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Updated: March 24, 2023

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There are many games with adventurous and treasure-hunting themes, but no one can compete with the popularity of NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest Slot. Already a digital veteran (over 10 years old), still super liked and hugely famous – remaining on the network’s logo, the slot is prized for the fascinating atmosphere it creates and its high winning potential.

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Gonzo’s Quest Slot
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gonzo's Quest Slot


  • Astonishing Visuals
  • Immersive Cascading actions
  • Progressive Multipliers
  • Free Spins with high Multipliers
  • Legendary status and almost all the time HOT SLOT


  • Waiting for the Bonus Round can be lengthy
Detailed review about Gonzo's Quest Slot

Gonzo's QuestThe Swedish developers dedicated the game (released in 2010) to the real-life story of the famous conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro, who accompanied his eldest brother, in the expedition for the conquest of Peru (16th century).

The Spanish conquerors cherished gold above all and stopped before nothing in their hankering for treasures. The legend holds that the Inca buried their fortunes of gold near the temple of the Sun, but the actual location was never revealed.

If you take the journey to the Peruvian ruins together with Gonzo, you can experience the unique atmosphere of treasure hunting, coin hoarding and all the gold and precious stones that the Spaniards usurped together with the territory from the ancient Incas.

The game has super high-quality graphics (even compared to the “newer” slots), not to mention the “breakthrough” avalanche mechanic, which is the premiere at the moment of the slot release.

The soundtrack with falling stones and Gonzo’s exclamations are also completely attuned to the venturesome theme and appropriate to your accomplishments. There is a certain level of humour brought by Gonzo’s reactions with hilarious moves and happy dances.

Gonzo’s Quest slot comes with Medium-High Volatility and a theoretical RTP of 95.97%. Note that the slot is still trendy despite its ageing and creates a large prize pool for winnings.

Try this legendary quest right here on our site via the DEMO mode link.

Personal tester’s opinion about Gonzo’s Quest slot

NetEnt’s game remains popular despite its decade of history. Moreover, the competitor company – Microgaming, created a clone of it in 2016, named – Jungle Jim El Dorado slot. Gonzo’s Quest can be suitable for completing the wagering requirements, but only if it is ‘hot.’ Note that it wouldn’t show the current mood directly (if it is Hot or Cold).

The slot exhibits a huge potential of mega winning during both – usual spins and free spins. During the tests (with approximately 120 000 spins), our biggest winning has reached 823x the total bet. Every of the bonus features can be successful and can give 300x + winning.

Review and recommendations from the testers’ team

Regarding the base game

The slot often gives out winning combinations with small wins for several bets and long-dead series, which are later compensated with one expensive combination or a bonus round. The possibility of getting a huge win is available in the bonus game and the usual spins. Naturally, due to the higher multiplayer, the slot gives a bigger win during the Free Falls.

Regarding the bonus round

The slot rarely triggers the bonus round. Usually, triggering comes in a series of 2-3 rounds with small intervals. After such a wave, it comes a break of thousand spins without any features triggering.

Wins on the bonus Free Falls are usually not super high. They average from 20x to 100x total bets. At the same time, the slot has the potential of issuing winning combinations of 300x total bets and higher, which is sometimes realized, but certainly keeps the players in suspense.

NetEnt declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage of the return to the slot is 96%. Of these, 65.3% are reserved for the usual spins and 30.7% for the bonus round.
  • The probability of any winning in the usual spins is 41.1%. In the bonus free falls feature – 54.4%.
  • The probabilities of any winning in a succession
  • in the base and in the bonus games:
  • First time – 41.1% (54.4% in the bonus)
  • First avalanche – 12.5% (25.2%)
  • Second – 3.1% (11.5%)
  • Third – 0.5% (4.7%)
  • Fourth – 0.03% (1.7%)
  • Fifth – 0.03% (0.6%)
  • Sixth – no (0.2%)
  • Seventh – no (0.05%)
  • Eighth – no (0.007%)
  • The maximum winnings in the usual spins with a bet of 1 coin per pay line are 37 500 coins and 187 500 coins. In other words, the highest possible win in the base game is a tempting 2500x total bet, while the max potential in the bonus round is capped at 3750x the total bet.

Hidden parameters and settings (data from testing)

  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically every 163rd spin (0.66%). This is one expectable number, but Gonzo’s Quest is not following the stats straightly. There can be moments when you will not receive a bonus for 2000 spins and other moments when you will get multiple bonuses in 100 spins.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 40.36%. Here you will often win but not something sizeable.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 68% in the main game and 32% in the bonus. Consider that if you finish your session without receiving any Free Spins feature – you will lose around 30% of your bets.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 823x. This is one substantial amount for the medium-high volatility slot by NetEnt (9.07 out of 20).
  • The average winning from the bonus was 52x.
  • The Free Spins feature has huge winning potential but hardly unfolds it. Take into account that we have won 823x in the bonus feature during testing, yet the average number came to 52x at the end (we have made 120 000 spins in total).
  • The cycle length is long. So, if you sense that the machine is cold at the beginning of your session, move on. Attempting to pass through the entire cycle can cost your total bankroll.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5.15 out of 10. There are different opinions about how fit is Gonzo’s quest for wagering. Some testers in our team believe is possible to cover the requirements; others support the contrary notion.
  • RTP of 95.97% (on the verge of the accepted industry average index of 96%).


  • Provider – NetEnt
  • Payment lines – 20 (fixed)
  • Default range of bets – 0.20 to 50 CAD
  • Volatility – from Average to High
  • Hit rate – 41.10% (in the base spins), 54.40% (in the FS)
  • Playing field – 5×3
  • The maximum winning is – 2500x the total bet (in the base spins), 3750x the total bet (in the FS)
  • Bonuses – Cascades/Avalanche, Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Free Spins with Progressive Multipliers
  • Free Spins – Yes
  • RTP – 95.97%

How to win at Gonzo’s Quest slot? (Conclusion)

  • We remind you to test the slot in DEMO mode before playing for real money.
  • This NetEnt online casino game is one of the most popular of this provider, so it will be in a ‘hot’ mood most of the time, but we advise testing it anyway.
  • It is famous for its high potential for big winnings during both – the base game and the bonus round.
  • After the tests, we believe the slot ‘likes’ bets of 2 CAD and 10 CAD (behave better in our opinion).
  • At Gonzo’s quest is not necessary to wait for the Free Spins to get massive winning, as the machine has generous multipliers even in the main game.
  • The bonus round is a little bit unpredictable. You can wait for it 1000 to 2000 spins, or the slot can give it 3-5 times for 100 spins.
  • Gamble carefully because at the beginning, the slot can give you some payouts (just to attract you) and then slowly can bring your balance to zero.
  • For the bonus hunters, this slot game provokes different opinions:
  • Some people reckon it’s good to play the wagering here
  • Others have a reversed opinion.
  • That’s why we keep it generally neutral.
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