5 Best Quick Hit Slots Play Online Canada

Updated: January 20, 2023

Creating games and providing solutions for video slots, reel slots and casino management systems is Bally’s forte, and undeniably the company’s best products are its Quick Hit Slots.

TOP online casinos in Canada to try the best Quick Hits slots for real money

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5 Best Free Quick Hit Slots Play Online CanadaThese slots first emerged in land-based casinos and since 2013, Bally has successfully modified some of them for the online market. Every new Bally title, when published, is instantly in demand around the world and in Canadian online casinos as well.

For nearly 90 years (between 1932 and 2023), the US (Las Vegas, Nevada) based Company had built a stellar reputation, investing in Gaming Enterprise, Gambling and Betting Platforms Development and Casino technology.

Bally – Quick Hit producer’s visit card

  • Business activity in the field of gambling: facilities, online and off-line (casinos software and hardware)
  • With more than 5000 employees in 5 different locations (US, MX, NL, AR and UY)
  • Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV (US)
  • Founded in 1932
  • Performing in the areas of physical gaming devices, table game and entertainment components, casino gaming systems, custom apps, websites, mobile software, iGaming products/services/solutions, and casino operations.

Bally – Quick Hit producer’s Key Facts

Bally - Quick Hit producer’s Key FactsBally Technology (either alone or as a subsidiary) is a fully certified firm operating legally in Canada and many other countries. Holding UKGC and MGA licences, the 2 consolidated companies (Bally and SG) have earned players’ trust for creating fair games and providing a stable and safe player-centric environment.

Developing games with first-class quality, engaging gameplay and lucrative Bonuses, the 2 Companies hold permits to run a Progressive Jackpot system, organize Lottery and other gambling enterprises, and develop portfolios based on franchises and trademarks.

A bit of history

1932 R.Moloney founded the Bally Manufacturing Corporation from a department of Lions Manufacturing Company. Developing pinball machines. Amusement cabinets ‘Ballyhoo’, ‘Goofy, ‘Rocket’, ‘Bumper’ has brought staggering reputation.
1945 Returning to gaming (after WWII) inventing new systems and devices. 1963 – ‘Money Honey’ slot cabinet was invented (a milestone in the industry).
1996 Bally Gaming merged with Alliance Gaming Technology (aka Advanced Patent Technology).
2006 The merged company adopted the name Bally Technology.
2013 Bally Technologies Casinos enters the online segment of the gambling market, starting with digitized models of its popular land-based titles.
2014 Scientific Games Corporation (SG Digital) acquired Bally. The brand name was kept, and the integrated company carried on developing new games and entertainment equipment for land-based and online casinos.
2015 From 2015 till today, Bally is 1 of the 4 fundamental brands in the Scientific Games family (together with Shuffle Master, WMS and SG Corp).

Constant innovation, unforgettable performance and unwavering security: all built on a foundation of trusted partnerships. Who doesn’t like a casino company with such a system of principles?

5 Best Free Quick Hit Slots Play Online CanadaWith the unabating and relentless rise of popularity of the online gambling segment, Bally and Scientific Games have had to re-invent themselves and today are not only contenders for the leading positions as technology providers/innovators for systems and devices intended for the land-based establishments, but also compete with the big names in the online gaming market as well.

Their immeasurable industry knowledge and business practices have proven year after year that they meet the best standards and satisfy even the most demanding players and operators.

From real casino base to online and mobile

With its long expertise in gaming and entertaining (let’s not forget its immense popularity in making games based on trendy films and favourite TV series), after it prospered on all land-based casino floors, the company made its way into online gambling by recreating virtual versions of their own physical slot cabinets.

By successfully shifting a large portion of the business across online and mobile platforms, Bally Technology demonstrated its diversity and resilience for the pleasure of millions of gambling enthusiasts not only in North America but around the world.

Bedside the multiple Floor Slot Technology Awards, the company was recognized for building 1 of the Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products and had accolades for Best Technology Supplier at the iGaming events a few years in a row.

Best Bally features for land-based casino

Best Bally features for land-based casinoMost of Bally’s cabinet titles feature ground-breaking technology (powered by reliable ALPHA 2 operating system) and are configured to fit both players’ and operators’ interests. The producer devices exceptional cabinets empowering superior games. The American provider has marketed those famous cabinets internationally and in most Canadian casinos.

