All We Need To Know About The Net Entertainment Company

Updated: December 16, 2022

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the key settings of popular games created by the idolized casino gaming software provider: Net Entertainment Company.

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All We Need To Know About The Net Entertainment CompanyOne of the biggest advantages of playing games from this provider is that you can register at any Canadian Casino, and by launching your favourite NetEnt slot, you are connected to one and the same server.

The first major characteristic one beginner player need to comprehend is that casinos just deliver the games to players and in most cases, they cannot control the RTP (return to player percentage) – except when the game is released with multiple (variable) RTP.

In general, the software vendor pulls the strings (controls everything), while the casino operator is just a flat belt conveyor to simplify it.

The second important aspect that novice gamblers should learn is that in the case of Net Entertainment not every online casino has a different prize pool, but all data (including the financial/betting data) is stored on 1 common NetEnt Network server.

Where can I find NetEnt games?

Of course – at a NetEnt Casino. And what is that, you may ask? That is an online operator that has all or most of the currently active Net Entertainment games in its repertoire. There is no online casino in the world that cares about its reputation and does not offer games from this provider.

In fact, it’s one of the first contracts a casino wants to sign. Today, a NetEnt bundle of titles can be found in more than 3000 casinos worldwide, including prestigious and reliable casinos such as Fastpay, Full Tilt Poker (owned by Poker Stars) and many others.

History of the company

All We Need To Know About The Net EntertainmentSince the genesis of the Company (in the distant 1996), NetEnt has been the industry’s trendsetter in driving the casino software market with engaging games backed by a cutting-edge platform.

In the third quarter of 2020, NetEnt became part of Evolution AB, and from there it continues to maintain its leadership position in the digital entertainment market as one of the largest providers of premium online casino content.

Focused on the innovation of gambling products and providing first-class digital casino solutions, Net Entertainment has many millions of fans and more than 200 global chain partners, enabling the company to spread its superior and immersive gambling entertainment.

Besides its headquarters in Stockholm, NetEnt is spanned internationally with offices in Malta and Poland. The Company is licensed and regulated in a number of jurisdictions including Gibraltar, the UK, Spain, Malta and the USA.

(Here you see the picture of Net Entertainment building in Krakow – PL, submitted with the kind cooperation of Glassdoor and LinkedIn)

History of the companyContacting Net Entertainment

Quality of the games

  • The main package that NetEnt offers is supported in more than 20 languages.
  • Citing one of NetEnt’s co-founders, who says, “We know and understand that the constant innovations under development are integral to success and delivering compelling and profitable games”, it’s no wonder the Netent software is in demand all over the world and is currently being found in over 3000 casinos (65 of which – Canadian online casinos).
  • Today, the company has more than 200 titles in its portfolio, and it handles one of the largest casino operations in the world with nearly 59 billion gambling transactions per year.Quality of the NetEnt games
  • With its unparalleled industry expertise, enthusiasm and creativity, the NetEnt name has ensured continuous quality over the years. And with each new title, the company team delivers superior video, audio, animations, engaging features and thrilling bonuses, seemingly in competition with itself – in an effort to surpass its own previous releases!
  • The company’s slogan is “fair play and equal chances for all players“, and we can sincerely affirm these words, having played thousands of spins on all of NetEnt’s games (table games and slots) with different stakes, in different casinos in the free and paid modes.
  • By the way, the world’s 3rd record for the largest jackpot ever won at online casinos is in the name of Net Entertainment’s slot – Mega Fortune (17.8 million euros/21 mln CAD), won by betting with just 25 cents on January 20 – 2013.

NetEnt packages (regarding Casino operators)

The software packages with respect to fast and fully functioning Net Entertainment products can be found for both: online casinos and land-based establishments.

