge. By choosing a new casino, you get a chance to try the games. Most of the time, the promo games are all the same. However, there is a chance to offer something new.

TOP 10 online casino free bonus no deposit

Now let’s head on to the exciting part – our list of the best no-deposit bonus casinos with the most favourable terms. First, let’s see a brief description of their promotion info and why we picked them. Then, we’ll go into more detailed information about each one.


Fastpay casino is one of the best no deposit casinos in Canada, it has been growing incredibly fast. It has already managed to become trusted by the community and accumulate a large following. It offers the best no-deposit bonus casino and various games – slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, scratch cards, and many others.

Players receive the online casino free bonus no deposit immediately after signing up and can use it within two days. Wagering requirements are 50x the promo.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Instant payments (up to 5 minutes)
  • Great customer service
  • Many payment alternatives
  • The unique and cost-efficient VIP program


  • Restricted in certain countries
  • Not all payment methods are available for some countries


Cobber Casino has certain quality standards and an established public image where you can seek new opportunities for entertainment every day! There are extreme benefits for you such as becoming a member of a VIP Program or keeping the adrenaline high at Tournaments or claiming some of the Bonuses. All daredevil punters who want to try something new will have a lot of fun regardless of their background.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fast withdrawals
  • Crypto bets are always allowed
  • 24/7 Support
  • A lot of rewards
  • Wide range of payment methods


  • List of many restricted countries
  • Only four available languages
  • Limited selection of card and table games


Do not hesitate to try another great betting website that is part of the Dama N.V. company. You will not only be pleased with a great experience but you will also find a variety of everything – popular games, many payment methods, currencies, languages and, of course online canadian casino no deposit bonus. Their main mission is to give you the best satisfaction and put a big smile on your face!

Do not forget that most of the wagering requirements after taking a promo are 60x your bet.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fast transactions
  • Special awards after the first, second and third credited funds
  • VIP Program, cash prizes, free spins, monthly cashback
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted


  • Mobile players cannot benefit from an app
  • There are some country restrictions
  • Quite high wagering requirements


All of you who like dynamic and wild adventures will fall in love with the Wildblaster Casino! Their services are constantly upgrading, wonderful professionals, work there and all players are satisfied. You will find games developed by top providers, extreme rewards for newly registered punters and a lot of fun! Most of the wagering requirements in Wildblaster after claiming the promotion are 60x your bet but always make sure you read carefully the terms and conditions and find online casino rewards no deposit bonus Canada.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Help team that will resolve your problems 24/7
  • Great Tournaments – Multiplier Race and Wager Race
  • No fees applied to credited funds or withdrawals
  • Buy Feature slots are easily accessed
  • Awesome selection of games


  • Some of the Bonuses could not be reached in all countries
  • There is no app for mobile users
  • High wagering requirements


From the moment InstantPay Casino was created in 2020, the online operator has kept upgrading itself and simplifying its website so that your journey can be accessed easily, and it is one of the best no deposit bonus.

It gives you the opportunity to reach more than 5500 games – slots, live games, roulettes, jackpot games, lottery, poker, Canadian casino online no deposit bonus and more! There is a wonderful VIP Program with 10 levels, and amazing promotions, including a Birthday promo!

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Rapid transactions
  • Great VIP Program, many Bonuses, awesome Promotions and Tournaments
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Wide gaming portfolio
  • MGA license that is strict and trustworthy


  • Country Restrictions
  • No mobile app


Casumo has over 2000 games to choose from and offers a fun online casino experience for everyone. This service has an impressive offer compared to other online promotion offers. The gambling site has a 30-times wagering requirement on the welcome bonus. You can also browse their other unique promotions and try to get one of the best online casino Canada no deposit bonus.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good variety of games
  • Loyalty programs
  • Fast payments


  • Multiple countries that the betting site is restricted in
  • No phone support


Videoslots launched almost ten years ago. Over this time, they’ve gathered over 4,000 games from over 40 different providers. So, anyone should be able to find a game, no matter what their preferences are. This service has a wagering requirement of 20x for the money transfer reward.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • More than 4000 games
  • Payments in less than an hour
  • Small wagering requirements


  • Few withdrawal methods
  • Untrustworthy affiliate partners


Booi hasn’t been around for long. That said, it has still attracted players with its slots, video poker, lottery, table, and live dealer games. Users will have five days to use their promo, which has 30x (bonus + deposit) wagering requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Top-tier software providers
  • Mobile friendly
  • 24/7 customer care


  • Fairly new
  • Country restrictions


Joycasino is an internationally known gambling website that has been around for over a decade. It has a good reputation in terms of safety, legitimacy, and responsibility. Wagering requirements amount to 45x the promo available for new players. As another reward, punters can claim a 100% match on any credited funds up to 3000 CAD, one of the best no deposit bonus casino real Canadian.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • SSL encryption
  • Top-quality software providers
  • Supports eight languages