Besides the popular Quick Hit brand, some of Bally’s iconic games for ground casino floors are Hot Shot, Blazing 7s, and trademarked titles like James Bond – Goldfinger, Playboy, Wonder Woman, Betty Boop, and Michael Jackson.

U-Spin is a unique player-friendly attribute, adding an amazing new capacity to the familiar casino rotations (touch screen with a 3D Bonus Wheel) that had gained extreme popularity in recent years.

Various physical forces and pressure, along with free player gesture controls, are integrated to enable a perfect gaming experience – that is the explanation of the special U-spin feature of Bally’s own V32 cabinet.

Combined with the company’s previously built iReels system, the 2 special Bally’s inventions attract thousands of players to the brick-and-mortar establishments.

Other strong tools built by Bally with universal land-based exploitation are iView technology (including iView Messaging and iView Display Manager) along with iDeck tools, which provide great casino equipment in 2 channels: full enjoyment for the players and best CCC (Command & Control Center) for the operators.

What is a Quick Hit Slot (definition)

  • What is a Quick Hit Slot (definition)It is a part of 1 of the most venerable game lines in the industry.
  • The circle of games created by the partners’ work of Bally Technology and Scientific Games contains several titles, each of which has its own characteristics.
  • But they all possess the emblematic for this slots series feature (also eponymous): the Ladder Jackpot arrangement. It includes up to 9 Jackpots, which are awarded automatically (even from the base game) by collecting Scatter symbols and holding the logo.

5 Most Popular Quick Hit Slots

Check out below the 5 most popular Bally & SG games from the Quick Hit pro slots ca series currently on the Canadian gambling market and their attributes.

5 Most Popular Bally and SG online slots

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Hit Slots


  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers
  • Cash bonuses
  • Progressive Jackpots (only specific titles)
  • Special features - Expanding Reels, Extra winways, Locking Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Bonus Wheel, Symbols Swap, Symbols Collection


  • Not all slots are supported for free game testing in Canada
  • The design and symbols of some slots feel outdated
  • Some games are not available in a mobile version
  • The number of the games is restricted to specific countries

While the Quick-Hit Slots line gained thousands of fans over the years, there is 1 major hurdle keeping it from spreading its popularity even further. That is the fact that it doesn’t exist 1 powerful universal hub containing all the Free games of this Bally’s series (combined in 1 portal), and all the Quick Hits slots for real money from Bally (also combined in 1 portal).

Everything is bits and pieces, broken down and distributed according to jurisdictions, support systems etc. That’s why you should consider yourself lucky if you find your favourite game in both – Free and Paid mode at your preferred Casino in Canada.

Best Quick Hit Slots features for online casino

So, instead of visiting 1 standard Canadian land-based establishment to play Quick Hit slots online, players can always find some of the integrated variants for Canadian online casinos.

Quick Hit Slots CA share the following essential characteristics:

  • The great value of the Scatter Jackpots

Different QuickHit Slots offer different maximum prospects and upper tiers of the Jackpot. But no matter which game you play the Scatter Jackpot instant prize between 1500x and 7500x the total bet, is always on board.

Apart from the maximum Jackpot, each title comes with other great prizes, rewarded by additional features like Free Spins, Extra Multipliers or Symbols collection.

  • The super-wide betting range

Each slot comes with its individual betting area (between 10 cents and 500 CAD), which signifies that these games are suited to all types of players (on a shoestring of budget or those with large funds).

Anyone can play and have a chance to win the fantastic Scatter Jackpots.

  • The variety of winways

Most of the games come with a pretty standard set of paylines (30 or 40 paylines). That doesn’t mean they offer less fun or profits. Being a sort of classic range of games with familiar symbols (Dollar sign, Bars, 7s, Cherries, Diamonds etc.), they all bring a nostalgic nuance, pushing the buttons of the seasoned players.

They also introduce new features, allowing them to compete with the best games in the branch.

The rest of the Quick Hit Slots online (free or with real money) offer a MegaWays pay system  (between 243 and 7776 winways), which can be equally attractive and lucrative (on a lucky day, of course).