Online Casino Module Package

This first package is intended for online casinos and includes comprehensive gambling operational elements for fast access and seamless servicing all of NetEnt’s games. It provides wide customization optionality and can vary in levels of integration as follows:

  • Quality of the gamesStarter Package – with a limited set of slots but inclusive of all table games
  • Standard Package – consisting of all slots and table games
  • Full Package – all-encompassing bundle – standard options plus exclusive games and “special” slots – i.e. with Progressive Jackpots (Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, etc.)
  1. Slots of the casino module – It goes without saying that Net Entertainment strives to release the best games in the industry, maintain its leading reputation and continue to push the boundaries for innovative features and premium design. Not only do their games offer unique user experiences, but most of their titles are unforgettable, some even achieving legendary status with players of all types and generations.
    By developing great slots, the Swedish provider can meet even the most demanding requirements for seamless integration of visual and sound art, animations (even 3D graphics and curves), game mechanics and math.
  2. Features of the casino module – NetEnt’s platform encompasses numerous opportunities with commercial, marketing and analytical significance that allow the casinos to work on KYC (Know Your Customer Program). It facilitates the delivery of paid and free versions of their games without compromising the quality of the products and the level of service, regardless of who it is intended for – new or loyal players. You need to know that testing the games included in the casino module is free and will not require registration or downloading. Naturally, the software vendor provides outstanding platform speed on top of seamless stable quality performance. The gaming process is direct via the browser using the latest JS and HTML5 technologies (i.e. secure and fast – load and play in a few seconds).

Land-based – Casino Café Module Package

All-We-Need-To-Know-About-The-Net-Entertainment-feature-4This second package of NetEnt games is specialized for land-based casinos.

  • Over the years, Net Entertainment has provided loyal partnership opportunities to a selected group of physical casinos (offering them continuous licences) and has built long-term partnerships. The company had successfully maintained its impeccable brand name by extending the rights to its products and services to these reliable land-based operators – its licensees.
  • By modifying the land-based payout software with RNG Software of its products, the company’s mechanical team works relentlessly to ensure compliance with International Gaming Regulations. Integration with various encryption protocols and secure application-level inputs provides the capability for error and failure detection, allowing NetEnt to instantly identify any malicious interference (cheating) and alert the license owner.
  • The Casino Café module supports numerous languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Estonian, Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian.

Information about How does one Net Entertainment Slot operate

All-We-Need-To-Know-About-The-Net-Entertainment-feature-5Net Entertainment Company has always been focused on creating fantastic entertaining games with interactive components in various genres. For more than a quarter of a century, the firm had built up an impressive portfolio of the highest quality products and ultramodern concepts.

Of course, that helps them maintain their immaculate reputation as one of the biggest innovators in the casino industry.

Examples of such high graphic class and abundance of features are the NetEnt slots – Gonzo’s Quest and Dead or Alive. Created almost 10 years ago – both released in 2013, these games prove the company’s market position – at least a decade ahead of its competitors.

If you ever pay attention when playing Net Entertainment slots, at the page footer, there is a statement that you are engaging in functions under the jurisdiction of Malta. Because the head company Net Entertainment (NetEnt) holds a Maltese general license, as a subsidiary, all Net Entertainment operators have their license cards issued in the EU by Malta as well.

Fair and objective Net Entertainment slot operations

  1. Captivating  NetEnt Slots – Today this true pioneer is developing and providing superior gaming services to the world’s most successful online casino operators. NetEnt’s epically famous and beloved slots: Mega Fortune, Starburst, Blood Suckers and Jack and the Beanstalk, to name a few, are exemplary of super high-quality graphics, sound, and design but also deliver an outstanding mix of exciting features and bonuses.  After striking a few amazing partnerships deals with big movie and music companies (20th Century Fox, Universal and Columbia Pictures) for team projects, NetEnt effectively strengthen its industry status with some branded content such as Planet of the Apes, Jumanji, Dracula, Vikings, Jimi Hendrix, and Guns n’ Roses. So, no one can deny that the company’s products are super attractive and thematically extremely diverse.
  2. Reliable and unbiased procedures – Still remain the question of how Net Entertainment slot features contrast with the slots created by the rival game developers. And how can be unravelled the high dispersion, extensive size, and distribution of payments between the players when we talk about NetEnt’s processes?
  • We are all aware of the illustrious Net Entertainment motto: Equal and Fair Game conditions are for all players – without omission. After having more than 1000 online casino operators/partners using this software, how can the company assure equal conditions for all the players on its platform? This is how:
  • All NetEnt slots reside on the company estate situated on the servers of NetEnt.
  • Any online casino using Net Entertainment software is only the proxy entrepreneur.
  • As such an interdealer representative, the casino has no access to the slots.
  • Thus, the casino cannot change the payout percentage or adjust the software to a specific outcome for a particular gambler.
  • Nor have the casino possibility to change the cycle of the operating NetEnt slots.