  • Limited live chat hours
  • No VPN usage allowed


BitStarz has high-quality games and, perhaps most importantly, excellent and fast graphics. All games are organized in neat categories so you can quickly find your preferred one. You can often find some day-specific no deposit bonus Canada promos and limited offers to take advantage of, like the online casino real money no deposit Canada. You have to wager 40x the promotion.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • 10% cashback
  • No withdrawal limits for VIP accounts
  • Free spins for active players


  • No phone support
  • Several countries in which the casino is restricted


Robert provides slots, card/table games, lotteries, and video poker. Within these categories, you will find many other variations to choose from. The gaming site has an industry-standard license that certifies it as equal to other major platforms. The wagering conditions of riobet no deposit bonus are at 35 times the bonus amount.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Excellent reputation
  • Wide variety of dealer games
  • Certified


  • A large number of restricted countries
  • No VPN usage


Surf contains many games by major providers. Users can choose from the most popular titles as well as some interesting variations on popular games. Some of the benefits are the instant-play site features and colourful visual elements. Wagering requirements are 30x if you want to take advantage of this offer. You will have seven days to use it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good selection of game providers
  • High withdrawal limit
  • A variety of daily, weekly and weekend promotions


  • No loyalty programs
  • Limited live chat support

TTR Casino

TTR casino hosts multiple reputable gaming companies’ games. The public audit certifies the RTP (Return to Player) ratio to prove its transparency and fairness. The website has never been involved in fraudulent operations. As for the welcome reward, punters are required to wager at least 50x before they can cash out.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Encrypted with SSL
  • Mobile Gaming
  • RNG fairness tested


  • Poor language support
  • Few payment methods

Why Should I Trust This No Deposit Bonus Information

Free bonusIf you’re questioning whether you should take our recommendations seriously, the answer is simple: we’ve got nothing to hide. Before compiling this list, we’ve done thorough research to help us find the best online casino bonus Canada. Our goal is to give you impartial, reliable information that ensures the best gaming experience.

The best online casino Canada no deposit bonus is the best way to verify the platform’s reliability. That way, you can feel secure when using your own money to play your favourite games. After all, you will only want to play at casinos if you know your financial information is safe. Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular services, it’s time to pick one and start playing!

Why would the Canadian casino give a free bonus?
  • Perhaps you don’t know, but nowadays, there are over 3000 online casinos over the world. The competition is huge, and gaming sites need to make some radical decisions to attract new players to their sites. One of these moves is to give free no deposit bonuses. Unfortunately, many of these 3000 casinos cannot afford to give such generous rewards because it is a pure loss for the gambling website.
  • Before taking the best casino promo, you need to make sure the betting site is safe because many gambling sites cannot pay all of the free money, so they try cheating punters when you finish the promo and try withdrawing your cash.
  • The situation is similar to the Texas Hold’em poker in 2012. To be 100% sure a gambling site is safe and reliable won’t be as easy as it sounds and looks; that’s why we test all of the casino houses before adding them to our list, so making a decision won’t be as hard.

There’s a variety of Canadian casino online no deposit bonus. They provide an exciting option to play for free, increase your personal gaming score, try new games, evaluate the features of a new betting site, and even win money.

You don’t need to invest your own assets, and even if you don’t like the club or don’t meet the bonus necessities, it doesn’t influence your betting experience. You should peruse the terms and conditions to get the promotion in full. It’s effortless. So, don’t hesitate to get your first no-deposit bonus today!

FAQs about The Best Online Casinos With The Best No Deposit Bonus Canada 2024
What Is The Best No Ddeposit Bonus Canada?

Significant competition makes casinos not only create new promotions and prizes but improve the interface.
There is no faithful casino that wouldn’t adopt its services to a mobile device. It’s well-known that people use mobile phones more frequently than laptops or computers. No deposit bonuses are adapted to mobile devices too. A faithful gambling broker such as Fastpay.

What Games Are Accessible?

The game selection depends on the casino you pick. It's more possible that the gaming website gives you a slot machine and a list of games you can play regularly. Usually, casinos offer you to try roulette, blackjack, and online poker.

How to Get What I Win?

If the casino allows you to win money with the promotion, you should read the terms to clarify the wagering. Remember that it's a common thing when you need to transfer money in a gambling website before you can get the bonus.

What is My Profit?

It’s a common question for everyone who uses the best no deposit bonus Canada. No matter what type use, you win money. These funds are added to your account. However, if you meet all the criteria for the promo, particularly a wagering one, you can obtain the profits.

What is Wagering?

It shows how many times a player must bet his/her gains to receive profits gained with the bonus. As an instance, you have a 10x requirement. That means that if you win C$5, you will have to bet C$50 before withdrawing money.

How to Best Put and Withdraw Money?

Casinos provide a range of deposit and payment services. The method of payment depends on the broker you choose. Here is the collection of the most widely used payment options for online gambling houses:
- Credit and Debit Card
- E-Wallet
- Prepaid Card
- Cryptocurrency
- Bank Wire

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