  • The assorted additional perks

Besides the best element in these games – the Scatter Jackpots, all items in this series contain players’ favourite features like Free Spins, Multipliers, Symbols Substitution, Expanding Reels, Dynamic winways, Locking and Sticky Wilds, Bonus Wheels, Symbols Collection, Mini-games.

It is no coincidence that all of the TOP 5 Quick Hit Slots are extremely sought after by operators in Canada, and each new title in this (Bally and SG) range quickly becomes a sensation. The palette with colourful and bankable titles includes:

  • Sun Dragon Ultra Pays slot
  • Platinum Triple Blazing 7s slot
  • Super Wheel Wild Red slot
  • Pro Black & Gold slot
  • Ultra Pays Eagle’s Peak
  • RTP of Free Quick Hit Slots online

Admittedly, most of their slots don’t come with the highest RTP in the branch. Yet, the math model is designed to hand out a pretty big deal of the money that has been collected. To create these games with return figures of 95 and 96% (what is the industry average nowadays) was perhaps the most challenging part for the teams of Bally and Scientific Games.

After all, they are used to fashion games with around 82-87% for the land-based clubs, which is a normal theoretical index there, but insufficient for the online segment.

  • The Volatility 

The games of this family are the perfect example of High Volatility and a long cycle. That translates into unstable game sessions, where oftentimes long waiting for the Bonus round must be planned (considering the starting capital and optimal bet). Additionally, even though these games are very popular (and often hold a full prize pool), they might need to warm up to the bet size, so sudden bet changing is not advisable.

  • Accessibility

Last but not least, we must mention the great opportunity presented to us by Bally and Scientific Games to try their slots online on all types of desktop, laptop and mobile operating systems and play them worldwide.

As we stated above in this article, it might be problematic to find a free version of some Quick Hit Slots Online (and the other Bally and SG titles as well) in a risk-free (DEMO) version, which matters if you are cautious and insist on trying out the functionality first, but in most of the big quick hit slots best online casino in Canada, you will not have issue discovering all of their releases.

Start by checking out our recommended operators on our page. And remember:

Make a game plan and keep your limitations.

Play cool, mature and responsible. 

Gaming really can be enjoyable as long as it is in moderation! 

The Quick Hits signature is the Scatter Ladder Jackpot system

The Jackpot setup and awards are always on display!

There is no need to be constantly focused on the number of Scatters you get.

On the upper portion of the screen, the Jackpots automatically show the progress at all times.

The SG Quick Hit slots’ popularity is mainly based on these instant Jackpots.

You can try free any title in the Quick Hit slots online real money at our recommended Canadian casinos.


The Quick Hits online game line deserves its reputation as one of the top-line entertainment collections from the Bally and SG slot providers.

It is extremely user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and gambling experts with a great variety of themes, creative graphics, and generous bonuses.

These games have fans in Canada and all over the world and are often played by connoisseurs who want to dive into the radiant world of Las Vegas fun.

Today, any gambler can enjoy SG Quick Hit slots best online casino, at any time and from any device (not just in the brick-and-mortar clubs – like it was a decade ago).

FAQ about Quick Hit Slots in Casino Canada
I thought Bally only produces gambling machines for land-based casinos. Are they also active in the online segment?

The company has a long history in the land-based casino branch, but since 2013, Bally has effectively adapted some of its most popular physical gambling cabinets for the online market.

I read about some famous Quick Hit Slots but I cannot find them online. Why?

This is a known limitation that prevents this brand from spreading its popularity even further. Currently, there is not 1 universal game hub to cover all games of this Bally's series (i.e. they are not combined on 1 network/platform like most other online games).

Almost all Bally and Scientific Games online slots have low RTP. Can you win something on them at all?

We should underline again that while the RTP indicates how fair a game is in the long run, you will never play a million spins alone to really take advantage of high RTP. This is a theoretical index, which nowadays becomes a structural element in choosing a game to play. So yes, you can win big on the Quick Hit slots - if you play the right game, with the right bet at the right time - when luck is on your side.

What is so special about Bally and Scientific Games online slots?

Undeniably the hallmark of any Bally Quick Hit machine (land-based or online) is its signature Scatter Ladder Jackpot system. Today, many online titles from various providers are built around this feature, but Bally was one of the first to introduce such an instant Scatter win option back in the distant 2013.

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