NetEnt upholds a clear policy opposing the dumping conditions of individual gambling operators.
Essentially, what the casino does is only collect and withdraw money (i.e. simple banking operations) and create bonus offers for the players.
Besides, the casino must agree on all bonuses with the parent firm.

So. all of the exciting promotions and offers: welcome deals, no-deposit bonuses, monthly and reload bonuses, VIP, and high-roller casino bonuses, in regard to NetEnt’s slots have to be approved by the holding company.

How the big wins are formed

Naturally, with playing, we start to ask ourselves where the cash pot comes to payout when some player wins big money.

From where does the software accumulate this cash pot?

To answer these questions, we need to consider such aspects as the prize pool of the machines, the current bet, the RTP, the dispersion (volatility), the cycle’s length of the selected slot, and the number of players in the specific Canadian online casino.

How the big wins are formedWhen playing a slot at any operator on Net Entertainment software, you partake in the forming of the prize pool (a symbolic lottery), for which the organizer takes between 1.5 and 10% of the prize funds (see the payout percentages on the right side of the page).

All the players’ bets at the selected slot are combined, and from that sum is deducted the sum of the current winnings. Finally, that fund is distributed amongst the players in the form of big winnings.

The most fundamental difference between NetEnt and the competitors is the overall statistics and the notable number of players due to the single data center.

It should be accounted that the slots are differentiated not only by the gameplay and bonus games but also by the length of the cycle. To understand the pivotal features of the NetEnt slots is important to comprehend this option.

The gist of the slot machine cyclicality is in the completion of a series – filling in the pool of prizes- dealing out the rewards. Unquestionably, many of the slot players will lose, but the lucky one can grab a big win. At the same time a slot, which hasn’t been running/playing remains with unchanged status.

We should mind here as well the fact that the number of winnings is always paired with the RTP (Return To Player) – theoretical/mathematical/average index, valid for that specific slot.

By registering an account at a gambling site, you typically receive Bonuses. Do not assume that all the bonuses are always available with the operable Net Entertainment games (not all the slots will be available to wager the bonus money).

While playing with bonuses, some games are more advantageous than others. With this argument, the casinos create special terms and conditions tailored for the bonuses they offer. In many cases, the Low Volatility slots, that give an opportunity to play with minuscular bets are those that really help you cover the wagering conditions.

Remember to check in advance which games are allowed to play with a specific Bonus you receive.

Determining the slot status and cycle

It is basic logic that to secure a winning of 100 %, you should be the only participant in the lottery. Recognizing how centralized NetEnt slots operate, you should see the favourable position they deliver to the players. It is of significant importance to play in DEMO mode first, so you can identify the slot cyclicality.

This way, you can examine also the slot’s mood at certain bets, considering the value and size of the stakes. With more time spent testing one slot, you will not only start understanding the instructions and gameplay better but will begin to identify the start/end moments of the cycle as well.

This will enable your maximum win awareness (i.e. when to change your bet, if /when to use max bet, quickly estimate your net profit/loss and when to terminate your session).

