Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot

Updated: March 14, 2023

243 to 1024
5x3 to 5x4
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In early 2017 NetEnt developers brought some more jungle joy to the world with a great new addition to their portfolio – the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot. It’s a standard 5×3 grid game initially, but with the exciting ’adjacent wins’ format this game will ensure action on almost every spin. Later in the bonus not only the grid expands (from 5×3 to 5×4), but with it the winways increase from 243 to 1024.

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Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild Slot
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot


  • Excellent max prospect
  • Boosting win feature in the base game
  • Exciting playing field expansion and winway increase
  • 5 different types of FS (player’s choice from the 1st trigger)
  • Stunning graphics
  • Respectable default RTP


  • No Multipliers
  • Lengthy waiting for the Bonus
Detailed review about Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild With this slot, the Swedes proved that treasures and gold coins can be found not only in ancient Egypt but also in the wild jungle. On this challenging adventure, instead of scarabs, sarcophaguses, and mighty Gods, you will encounter yet undiscovered paths, hungry crocodiles, and indomitable tigers.

With Free Spins, expanding symbols and other surprises, the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot offers great opportunities to win fantastic prizes. In addition, the RTP is plenty – 96.47% and the Volatility of the slot is High.

Join the jungle hunt – it’s worth taking the risk, even if the fauna is rough and the flora is dense, dotted only with exotic butterflies and sparkling lotuses. Play for free via the instant link on our site or register in one of our recommended casinos.

Personal testers’ opinion about Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot

  • Just like Jack and the Beanstalk slot, The Wish Master slot and Dead or Alive slot, this machine falls in the category of High Variance slots. It can either bring you huge winnings in no time or take all your credits in a blink of an eye. On the other hand, you could experience many long cycles of losing. When you establish that the slot is cold, there is no use in passing the whole cycle. Bet small (1/500 part of your balance) and wait for a big payout, including some butterflies.
  • After extensive testing, we don’t recommend Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild for fulfilling the wagering requirements since it gets just 3.25 (out of 10) on the bonus completion scale. Our maximum payout during the test sessions reached up to almost 4000x total bets. Note, that the hit frequency doesn’t go above 17.07%, and according to the statistics, the Free Spins are triggered only every 167th spin. These are very discouraging figures.

Review and recommendations by the testing team

Thanks to its excellent graphics, intriguing gameplay and the high potential for big prizes, this slot is in the top ranking, according to NetEnt’s fans, which makes it highly desired by most of the casino lobbies all over the world (i.e. often hot and ready to hand out large amounts).

  • The slot mostly triggers insignificant wins from low-value symbols in the main game, and so it is incapable of keeping the balance. Only now and then triggers high-value symbol combinations. During our extensive slot examination (thousands of spins), such combinations were only triggered three times. On the other hand, the slot makes it up by randomly activating additional features, like the butterfly expansions.
  • In most cases, the butterflies expand 2 or 3 symbols but practically never put the desired symbol in the 5th reel. So, a combination of 4 symbols, of which 2 or 3 are extended, delivers on average wins of 15x-30x total bets. Of course, the lower-paid symbols are generally expanded. We also noticed that when the desired symbol is finally issued on the 5th reel, the butterflies only expanded 2 of the 5 reels. Still, this results in wins of around 15x-30x total bets as well. This left us with the impression that no matter what symbol the butterflies expand, the prize is usually the same and becomes predictable. The butterfly feature is triggered frequently and often in small series. But the slot also can deprive you of this option for a few hundred spins and then activate it 3-5 times in small intervals of 2-3 spins.
  • The Free Spins, triggered by 3 Scatter symbols, are also activated with a decent frequency and in series. Just like the butterfly expansion feature, the slot can go hundreds of rounds without rewarding a bonus and then give it 2-3 times at once (more than 3 times in a row didn’t occur during our extensive testing sessions).
  • The game gives either a series of butterfly expansion features or Free Spins in most gaming sessions. Only in rare cases are they exchanged. So if you receive one of the two kinds, it’s expectable that you get the same kind during the following spins.

Hidden parameters and metrics of the slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering of the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 167th spin (0,60%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 17,07%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 69% in the usual spins game and 31% in the bonus.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 3 859x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 53x.
  • Volatility is 10,16 out of 20 (high).
  • The cycle length is long.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 3,25 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.47% allows getting positive mathematical expectations of winning at the casino.

Bonus features

Once you triggered the Free Spins, you get to choose from 5 kinds of Free Spins with a dominating symbol.

  • The Snake is stable and offers 20 spins but with a low payout. On average, you’ll hit around 60x-150x total bets, which is not nearly enough to compensate for the losses you suffered during the regular spins.
  • The Crocodile grants you 16 spins with the same expectable low outcome.
  • The Bear and the Elephant have a higher potential during their respective 12 and 8 Free Spins, but still, that’s not enough reason to choose either of them. A few extra spins with average winnings don’t solve anything. On the other hand, if the slot is in the hot mood and ready for a massive payout, 4 spins are enough to do so.
  • The potential of the Tigers is huge. The slot can theoretically trigger 5 extended tigers in one spin, which is good for almost 7700x total bets! Landing 4 expanding tigers, which is more likely to happen, will result in a payout of nearly 800x total bets.


To sum up, we must say that during our sessions, this generally occurred within the 3rd and 6th bonus games, but we also had a bad run of 15 bonus rounds without significant wins at all. So, having a decent bet balance of around 500 bets is recommended, which should be enough to wait for 3-6 bonus rounds. If a major win, including Tigers, is not rewarded, it’s not expected to happen later on in this session.

Even though some players are convinced that with the appropriate strategy and sufficient balance, bonus hunters can fulfill their wagering requirements, we disagree. Therefore, we give a negative recommendation for completing bonus money on the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot.


  • Provider – NetEnt
  • Payment lines – 243 to 1024 winways
  • Volatility – High
  • Hit rate – 17.09%
  • Default range of bets – 0.20 to 100 CAD
  • Playing field – 5×3 to 5×4
  • The maximum winning is – 7678x the total bet
  • Bonuses – Wilds, Stacked Symbols, Boost feature, Scatters, (5 different) Free Spins with different Volatility
  • Free Spins – Yes
  • RTP – 96.47%

How to win at the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot machine? (Conclusion)

  • It goes without saying that it’s always good to test the slots in free DEMO mode before you take a chance with real money.
  • We don’t advise you to bet with high stakes on Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot machine; have a good balance at your disposal of around 500 bets. Repeatedly modifying the bet size will not improve the frequency of bonus round initiation; just the opposite will break the cycle and have the opposite effect. That will say that it is better to keep the bet size steady – on one level.
  • Remember, the bonuses come in series, and once you triggered the first one, don’t rush to move to the next slot. Most likely, you’ll hit the next bonus shortly thereafter.
  • Think twice when you trigger the Free Spins. Take a big risk and win big, or go for the sure small win. As we mentioned before, you will have to be patient and wait for up to 3-6 bonuses to experience the full potential of this slot.
  • This is a very suitable slot for the high rollers, but we do not recommend Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild to the bonus hunters.
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