Description of Rabcat Slots

Updated: December 22, 2023

Rabcat Gambling is an Austrian software firm for casino operators that have been active on the market since the year 2001. The years of knowledge that the supplier has clearly shine through in the slots since all of the games in this category are very high quality.

In addition, there is a series of games known as 3D slots, which boast the most advanced features. The developer’s rise to popularity may be traced, in part, to the company’s partnership with Microgaming. The themes found in Rabcat slots are really unique and engaging, and the games themselves include innovative features.

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Detailed Review of Rabcat

Rabcat is a company that was established in 2001 and is solely dedicated to the creation of video games for computers. In 2011, the software developer shifted their focus to the creation of software for online casinos after previously working in a different industry.

Microgaming, a titan in the online gambling industry, and Rabcat both struck a collaboration deal in the year 2012. After then, a number of further partnerships were formed, which made it possible for Rabcat to access the global market.

The firm was not granted a license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission until the year 2015. After that, it started getting more involved in the production of slot machines that included 3D visuals. Additionally, the firm provides its software to Casinos Austria AG as well as to Austrian Lotteries.

The headquarters of the corporation may be found in Vienna, Austria. More than fifty employees make up the staff, and every single one of them has extensive experience working in the casino and entertainment industries. In addition, Rabcat is an active participant in a variety of international shows that are held specifically for the iGaming sector. The company has been successful in earning a number of prestigious awards.

Rabcat Slots Features

Rabcat slots featuresApproximately twenty-five slot machines are included in the assortment of games that are made available by the supplier. The limited variety of casino games provided is detrimental to its overall quality. Each slot is completely unique and of a very high standard. It is important to take note of the major characteristics of the supplier that set apart its slots:

  • The use of HTML5 in the development of the program ensures that it will swiftly load on any device. Slot games may be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers.
  • All slot machines include a high degree of visuals, and the narratives include as much information as possible. The slot machines include symbols that have been carefully considered, and the themes frequently have unconventional and creative frameworks. Players are consistently impressed by how realistic slot machines look and feel.
  • The slots open their doors to a multitude of videos, each of which is roughly equivalent to a full-length film. The action of playing the game becomes significantly more engaging and intriguing.
  • The design of the slot machines utilized 3D graphics. Due to the product’s unachievable high quality, the supplier is frequently recognized for their achievements at international gaming industry awards.
  • The characteristics of slot machines are, for the most part, standard. Included the usual 5 reels and the typical amount of paylines seen in slots.
  • However, here is the most appealing aspect of any and all slot machines: bonuses. The developer uses cutting-edge features, providing players with novel approaches to familiar problems, which helps to distinguish Rabcat software.
  • Players may choose from more than 20 different language options when playing slots, which makes it much simpler for them to become accustomed to the game.
  • Every piece of software has been granted a license by the most prominent regulatory body in the world. The British Gambling Commission has granted the firm a license, which allows it to run its operations legally.
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