Here is an example of the operating pattern of Netent Slots

  • Player 1 starts playing the Dracula slot in the lobby of Fastpay Casino.
  • Player 2 starts playing the same slot but at InstantPay Casino.
  • Both casinos hold a NetEnt licence and respectfully obey the International rules of keeping the RTP of this Low-Medium Volatility game at 96.58%.
  • Both players play at the same rate of 1 CAD per spin (level 1/coin value 0.05 = bet amount 1 CAD).
  • Net Entertainment does not care where the slot was launched.
  • Net Entertainment does not care who has launched the game.
  • Both players will fill the fund (prize pool of this famous game)  with 1 CAD per spin.
  • Throughout the game, the winnings of both players and the NetEnt percentage will be deducted.
  • The main portion of the fund that is collected will suffice for the big win of one of the players.
  • Because Dracula slot has a short cycle, significant amounts will rarely be collected, while the small and average will be more frequent.
  • This is how the prize pool is filled and drained – like an ebb and flow of cash.

Online Slot Clones From Netent At Canadian Casino

Online Slot Clones From Netent At Canadian CasinoIn the world of manufacturing products, it is a strategic move of the companies to exploit the Product Life Cycle. If they are only interested in continued growth and profits, they will start duplicating their product regardless of the likely lifespan of the former.

In the world of game products, it seems also a strategic move of the software providers to clone their slots. For various reasons.
At the same time, it is also not unheard of for rivals to copy your product. Also for various reasons.
Well, it’s no wonder that the subject of original creations and copies has been applicable to online casino slots for a long time.

Well, the topic of original creations and copies does apply to online casino slots as well.

There is no authority or license-granting organization, which bestows the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling a slot invention. OK, some functionalities have been trade-marked, but in general, imitations in the gambling world – partial or not – are indeed unregulated, i.e. permitted.

Some players can instantly spot one slot forgery. They have the deja vu moment when playing some seemingly new released slot, knowing what is happening much too well, like they played this before!

It is proven to be true, and it is not of confidential matter. Many slot designers have launched games not entirely new and unique but simply clones of older slots they or their competitors have launched previously! Not until a few years ago was circulating the notion that Net Entertainment Company stands above this practice.

The general gaming community believed NetEnt was applying unexampled, novel design in all its new slot machines.

The clone slot execution was until then „inherent vice” to many slots from Novomatic or Microgaming. To deliver a unique type of emotion, the clone developers supply only the reel symbols and the backdrop with a fresh look and design – “makeover,” so to say, transforming the game in an attempt of obscuring any resemblance to the original slot.

In recent times some games can be reviewed similarly – as cloned releases of existing slots by Net Entertainment.

The list of Netent clones of existing slots

NetEnt Original Game NetEnt Clone/Re-skin Game
Fortune Rangers Slot Dazzle Me
Ghost Pirates Slot Victorious
Halloween Jack Slot Jack and the Beanstalk
Jingle Spin Slot Eggomatic
King of Slots Slot Jack Hammer
Long Pao Slot Jack Hammer
Magic Maid Café Slot Gonzo’s Quest
Excalibur Pandoras Box
Flowers Flowers Christmas edition
Fruit shop Fruit Shop Christmas Edition
Ghost Pirates Victorious
Twin Spin Master of Mystery
Reel Rush When Pigs Fly
Secret of the Stones Secrets of Christmas

Reasons for creating online slot clones

Some gambling professionals and experienced players think that it is difficult/impossible to stay original with every slot theme, reel shape, game mechanism, and bonus concept because they have been already invented, framed, and re-worked a thousand times before.

Others, assign the clones’ number growth to the developers’ desire to re-create their own or others’ lucrative success. Each company strives to be or stay popular. Perhaps it is related to the abolishment of Flash games and HTML5 implementation. Or some game studios don’t have it in them! That’s why they are satisfied with the customization of one existing slot, rather than making their own masterpiece!

So, the new developers inevitably will come to the point of using elements already being implemented by others. Because coming up with unheard ideas and an unfamiliar setup is an irrefutably complicated task. Especially when it comes to getting accepted by the rigorous casino audience and working on a profit-making project at the same time.

In more recent years, gambling experts started calling the clones re-skins. We have also adopted this term and have written several columns about it.

How to recognize the online slot clones

Although the possible deviation in the design and number of reel symbols, if you are a mature player, you will be able to identify one cloned slot by:

  • Matching general construction;
  • Equivalent values on the paytable;
  • Similar Hit Rate/RTP/Volatility and betting range (i.e. all technicalities defined by the analogue math model)
  • Identical triggering and execution of the bonus round (s);
  • Familiar number of free spins and the same overall performance (outcome) in them;
  • Granting the same array of payouts at all parallel sections of the game.

Although a cloned online slot uses the same characteristics as the original game, it most likely uses its own prize pool for winning.

There is a possibility as well that the clone will have some special attributes, unlike the authentic version.

Speaking specifically of Net Entertainment games, for example, the Secret of the Stones slot is excluded from wagering, but the re-skin/clone Secrets of Christmas slot is still on the list of available titles for wagering bonus money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing slot clones


  • You can enlarge your game selection with several games, for which you don’t need specific new knowledge or instructions.
  • By playing a clone, you are already familiar with the game structure, so you will spend less time playing demo mode to grasp the slot framework and functionality.
  • Once you find that a certain game is a clone of one of your favourite games, you can apply the same game strategy, which worked for you before.
  • If you have the attitude to stop playing immediately after a big win, and that win came too early - just after a few spins, you can always diversify by playing the clone after that.
  • After you've done your research and found the clone of your favourite game, you can choose to play the game with a theme/style that suits you better - whether it's authentic or cloned, as they often have the same RTP and Variance.


  • You will not have a new type of gameplay or bonus features.
  • You will encounter the same paytable despite the different design.
  • If you find some characteristic annoying in the original version of the game, the chance is big and will annoy you with the clone.


For sure, there are many bright, new slot creations that are launched regularly by various developers. These new games offer completely new game features and original structures, so always keep an open mind for new slot experiments!
But do not discard the old slots and the clones just yet! Don’t eliminate them as any longer useful, unwanted, obsolete junk! Playing such a slot can also take you to a winning streak like any new slot!

Fake Slot Machine or Licensed Slot Machine by Net Entertainment? How To Distinguish them?

Fake Slot Machine or Licensed Slot Machine by Net Entertainment | How To DistinguishIt is difficult to be an online player these days! As if it weren’t enough that you have to check the casino license; go through all kinds of verification processes; inspect if the operator is accepting your payment system and what kind of payout limit it is imposed, to discover the slot RTP, volatility, and cyclicality, to pick a right game strategy and play smart.

No, now we will introduce you to one more annoying glitch in this list of annoying hiccups to untangle.

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to check if the game you are about to launch is a fake slot machine or a licensed slot machine. And then before you put your money in it!

Umpteen Canadian online casinos can offer you a Net Entertainment slot to play. Most of them are white-label online casinos combining software by different developers: Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Netent, Play N Go, and Amatic.

Difference between fake and licensed slots

Scamming operators have created different plots tending to adjust the slot’s RTP. Meanwhile, the trusted Canadian online casinos are functioning honest, objective, and fair, having no entry into the game settings. The software is located at the controlling platform directly on the network company’s servers.

Besides the enjoyable gaming experience, these accredited casinos guarantee the ability to withdraw all honestly wined money.

Remember the powerful company slogan from the top of our article? Net Entertainment claims: Equal and Fair Game conditions are for all players – without exception.

Most of these decent casinos we are talking about are the ones contracted by NetEnt. Working hard to achieve and maintain an impeccable reputation, it is unlikely for them to meddle with/ implement any fake software. With such questionable software, they can ruin their long dedication and commit a criminal act on the way. Such fake implementations are, in fact, exposed sooner or later anyway.

On the other hand – there is a whole bunch of Blacklisted Casinos, which run illegal businesses with limited financial resources. They are not engaged with any network and cash in at the expense of developers and players, using fake software. They may have bought the fake slot software from other scammers, or they may have developed the pirate version themselves. Either way, using the fake slots:

  • The scammers do not have obligations to any network – i.e., not paying the game developers’ royalty. For every 100 CAD, a player loses in an official online casino, the casino should pay the developer between 15 and 22 CAD as a royalty payment. One casino with pirated software does not pay anything.
  • The scammers do not have legal commitments to any jurisdictions – i.e., not paying for licensing – each separate license costs around 100000 CAD. With fake software, there are no moral or legal duties.
  • The scammers only offer knock-off versions of the games (even if they look similar to the originals) they are still cheap, in a way that they have an individual prize pool of winning, being connected only to their casino, so players cannot win more money than this operator has accumulated (no network or local support). If you’re playing in licensed slots, the pool is expanded to all casinos on that platform/provider.
  • The scammers can tune the RTP to whatever percent they want – i.e. the players spin with low odds and stand no chance to win a large amount.
  • Such fraudsters can set the RTP temporarily super high and launch a stream channel to show how someone is winning millions in their casino (for strictly lure purposes).
  • The scammers do not abide by any area taxes and legality differentiation- i.e. anyone is free to play the fake game without GEO restrictions.

Checking the software

Presently, for pirated software operators, it becomes tough to trap anyone but beginners because of: 

  • the technological shifting from Flash to HTML5;
  • the players’ awareness of the fake software’s existence;
  • the casino communities sharing their experiences constantly.

Experienced players can easily catch the discrepancies between Fake slot machines or Licensed slot machines:

  • the graphics and sounds are usually slightly off;
  • the bonus features run in a different way;
  • the slot sends a request to the unofficial server, which differs from the developers’ server.

Authenticating the accurate server (the URL of the game) info is, in fact, the best way to spot the fakers (even in a DEMO mode) and consequently to report and avoid them. There are signals that some bogus (fake NetEnt) slots are using a domain registered (FAKE).

While the real server registration shows this domain: (REAL)

Below is our chart with a detailed explanation of how to directly inspect your Google page where your online slot sends the server request.inspect Net Entertainment

  • 1. Net Entertainment Starburst slot – Play for fun.
  • 2. Click with the right button of the mouse on a free (empty) space of the page (out of the game frame)
  • – In our example, click on the red circle until the drop-down menu comes.
  • – In that menu, choose the option “View the page source” or use the shortcut CTRL+U (which displays the URL).
  • 3. This leads you to the page with a URL- some gibberish technical code stuff, where you can find the specific server detail for Net Use the shortcut CTRL+F (which finds the word on the displayed page)
  • 4. In our example, the word is present at least 3 times (yellow and orange automatically highlighted), which means that the game console connects you to the accurate REAL NetEnt server. With fake games, the server detail will not be present.

Follow these steps, and find the licensed slots to play; only then you will have a fair game with a chance to win and actually receive any big payout!

Why Is Net Entertainment Company Not Friendly With Bitcoin? All You Need To Know!

Why Is Net Entertainment Company Not Friendly With Bitcoin? All You Need To Know! Online gambling, no matter if working on traditional money or digital money deals, has been material for heated discussions in all “arenas”:

  • Software developing companies
  • Casino operators
  • Players
  • Regulation institutions.

If you insert the troublesome complexity of crypto transactions (FIAT to CRYPTO and vice versa) in the debate, then you can see why the BitCoin casino’s business is in fact one totally controvertible operation. While processing transactions with conventional currencies, casinos have their outlined principles, supervision, and governing.

Traditional money traffic allows singling out and chasing a distinctive player, casino operator, affiliate, or another partner. In contrast with BitCoin casinos, where the transactions are solely digital, financial scrutiny by officials cannot be conducted, and the whole verification process evolves into an unachievable task.

Nowadays, there are two directions in the integration approach:

  • Administer, organize and launch games specifically designed for BitCoin casino; or
  • Stick to BitCoin as an additional payment method to the traditional money (i.e. do an internal exchange but still use the regularly built games).

The first solely BitCoin casino was constituted with integrated games by Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Endorphina, Play’N GO, etc. Incorporating any cryptocurrency into the gambling site and employing specific software/applications is advantageous for casino operators for several reasons:

  • Implementing modern and advanced technology gives them the reputation of being supportive, fashionable and unorthodox – embracing the new developments;
  • The decentralized structure of BitCoin casinos gives the chance of gambling to players, which otherwise should’ve been prohibited because of country-specific restrictions;
  • BitCoin deposits are permanent/final/indelible, i.e. devoid of a possible chargeback by players;
  • Bitcoin transactions are cheaper and have relieved monitoring, as they don’t require any lengthy account verification processes and constant work on managing and securing accounts.

So, why is NetEnt Company not friendly with BitCoin?

One of the most advanced games developing companies interflowing with the progressing crypto-trend – one might think that is just a match made in heaven. Well, that is not the case. The first attempts were made in 2015 with a full package of NetEnt slot machines. But since then, some issues are coming to the surface, muddying the waters.

Reasons for the dispute between Net Entertainment and Bitcoin

  • Issue N: 1 – less verification – NetEnt cannot maintain its standpoint of high respect toward legitimacy. When it comes to BitCoin casinos, the requirement of players’ details is just minimal (usually only limited to current email, log-in at the casino, and the number of e-wallets). There is no validation of age, location, or additional personal data.
  • Issue N: 2 – less legality – Possible bypass of the financial, government, and tax authorities. NetEnt cannot maintain its standpoint of high respect for transparent anti-fraudulent and anti-crime policy. While the player is obscured behind the digital currency, the casinos’ operations’ legitimacy becomes quite doubtable.
  • Issue N: 3fewer commissions and financial accountability – NetEnt cannot maintain its standpoint of high respect toward a regulated relationship with outside casino operation partners (banks, dealers).

While the BitCoin transactions are (almost fully) free from fees or other commissions that dealers or banks require, players cannot make bets straight in BitCoin. The game software has to convert the BitCoin (via inner exchange) to some adopted usual value ($, CAD or €) or involve yet newer third-party co-partner – as the additional transitional/linking currency – Tether for example, or platforms like Cubits.

From Cubits (an online money operational service company for people and businesses using cryptocurrency), you can buy BitCoin using  FIAT money (i.e. VISA, MasterCard, OKpay, or Bank transfer).

Then you can transfer your Bitcoins from your Cubits e-wallet/account to any other e-wallet/account for all kinds of purposes, including gambling. Unfortunately, Cubits officially announced that the company went bankrupt following the criminal act of fraud and hacking of their systems in February 2018. (Imagine that!)

Also, Tether is losing its market positions on all coin markets, and more or less is also involved in some deep controversy (with more coins in circulation than has back up for). All of the above shows how quickly and painfully the crypto bliss can spiral down and inflict collapse in the money market, as well as in the gambling efforts invested in crypto operations.

Here comes the annoying niggle – the high commission! It is quite costly to transfer Bitcoins into CAD, Euros or USD, for example.

So, dealing with Bitcoins isn’t so convenient after all! In practice, because of the huge fees imposed, betting with BitCoin is not profitable for the casinos and even less profitable for the players.

(Wait. What? Didn’t we save ourselves from paying fees to the traditional banks and made the account processes shorter and easier? Or we just exchanged one financial system with another, and with operation just a couple of minutes shorter and a few document page thinners?)

Ultimately there are some advantages for the players:

  • With BitCoin, it is quick and easy to start to gamble – no more long verification process;
  • With BitCoin, you can gamble even at places, which are forbidden in your jurisdiction;
  • With BitCoin, your gambling business stays your business – your transactions are hidden;
  • With BitCoin, you can still skip some tax obligations (enjoy it now, as long as it is unregulated)!

Famous platforms working with BitCoin

The platform provider Coingaming Group ( – established in 2014) became the first company, providing a ready white label casino (with all the customized games, payment infrastructure, etc.) where Net Entertainment games are supported as well. It is an important step for the whole gambling industry with games from different developers.

Unfortunately, now there are only a few notable establishments on this platform (,, and the Pay N Play online casino Softswiss company became a leader in the operation of BitCoin with its famous casino – Fastpay.

On the Fastpay platform, BitCoin is accepted (deposits and withdrawals) along with traditional currencies. In other words, this is a multi-currency, multi-brand website with no distinct orientation, taking a universal approach assembled by different aggregations.

What can you do with BitCoin?

If you have free bitcoins and you desire to gamble with them in a casino, the best way is to convert them into traditional tradable currency (preferably Euro € or USA $).That can be done in various ways. The most unfavourable exchange value course is converting your assets to auto services. You would do better if you decide to buy virtual currency using the services of the following specialized investment/purchase/sale/exchange/and store cryptocurrency platforms:

  • Coinbase
  • Circle
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • BitFlyer
  • Binance

What can you do with BitCoin? Net EntertainmentWe can also recommend a fantastic service named LocalBitcoins, where you can safely buy BitCoins from other users. The service acts as a mediator and takes about 1% of each exchange. Another option is to share your currency directly in agreement, but we suggest using it only with users with a perfect reputation.

When would you be able to play with BitCoin?

When would you be able to play with BitCoin? Net EntertainmentNet Entertainment is not in a rush to add Bitcoin on the same line and conformably with the Euro or with the Dollar. It lacks motivation, palpable advantages, and untroubled business prospects.

The software giant realizes that the cryptocurrency demand among gamblers is not particularly high. Players usually don’t want to bother about buying anything on the third-party services when they can do that via well-known methods.

While it is always thrilling to be steered by easy money-making options, players should consider the legal aspects, challenges, and risk areas. The main difficulty lies in the technical knowledge and smooth digital engineering work required to facilitate services with Bitcoins. The crypto industry is gaining momentum in the casino business.

Still, besides the fundamental benefits of cryptocurrency in correlation to the gambling sector, some disadvantages cannot be overlooked. Most of these disadvantages will disappear in the coming years with future re-fining developments and the growth of blockchain technology.

Possibly more BitCoin Canadian online casinos will open, and it will be no surprise if we see a separate licensing body for crypto gambling and casino projects! Maybe then, in Net Entertainment slots, you can bet with BitCoins. Not earlier.

*** Hot Bitcoin News ***
Since Q4 of 2021, there has been tension among players on as the best titles from the world leader in casino software – NetEnt, have been added to the lineup of titles in Bitcoins own casino. In addition to the iSoftBet games and Evolution’s live casino games already available to all crypto fans, now many sought-after slots such as DOA and DOA2, Vikings, Ghost Pirates, Starburst and Narcos can be enjoyed with abundant opportunities to win Bitcoins.

Exciting bonuses and thrilling sessions await all Canadian Bitcoin fanatics to spin the reels of NetEnt’s most popular games and unlock crypto possibilities to make a fortune. Jackpots on some exclusive Net Entertainment games there can be won on different bet levels. They can also go up to 25 BTC!

FAQ about Net Entertainment Company
What makes NetEnt a global driver in the industry progress?

With each new release, the company ensures that players get a mix of premium gaming experiences plus a high chance of winning. Net Entertainment games are designed to run on all platforms and on all devices, and you can play them smoothly at any time from any point on the planet.

How do Net Entertainment games stand out in the crowded industry?

NetEnt's slots are among the most played slots in the industry, due to their impressive game mechanics, fascinating graphics implementation, absorbing audio and high winning odds.

Why do I see the statement "you are engaging in functions under the jurisdiction of Malta' when I play 1 NetEnt slot?

As the main company Net Entertainment has a Maltese general license, all Net Entertainment operators as a subsidiary also have their license cards issued in the EU by Malta. In addition, all corporate servers are located in Malta, so all gambling data and financial transactions also have a foothold in that jurisdiction.

Can the game producers copy their own products and those of the competitors?

Yes, until there is an unregulated segment in the gambling industry, and only through the general registry can you trademark a specific feature, we will all be inundated with tons of replicas.

Why shall I play a clone instead of the original game?

Playing a slot clone/re-skin has its Pros and Cons. You can compare it with driving your old car (you know its warts and all), and a shiny new sports car (new bombastic slot). Sit behind the wheel, turn the key. But you don't know how to drive it and in the blink of an eye, you can be parked against a tree.

How to recognize if 1 slot is fake?

When you start the game of your choice, check the URL through the inspection elements directly on your browser page and identify whether you are connected to the authentic network server.

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